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At the Metro Court, Carly and Jason discuss Spinelli’s situation as Sam enters. Carly offers to get her a table, but she says she’s there to see Maxie. She spots the rock on Carly’s finger and asks to speak to Jason. Carly excuses herself and lets Maxie know that Sam is here. Maxie looks over and sees her with Jason and thinks this should be interesting.

Jason apologizes to Sam for not telling her about the engagement. She admits she doesn’t understand how he and Carly came together. He explains that they are best friends, shared the loss of Sonny together, and they know what they are getting into. Sam knows that Carly always came first in line with him and ahead of everyone else, so she’s not surprised.

Sam interrupts Carly and Maxie and asks to speak to Carly. They step aside, and Sam says whatever reason she and Jason got engaged she figures it had to be for a good reason. She offers her help if there is anything she can do.

Sam joins Maxie, who brings up her encounter with fire. Sam notes word gets around fast, and she’s made peace with Jason and Carly’s engagement. Maxie thinks it would be easier if she had someone to go home to. Sam admits that doesn’t help as much as she thinks it would. Maxie realizes Sam already has a new man. Sam admits there is a guy and they kissed, but she was totally wasted. Sam changes the subject to why Maxie called her. Maxie says she’s going to take Georgie and James to Texas to visit her family, and she asks Sam to keep her eye on Spinelli. She reveals Ellie left him, and he’ll need looking after. Sam promises to make sure he’s okay.

Jason tells Carly about his talk with Sam, and then asks her about her encounter with Joey Novak. Carly says his pride is hurt, and Brando stepped in to help her to back down from getting into a throw-down with him. She notes Brando knows how to handle himself. Jason has to go visit Monica, says he’ll see her at home, and gives Carly a kiss on the cheek.

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Up at the pool, Sasha attempts to sneak off but Brando spots her. He asks her to join him and won’t take no for an answer. He gives up his chair for her and makes sure she’s comfortable, but also brings up that they haven’t seen a lot of one another lately. He wasn’t sure if she wanted him to stay away. He mentions the fact that his mom thinks she doesn’t want him in this baby’s life and asks if she’s wrong. Sasha explains that after their involvement with Cyrus, she doesn’t want to set foot near the mob world again or expose her child to it. She hopes this child is enough reason for him to do the same, otherwise she’ll raise it on her own.

Dante and Chase are relaxing by the pool as Rocco does cannonballs. Dante jokes that Chase should arrest his kid and it will be like old times when they were working together. Chase still can’t walk and says all his therapy has resulted in is him being able to wiggle his toes. Dante is sure he’ll be back to work in no time and says he really needs his partner back.

Chase can tell something is bothering him, and Dante admits it’s about a woman. Chase tries to squeeze information out of him, but Dante says the woman is in a bad place and he won’t take advantage of that. Chase agrees not to push for more details but wants his friend to take a chance at happiness and love again if he gets it.

At the Quartermaine gatehouse, Nina stops by to visit with Wiley. Willow says he’s down for his nap but invites her to stay until he wakes up. She says Wiley is crazy about Nina, and she and Michael tell Wiley about her all the time. Nina is touched. They’re interrupted by a knock at the door, and it’s Carly stopping by to see Wiley before checking in on Michael. Willow explains that Wiley has a pool date with Nina, and she leaves to check on him. Nina invites Carly to join them and congratulates her on her engagement.

In the main house, Ned, Michael and BLQ discuss Austin and whether he’s really a Quartermaine. Ned has arranged for a separate DNA test of their own. Brook Lynn thinks Austin is trying to shake them down. Ned doesn’t believe Austin is out for money but instead restitution for his father, though Edward was clear that Jimmy Lee and his heirs were to get nothing. Michael thinks they should charm Austin and give him the recognition he wants for his father. Brook Lynn believes Austin is dangerous and thinks back to Maxie’s concern that Austin might remember her. Ned wonders what she knows about Austin. She says she just figures something must have happened to make Austin come after them now, but Ned says there is no evidence to suggest Austin is a threat.

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At the hospital, Austin looks at the photo wall. Monica asks if he’s doing his homework and if he’s trying to pull one over on her family as his father did back in the day. He assumes she didn’t get along with his father, and she admits she hasn’t gotten along with most of the Quartermaines aside from Lila. She is sorry about Jimmy Lee’s passing and asks what happened. He tells her that it was end-stage COPD, and even though he could barely talk, he continued to speak of his father and begged for a chance to make things right. Monica asks if he’s out to make it up to his father by getting a seat at the ELQ table. Austin says he’s family and he won’t let her or the Quartermaine’s tell him otherwise. The doctor admits he would like shares in ELQ because it will make him family. Jason arrives, and Monica suggests Austin ask Jason about his feelings when it comes to ELQ.

Austin excuses himself, and Monica tells Jason about the newest family member. He offers to check the guy out for her, and she says she’d appreciate it. Later Austin talks to Jason about them both being illegitimate Quartermaines. Jason says they are still his family, and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect them and ELQ.

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At the hospital in New York, Valentin recognizes Phyllis’ name as Nina’s former nurse. He introduces himself, and she lets him know that Nina is doing just fine without him. She reveals Nina has been staying with her and her husband, and “Mike” has been helping her as well. He wonders who “Mike” is. She tells him about the bar and that “Mike” works there.

Meanwhile, Anna is about to open the door to the room where Sonny is but is stopped by a nurse. “Mike” hears Anna tell the nurse that she’s looking for a medivac pilot. The nurse leads her to human resources, and “Mike” emerges and seems to have recognized Anna’s voice. Later, Lenny returns with the doctor and “Mike” can tell it’s bad news. The doctor says she’ll set up some appointments for Lenny and give them privacy. She leaves, and “Mike” thinks he should get Phyllis. Lenny asks him not to and to let her hang onto her hope for another minute before he takes it from her.

Anna returns to Valentin, and Phyllis excuses herself. Anna tells him that she has a lead on their pilot, who is likely across the street at Ryan’s Bar. Valentin suggests they go right away, but Anna wants to do this on her own as a single woman is more likely to approach a man. He refuses to let her do this without a wingman, so she says they are going to do this her way.

Phyllis rejoins “Mike” and Lenny, who reveals he has pancreatic cancer, and it’s pretty far along. “Mike” says there is still surgery and chemo, but Lenny says that will bankrupt them and he won’t do that to Phyllis. Lenny walks out, and Phyllis goes after him.

Lenny has cancer GH

Back in Port Charles, Nina’s phone rings and it’s “Mike.” She ignores it, and after Carly leaves to see Michael, she returns the call. “Mike” tells her that he, Lenny and Phyllis need her to come home.

On the next General Hospital: Maxie worries Austin will blow her plan to keep Louise safe. Valentin threatens to break someone’s wrist in Ryan’s Pub. Nina wants to help Phyllis and Lenny.

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