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In the Quartermaine foyer, Valentin knows today is the day he’s being voted out and wonders if Michael or Ned will take over as CEO. Michael would like Ned to take the position. He explains he has Aurora to run, and a family now, and Ned is the best man for the job. Ned asks Olivia what she thinks, and he will say no if she has a problem with this.

In the living room, Maxie cries she must leave town because she can’t seem to stay away from Bailey. Monica enters and is not surprised to see Maxie there yet again. Maxie says she is on her way out, and maybe she does need help. Monica explains she is worried for her and there is no shame in asking for help. Maxie asks them to say goodbye to Bailey and swiftly departs.

Monica tells Brook Lynn that she is glad Maxie is asking for help, and she knows the pain of losing a child. Brook Lynn excuses herself to check on Bailey.

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Later in the living room, Olivia tells Ned that her problem was never with the job, but how far he would go for the business, including turning his back on Brook Lynn. However, she thinks he is the best man for the job if he can keep it in perspective. He promises he will, and maybe if he proves himself that they can try again. She says one day at a time. They hug, which Brook Lynn returns to witness, and smiles. Ned agrees to take the job.

Olivia and Monica meet in the foyer. Monica tells Olivia that she can see her and Ned getting closer, and she has a good feeling about it. Olivia reminds her that fixing things won’t be that easy. Monica knows she still loves Ned, and sometimes, forgiveness can be just as powerful as love.

Scott runs into Austin working at the hospital and brings up this next move that will have him so rich that he won’t need this job. Austin loves medicine and feels he will likely continue to practice. Scott warns him that people may turn on him after today, and that that making a move on Michael Corinthos will make him enemies. Austin isn’t afraid and is ready.

Back at the Quartermaine place, as Valentin calls the meeting to order, Scott bursts in and says they can’t begin the vote until all Quartermaines are present and accounted for. Austin enters, confusing the family. Michael explains this is a family matter and asks who he is. Austin introduces himself as someone who was once lost but now found. He is Austin Gatlin Holt.

Nina is staying at Ava’s old penthouse and calls Mike back to apologize for not calling sooner. She asks how things are there. He tells her they are good, but Nina felt like something was wrong when she talked to Phyliss last. He says they just miss her. Ava enters, so Nina says she’ll call him back, but admits she thinks about him often. After the call, Ava is glad to see at least one of them looking happy. Ava wonders when her man will come for a visit. Nina explains it’s complicated, and she’s not ready to leave Willey and go back to Nixon Falls.

Later the doorbell rings and Nina finds Maxie standing there in tears begging for her help. Ava decides to check on the movers’ progress at Wyndemere and leaves. Maxie tells Nina that she’s thinking about leaving Port Charles because she can’t seem to stay away from Brook Lynn’s baby. Maxie confesses that she has been visiting her a lot and Monica thinks she has a problem. Nina doesn’t see an issue. Maxie cries that when she’s with Bailey she never wants to leave her, so she has to go before she does something she regrets. Worried, Nina offers to get her help and asks if she’s thinking about stealing Bailey. Maxie blurts out that it wouldn’t be stealing, it would be bringing her home where she belongs.

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Trina runs into “Victor” in the park and she wonders if he even has a home. She checks her phone, and Victor calls her one of those ostrich people always looking down at a screen. She explains that her friend Joss doesn’t think he’s real. She wants to take a selfie of them and send it to her to prove he is, but he refuses. She wonders what his problem is. He quickly covers and says he’ll take one on his phone and send it to her if he likes. She laughs that he’s a diva. He changes the subject to the gallery and asks if they are close to catching the stalker. Trina fills him in on overhearing the investigators saying the boot print they found is from a specialty designer and they even have the size. “Victor” realizes time got away from him and says he must go, but he’ll see her again around the park.

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Ava meets up with Trina later in the park. Trina brings up her friend “Victor,” and how she finds him intriguing. She asks Ava how she’s doing, and if she wants her to go to Wyndemere with her for company. Ava tells her it’s not necessary. Trina is rooting for her and Nikolas and hopes soon the stalker will be behind bars. Elsewhere, Spencer tosses his bloody designer boots in a dumpster.

At Wyndemere, Laura finds Nikolas drinking as the movers pack Ava’s stuff up. Laura has an update for him on the stalker. She explains bootprint is from a small specialty company, and it won’t be hard to track down who bought it in that size. Nikolas still worries about the stalker and if they’ll target someone he loves. Laura brings up Spencer, who Nikolas hasn’t talked to in ages. She has been in touch and after graduating he went off the explore other areas of Europe. Nikolas thinks at least he’ll be safe from the stalker.

Nikolas knows he hurt Spencer deeply, and Laura never thought the boy would stay angry this long. Somewhere inside she knows Spencer still adores him. Nikolas misses him, and wishes Spencer would come home because it would make this situation Ava a little more bearable. Suddenly, Spencer enters and announces, “Hello father, I’m home.”

In Nixon Falls, Lenny thanks “Mike” for stepping in while he takes it easy. He excuses himself to balance the books, and “Mike” asks Phyllis how bad Lenny’s heart really is. Phyllis is worried by what the doctor isn’t her but thinks maybe she’s reading too much into things as the meds seem to be helping him. She switches the topic to Nina. “Mike” admits spoke to her and has to lie to her. He told her everything was fine, but that’s not true. He asks why she hasn’t told her about Lenny. Phyllis knows Nina has enough going on and didn’t want to add to her plate.

Lenny returns feeling great and announces that he wants to take Phyllis out dancing. Mike says he can manage the bar. Suddenly Lenny’s doctor stops by to make a house call. Mike excuses himself so they have privacy. He later returns as the doctor is on his way out and apologizing that he didn’t have better news. “Mike” asks what the doc said about Lenny’s heart.

On the next General Hospital: Austin reveals what was his father’s is his.

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