Shawn and Alexis get big news GH
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In the park, Liz attends Violet’s little league game with Finn. The two adults continue to talk about their Peter problem. They know there is no way to get Peter out of the hospital without being spotted by the cameras that are operational again. Finn suggests loading him into a body bag and dumping him in a landfill. As they converse, they are often interrupted by Violet who comes to see Finn for advice during game breaks.

Finn worries they aren't in the clear still GH

Finn worries that someone could have seen him with Peter, and Anna could learn of this. He fears if it all comes out then it will devastate Violet. They discuss how Hayden has been gone for so long, and Liz swears if it comes to it then she and the boys will take care of Violet. Finn points out that is if she isn’t implicated too. She just hopes they are in the clear. Liz promises, whatever happens, they are in this together.

Liz hopeful they are in the clear GH

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In Ryan’s Bar in New York, as Valentin pins the pilot down to the bar, Anna demands to know where he took Peter. The pilot confesses he never picked him up, so Anna asks what happened to him. The pilot says he couldn’t get clearance to land, and Peter wasn’t alone on the roof as he was supposed to be. Anna asks the pilot to describe the other person with him. The pilot didn’t get a good look but says it was a male dressed in a bluish-grey suit, he almost looked like a detective. He isn’t sure about his age, but he says the man had dark hair down to his collar.

Valentin processes news GJ

The cops arrive to arrest the pilot, who screams he’s done nothing wrong. Anna informs him that he aided a murderer. The cops drag him off, and Valentin wonders if Peter had another ally they know nothing about. Anna asks what makes him say he’s an ally. Valentin thinks the man hasn’t come forward yet and could have been helping with the escape. Anna feels like there is something they are still missing.

Anna digests new information GH

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At the PCPD, Laura asks Jordan about Shawn and Alexis. Jordan says they are in the interrogation room making calls to loved ones. Laura says they’ll need to cut it short.

Laura and Jordan talk business GH

In the interrogation room, Alexis and Shawn speak to Molly and TJ, who are at the Metro Court. They promise to give them any updates on their situations. Unfortunately, they both fear they may be getting sent back to Pentonville. After the call, Shawn and Alexis discuss the fact that the case against the judge has been leaked to the media. Shawn warns this could take years to resolve.

Alexis and Shawns Case on GH

Laura and Jordan enter, and Alexis assumes it is bad news. Laura says the attorney general is making the judge’s investigation her top priority thanks to the media leak. Jordan leaves to take a call, and Laura admits the press has become a concern. She warns them when politicians are involved it’s a waiting game that could take months or years. Jordan returns and tells Alexis that she won’t be going free, but she’s not going back to Pentonville. Instead, she’s being sent to Springridge. Alexis knows the place, and Shawn says the inmates call it, “a spa with guards.” Laura then must excuse herself when the governor calls. Alexis is still worried for Shawn and the others who were unfairly sentenced.

Shawn and Alexis in PCPD gh

At the Metro Court, Molly and TJ have champagne sent to their table by Nikolas. They invite him over, and Molly and TJ tell him what’s been happening with their parents’ cases and Judge Carson. Nikolas asks if Alexis could be going free. Molly says her mother’s sentence was fair, but her mom has been having a tough time and was sent to solitary for three days by the warden who has it out for her. TJ reveals Alexis went to bat to get his dad released, bringing the system down on her. Nervous, Nickolas asks if Shawn could be released. They tell him that Diane is looking into reopening the case, but it could take time. Suddenly they Molly gets a text from Alexis with her good news.

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Nikolas meets with TJ and Molly GH

Back at the station, Laura says the governor wants to make Shawn’s case a priority, and his sentence has been commuted to time served and Shawn is a free man. Alexis gives him a huge hug. Shawn is relieved, and Laura says the governor is going to review the other cases too. Shawn wants to call TJ, but Jordan has a better idea.

Shawn and Alexis discuss their situation

Back at the Metro Court, Nikolas wants to celebrate Alexis’ good news. Molly wishes they would get better news on Shawn. Nikolas has some calls to make and decides to head out. Before he departs, Jordan and Shawn enter, and Shawn reveals he’s a free man. TJ and his father embrace. They ask what he plans to do first. Shawn wants to repay his debt to Hayden and find out who tried to kill her. Nikolas remains concerned.

Nikolas hopes for news about Alexis

In the PCPD interrogation room, Alexis thanks Laura again for intervening in Shawn’s case. She doesn’t know how to thank her and all the others, including Nikolas who stepped up for her. Laura is glad to see her son acting like the good man she always knew he was meant to be.

At the Metro Court pool, Cam and Joss relax and hold hands. Suddenly Spencer appears and asks the townies what’s up. They are stunned, and Joss notes it’s been forever since he graced them with his presence. He jokes that it took forever for the two of them to finally get together. Cam asks how long he’s back for, and Spencer tells them for good. Cam says grandma has been giving him updates on Spencer’s schooling and adventures in France. Spencer brags about his adventures, and Joss realizes Spencer hasn’t changed a bit in his attitude and she pushes into him the pool to cool him off.

Spencer and Cam's reunion GH

Trina arrives and asks who is this Spencer they are talking about. They explain he’s an old friend and point him out. Trina is floored when Joss introduces her to Spencer Cassadine. Joss tells Spencer not to get ideas about Trina because she has a mystery man. Trina says she’s realized recently that Victor is a real jerk.

Trina upset with Spencer GH

Spencer suggests Trina tell him about Ava’s gallery and they step aside. Trina demands to know why he pretended to be someone else. Spencer didn’t mean to mislead her and explains that Victor was his great uncle and it’s all very complicated. Spencer confides that he didn’t want his father to know he was back in town yet, and tells her about their history, including Nikolas faking his death, and his marriage to Ava. He only came back upon learning his dad was leaving Ava. He says he and his dad are working on fixing their relationship. She gets his anger toward his dad given her own history with hers, but she doesn’t know what to believe about him anymore. He admits he doesn’t work at The Savoy, but he didn’t lie about his mom. He wants her to keep this secret. Joss and Cam approach and Joss wants to know what is going on and why they are so deep in conversation. Trina covers that they were discussing art as Spencer’s interested in her job at the gallery. Joss and Cam both have obligations to get to, but welcome Spencer back. They leave, and Spencer thanks Trina for keeping her secret. She warns him that if he lies to her again then she will tell Cam and Joss everything.

Cam and joss confront Spencer

On the next General Hospital: Britt is thrilled to see a familiar face, Ava questions Trina about her mystery man, and Stella warns Shawn to stay out of her way!

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