Anna and Valentin question the pilot in bar General Hospital
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At Ryan’s Bar in New York, Valentin and Anna drink warm beer and wait to see if the helicopter pilot will show up. When he arrives and sits at the bar, Anna goes up to him and pretends to be new in town. He unloads about his sister dying while trying to save a baby. When she probes for details, he gets suspicious. As he raises his voice to her, Valentin leaps over, twists his arm behind his back, and smashes his head into the bar. They question him about Peter. He admits that he never picked him up from the hospital. If that’s true, they wonder if Peter was rescued at all.

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Nina spends time with Wiley and Willow at guesthouse General Hospital

Nina is at the guesthouse on the Quartermaine estate when “Mike” calls and tells her that Lenny and Phyllis need her. She’s worried when she hears they are all in New York. He tells her Lenny doesn’t have much time. She would love to help pay for treatment. Willow interrupts her with Wiley. Nina tells her that she’s going to have to leave again soon. When she mentions Chase and wonders if they are planning children, things get uncomfortable. Willow says that if Nina and Carly can get along, anything is possible. Nina flashes back to kissing “Mike”.

Lenny and Phyllis recall first meeting at NY Methodist General Hospital

In an exam room at New York Methodist Hospital, Lenny and Phyllis laugh as they remember their first meeting. Learning that he used to catch fish and release them made her see how much he valued life and patience. “Mike” interrupts and tells them they need to get a jump on fighting his tumor. He’s already called Nina. Lenny is miffed but Phyllis is glad. “Mike” insists they both love him and are going to help him fight the cancer together.

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Brook Lynn and Maxie talk Austin at General Hospital

Brook Lynn arrives at General Hospital with the baby. Maxie arrives to see the child before she leaves town. Austin appears and asks what they are up to, which throws Brook Lynn into defensive mode. Nurse Deanna announces the doctor is ready to see the baby so BLQ wheels her away. Austin fills Maxie in on how quickly life has changed. He explains he’s a Quartermaine and she tells him she’s leaving town. Brook Lynn returns and Austin takes off. She fills Maxie in on Austin and the family and reminds her that the doctor doesn’t remember anything that happened in the woods.

Maxie and Brook Lynn slip into an exam room so she can have a final moment with her baby. Brook Lynn promises that the child will be cared for.

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Ava and Nikolas agree on divorce at Metro Court General Hospital

Spencer eats with his father at the Metro Court and they catch up on business. Ava enters. Nikolas asks her to join them but she turns him down. The prince takes her aside and offers her a no-fault divorce. It will take six weeks to be finalized and promises a bodyguard will always be with her. Upset, she walks away and he returns to his son. Spencer knows he’s upset, but thinks it might be for the best if people are sending Ava cockroaches. Nikolas wonders how he knows that detail. Spencer claims it was posted on social media. He tells his father it’s time to turn the page. After he makes a few jabs about Ava, he suggests she’s already moving on. Once Spencer leaves, Martin calls Nikolas, who is still hopeful the stalker will slip up.

Austin and Ava chat at Metro Court General Hospital

Austin joins Ava at the bar. He asks how trying to pretend she’s not into her husband is going. The doctor admits that the scene she caused the other night was fun. He’s sorry to hear they are getting divorced and about her stalker.

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Cam, Trina and Joss hang out at pool General Hospital

Joss and Trina hang out by the pool and talk about “Victor.” Trina quizzes her on what happened between her and Cam in the park on the Fourth. Joss has been waiting to tell her. Cam appears and suggests they all go for a dip. Trina would rather look at their upcoming classes. Joss sends Cam off to get them drinks and then explains what happened. Trina is only shocked that it took so long. He returns with some Shirley Temples. When he mentions her ‘imaginary friend’, she’s offended and walks out. He rubs sunblock on Joss’ back until Spencer shows up. “Watch the hands, townie,” he bellows.

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