Maxie tells Nina truth about Louise at her place General Hospital
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Maxie assumes that Nina thinks she’s lost it since she sounds like she’s going to snatch Brook Lynn’s baby. She makes Nina promise to keep a secret. With some prodding, Maxie explains that Bailey is actually her baby. She gave her to Brook Lynn to keep her safe from Peter. Nina’s mouth hangs open. Maxie recaps everything that happened and swears she didn’t kill the nurse deliberately. Nina asks if Valentin was in on this, and Maxie assures her that he wasn’t. Although Nina agrees to stay quiet, she thinks that if she brought Valentin into the loop, he could help, and his heart wouldn’t be broken. Valentin and Anna would back Maxie up with Peter. Maxie, however, isn’t willing to take that risk.

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In a park, Ava calls to demand the launch bring her to Spoon Island. She’s informed someone else has it.

Laura and Spencer talk to Nikolas at Wyndemere General Hospital

At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Laura are surprised when Spencer shows up. He hugs his grandma but that’s delayed with his father. The prince is sad he missed seeing him become a grown man. Ava bursts in and is taken aback to see Spencer there. He pretends to be sorry to hear that their marriage is ending. If he’d known, he would have come back sooner. Ava explains the marriage began for the wrong reasons and is ending for the right ones. She walks out and soon returns with a bracelet that Nikolas bought for her. After Spencer makes some sarcastic remarks, Ava tells Nikolas she’s glad he has his son back and exits. Father and son argue about Ava before Spencer says he’s come back because he’s missed him.

Laura walks Ava out. She understands the sacrifice she’s made and promises to find the sicko who got between her and Nikolas.

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Austin ready to claim inheritance at Quartermaine's General Hospital

At the Quartermaine estate, Austin introduces himself to the family, explaining that he’s new on the staff of GH. Monica can guess by his name that he is Edward’s grandson, the offspring of Jimmy Lee Holt and Charity Gatlin. Valentin points out that he’s entitled to voting shares. Michael wants proof. Scott has a folder full of it. Ned says even if the documents are real, Austin has no right to a share. Edward cut Jimmy Lee out of his will. Austin explains Jimmy Lee died six months ago and he’s staking his claim on what’s rightfully his. “The more the merrier,” Valentin declares. Ned repeats that Austin has no legal standing. Scott and Austin announce that he is contesting Edward’s will and a judge will have to decide that. They argue until Valentin calls the meeting to order. He says they can’t vote today while things are unclear. The meeting is adjourned. Austin apologizes for the melodrama and insists that he’s not there to take anything away from the family. He’s sad that he never knew his grandfather and is looking forward to getting to know the Quartermaines.

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Anna and Finn talk friendship at General Hospital

At General Hospital, the new security chief goes over details with Anna. She asks him to try and track down a helicopter pilot. After he walks off, Finn strolls over and they talk about the search for Peter. Things are awkward and he encourages her to visit Violet. She’s worried about giving her the wrong idea. Sitting down, he tells her she’ll always be important to him. He was angry at her because of what happened to Chase, but he’s getting past that. She feels like she has a lot to make up for. They don’t know what to call what they are now. He just wants them to be “good”. He knows Peter brings out the worst in people and flashes back to killing him. The doctor is sorry for being so hard on her. He’s about to say more when the security chief returns and hands her a name. She asks Finn to wait while she makes a call and soon returns with Valentin. She’s found a lead on the pilot and he agrees to chase it with her.

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"Mike" determined to help Lenny at Tan-O General Hospital

At the Tan-O, Lenny and Phyllis tell “Mike” that his heart condition hasn’t improved and he’s getting worse. “Mike” won’t let him give up. They gave him a second shot at life. Phyllis leaves to look for a cardiologist that can help. Lenny is annoyed that “Mike” has given her hope. It may help Phyllis now, but it will cost her more in the end. Lenny refuses to drive his wife deeper into debt. Phyllis is everything to him, but she didn’t sign on for this. “Mike” points out that was in her wedding vows and he’s determined to find a way to pay their bills. Returning, Phyllis says she’s found a specialist and Lenny is going to see her whether he likes it or not.

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