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Various Port Charles residents are enjoying the remodeled Metro Court pool. TJ and Curtis arrive as does Portia, and Curtis and Portia end up grabbing the same chair. Portia decides to find another place to sit, but he insists she takes it. TJ joins them, and Portia congratulates him on his graduation and passing his boards. TJ decides to jump in for a swim, and Portia wonders if it is always going to be this awkward between her and Curtis. She misses hanging out and having fun, but she doesn’t want to become a rebound for him. He says she’s not and doubts it will be that simple to go back to before the kiss. She agrees and decides to find another place to sit.

Brando and Gladys grab some chairs and Gladys removes her hat to debut her new blonde dye job. Gladys brings up Sasha and the baby and whether he and she are an item or not. Brando says they haven’t talked about it much, and she doesn’t need him to take care of her or this baby seeing she’s an independant woman. Gladys thinks that Brando should follow Sasha’s lead and invest in his career, and she believes he could take over the Corinthos Coffee Company with Sonny gone. Carly, in the background, overhears and interrupts. She hopes they are enjoying themselves. They congratulate her on her engagement, and Carly suggests Brando go to the bar and get himself and his mother a drink on her. Brando excuses himself, and Carly tells Gladys that now that Cyrus is gone, their working relationship is over. Gladys points out Brando is still family and is the only real Corninthos left, but Carly says Jason doesn’t want him involved in the business because of Gladys. Carly excuses herself when a Novak appears.

Brando tries to make small talk with TJ, and TJ congratulates him on the baby. Brando knows he screwed up their friendship, but thanks him for being a bigger man. TJ has realized holding grudges does them no good. He sincerely wishes Brando luck.

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TJ rejoins Curtis by the poolside and asks what is really going on between him and Portia. He loves his mom and wants her to be happy, but Curtis is his family too. Curtis admits the vibe between him and Portia happened after he and Jordan separated, but they have decided to be friends. TJ wonders if that is because it’s what they want, or what they think they should do.

Curtis goes to talk to Portia and get things out in the open. He would like to explore what is going on between them, and he would feel bad if she’s holding back because of Stella and not because it was her decision. He decides he needs to get to his club for the official opening and says it could be a big night for the two of them. He points out that she knows where to find him should she change her mind.

Carly approaches the Novak and asks what he’s doing in her establishment. He introduces himself as Joey and has a message to deliver. He tells Carly to tell Jason that he may have gotten the jump on him once, but he’s not afraid of him. Brando steps to Carly’s side and introduces himself as Sonny’s cousin, and offers to take care of any Novak vehicles at his garage that might need service. Carly rolls her eyes. Novak thanks him and departs, and Gladys swoops in and hopes Carly is grateful that her son just thwarted a whole mob scuffle at her brand new pool.

Carly sneers and snickers on General Hospital GH

In the Metro Court bar, Jason finds Spinelli looking somber. He asks if everything is okay. Spinelli tells him that Ellie moved out and it’s over. Jason doesn’t want him to have to choose between the business and Ellie and says Spinelli can always walk away. Spinelli says he can’t. He doesn’t want to be the person he became without Jason, and he enjoys working for him and using his skills for big stakes. He’s realized that Ellie’s life and career goals don’t match his anymore and holding on to her would be selfish. Jason knows it’s not easy and supports his friend. Jason brings up his marriage to Carly. Spinelli knows it’s for optics, but he thinks they are soul mates, though maybe not romantic ones. He sees them as a perfect match.

At a table, Maxie gives Sasha the latest pitch she’s been working on because she’s taking a step back from Deception, and Lucy knows she’s taking a few weeks off. She says Louise’s kidnapping has been traumatizing and being in Port Charles is making it more difficult. Sasha thinks her being pregnant isn’t helping, but Maxie promises this has nothing to do with her. Sasha says going through this pregnancy alone makes it more difficult, but Maxie thought she had Brando. Sasha says Brando wants to be involved, and he’s a great guy, but his ties to Carly and Jason worry her. She doesn’t want to raise her child with Brando involved in the mob. Maxie suggests she find out how involved Brando really is, and points out that he seems like a good guy.

Later, Maxie tells Spinelli about leaving town and asks if he and Ellie can take Georgie back to Portland, but he doesn’t think it’s a good idea. He explains they’ve separated because of his association with Sonny’s business.

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Back at the pool, Gladys tells Brando that she’s proud of him and he’ll be Jason’s righthand man in no time. Sasha arrives and overhears this.

In the bar, Carly tells Jason what he missed at the pool, and that Brando could be a good asset.

In New York City, Anna and Valentin grab some food at a pub. Anna believes the helicopter pilot, who is on his way to the hospital next door, will be the key to finding Peter. Valentin notes this pub reminds him of the place in Ireland when they worked together, but Anna doesn’t like thinking about that time of her life. He thinks she’d rather not think about the two of them together period. He wants her to admit something is happening between them. Anna’s phone chimes and she tells him the pilot is back and it’s go time.

“Mike,” Phyllis, and Lenny arrive at the hospital earlier than planned as Lenny is in pain. A doctor takes him to run tests and “Mike” comforts Phyllis. They make small talk, and Phyllis was glad they got to sightsee some before having to come to the hospital. She asks “Mike” if he thinks he’s ever been to Manhattan before. He admits it seemed similar, but maybe it was just because of TV or movies. She noticed he was distracted today and thinks it is about Nina. He admits his talk with Nina was nice, but she needs to know about Lenny. Phyllis promises to fill her in once they have more information. Phyllis urges him not to let Nina slip through the cracks because he’ll regret it.

Phyllis leaves to take a walk, and the doctor approaches “Mike” to take him back to see Lenny because he gave her permission to talk to him. As they go into the back, Anna and Valentin arrive and nearly run into Sonny. The doctor tells Mike that Lenny is not in immediate danger, but she found something concerning and needs to take him for a scan. Lenny asks “Mike” to fill Phyllis in as he leaves with the doctor for the scan. Sonny goes looking for Phyllis and finds a hat in the hall that looks like one Mike used to wear. He hears his own voice telling his dad on his death bed to let go.

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Meanwhile, Anna and Valentin split up to look for the pilot, and Valentin runs into Phyllis. They both claim to be there waiting on news on a friend, and Valentin suggests he keep her company while they wait. Phyllis introduces herself, and Valentin seems to register the name. Meanwhile, Anna approaches a door and goes to open it as “Mike” is on the other side.

In Port Charles, Brook Lynn and baby arrive at Ava’s penthouse where Nina is staying. Brook Lynn is eager to prove herself to Nina and Deception, but Nina didn’t call her there for work. She reveals she knows BLQ’s secret and that Maxie told her. Nina understands Maxie’s motives, but not hers. Brook Lynn explains how she and Maxie got involved together in this plan. Nina is confused because if they came clean with Valentin then he would gladly help them protect this child from Peter. She thinks lying to Valentin isn’t fair. BLQ agrees, but this is Maxie’s call and daughter. Nina is sure that Valentin would fight for this baby if she came clean. Brook Lynn notes when the truth comes out, Valentin is going to be the one who loses big. However, she knows he can handle this loss when the time comes. Nina agrees to keep quiet for now. Brook Lynn excuses herself to take a call, and Nina gushes over Louise. She realizes with the secrets she’s keeping that she’s no one to judge.


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