Jordan warns Molly in her office General Hospital
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In Jordan’s office, she speaks to Molly, TJ and Martin about the evidence they brought in against Judge Carson. The Commissioner warns that judges are extremely well protected and the recording might not do much. This also won’t make Molly very popular with her colleagues. Molly is still determined to go ahead with this. The commissioner leaves them alone. Molly and TJ talk about how angry they are about all the time he’s lost with Shawn. They admire each other and kiss.

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Martin talks to Valentin about Anna at Quartermaine's General Hospital

At the Quartermaine estate, Monica asks Valentin why she shouldn’t evict him when he’s trying to steal ELQ. He thanks her for letting him stay there with Charlotte. After she leaves, Valentin tries talking to Yuri about Anna but he’s not much of a conversationalist. Martin arrives to meet with Valentin and discuss his next moves with ELQ. Valentin is distracted and the lawyer assumes it’s by Anna. Valentin isn’t paying him for personal advice.

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Maxie runs into Austin at Metro Court General Hospital

Maxie is surprised to run into Austin at the Metro Court. Anna sits at the bar and thinks about kissing Valentin. She interrupts Maxie and Austin and he asks if she’s any closer to finding the baby. He must leave for a meeting and takes off. Maxie asks Anna why she seems suspicious of Austin. She explains that he has the same last name as someone she used to know. When Maxie quizzes her about Valentin, Anna insists they are just good friends. She doesn’t feel like she deserves more than that after all the things she’s done. Maxie tells her she forgives her and asks her to be happy. After Anna thanks her, Maxie exits. Heading to the elevator, Anna stops and smiles when the doors open and Valentin is standing there.

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Carly and Jason discuss Britt at General Hospital

In the General Hospital elevator, Carly tells Jason that Monica must really hate her marrying her other son. When it opens, Britt almost gets on but spots them and walks away. Carly and Jason get off on the next floor and discuss Britt sleeping with Jax. Monica arrives and asks them into her office. Carly suggests that he break the engagement news alone.

When Jason and Monica go to her office, they catch up on his recent adventures. He bluntly informs her he’s marrying Carly. She’s taken aback, but she knows how devoted they are to each other. She only hopes that he can be happy.

Terry approaches Portia at the nurses’ station and informs her she’s running for chief of staff. She hopes she will support her. Britt shows up and they start sniping at each other before Britt walks off. Dr. Robinson warns Terry of how much work being chief of staff is. She talks about the toll that it took on her father. They make plans for a night out with Liz.

Austin and Britt discuss his job at General Hospital

Britt meets with Austin in her office. She thanks him for delivering Maxie’s baby. Britt wonders why he would give up his private practice to work there. He claims he has business to look after in town and he will likely be there for some time.

Britt runs into Carly by the nurses’ station. Carly claims that she and Jason admitted their feelings for each other shortly after Sonny died but held back because of the timing. She says that what she and Jason have is forever. When Jason arrives, Britt tells them both to go to hell.

Maxie bumps into Austin in the hallway and he informs her that he’s working there now.

Finn and Liz discuss what to do about Peter in General Hospital

Finn bumps into Liz and they discuss their hangovers. They walk the halls and debate moving Peter’s body. She thinks they should get Jason involved but the doctor doesn’t want to take the risk and won’t let Anna get involved either. As they plan to act before the surveillance system is fixed, Monica interrupts to assure them that everything is working normally again.

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Curtis lectures Stella at Charlie's General Hospital

At Charlie’s, Curtis confronts Stella for trying to warn Portia away from him. She had no right to do that. His marriage to Jordan is over and he might be onto something good with Dr. Robinson. His aunt says someone has to save him from himself. She urges him to listen to the love he and Jordan have for each other. They rehash his history with Portia and bicker about Jordan’s devotion.

Shawn stands up for Alexis in Pentonville General Hospital

Alexis starts freaking out in Pentonville when she’s told by the guard that she’s heading back to solitary. Shawn tries to calm her, but she gets worse. As she pleads, Shawn tells the guard he won’t let her go back to solitary. The guard orders him to stand down. Shawn refuses and Jordan storms in, ordering the guard to step back. She tells Shawn and Alexis that Molly ignored them and their sentences are being re-examined.

Jordan brings Shawn and Alexis to her office to reunite with Molly and TJ.

On the next General Hospital: Britt and Obrecht come to an understanding.

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