Molly meets with the crocked judge GH
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Curtis drops by Jordan’s office and is upset. He asks if she’s fighting the divorce. Jordan is confused. Curtis asks why she hasn’t delivered the signed divorce papers as it’s been weeks. She reminds him that she’s had a lot going on with her work, and runs down the past few weeks’ events. He thinks it doesn’t take long to sign some papers and shove them in an envelope. She admits she’s put it off for too long and they need to move on, and perhaps he already has.

Curtis questions Jordan's intentions GH

Jordan brings up Portia, and Curtis admits they have been spending time together. He tells her about the kiss, which brought up a lot of questions for him. Curtis thinks Portia is sending mixed signals and someone warned her away from him. Jordan is annoyed and promises him that it wasn’t her. They are interrupted when an officer brings Jordan a file, and she tells Curtis they are done. He leaves, and she shoves her wedding photo in a drawer.

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Molly and TJ kiss goodbye at Charlie’s. She heads out to meet with Judge Carson as Stella joins TJ for lunch. They make small talk, and TJ admits he’s been in contact with Shawn. Annoyed, Stella shifts the topic to his mother, and asks if there is any chance of Curtis and Jordan reconciling. He doesn’t think so, but she tells him that there is always hope. TJ thinks she needs to accept they are over, but Stella says, “It isn’t over till it’s over.” TJ wonders what she’s done.

Aunt Stella schemes to keep Jordan and Curtis together GH

Elsewhere Ava meets with Portia for lunch to discuss how Trina is doing. They both admire how tough and strong she is, and Portia thanks Ava for looking after her daughter and for the glowing college recommendation she wrote. Ava says Trina is smart as a whip and has an eye and talent for art. They discuss the gallery, and how so much artwork got destroyed in the trap for the stalker. Portia wonders what kind of person would cause such pain. Ava hopes once the divorce goes through this maniac will be out of her life.

Portia confides in Ava GH

“Victor” finds Trina lying on a blanket and reading an art book in the park. She reminds him that he ghosted her on the Fourth, and he apologizes and says something came up. She shrugs it off and says it’s okay because they don’t know each other that well. He lies down next to her and thinks they should change that.

Trina and spencer flirt GH

“Victor” asks her about art, and she tells him it’s her passion and she’s majoring in art history. She asks him what his deal is and if he just moved to town. He says he has a studio to himself. Their talk turns to their family, and after Trina tells him about her mom, she assumes his mom is high society because she has him pegged as a trust fund kid. He confides in her that his mom died when he was young and he never had much of one growing up. He wonders what they do for fun around here. She says there is a beach, so he suggests they go. When his phone chimes and she goes to look at it, he tells her to stop. He quickly apologizes and says she just wanted to give him her number. He unlocks it and she texts herself so they have each other’s info.

Spencer Victor flirts with Trina

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At the Metro Court, Nikolas meets with Martin to talk about legal matters, specifically his divorce. Nikolas explains the situation with the stalker. Martin heard about the gallery incident and thought the new lead would help in catching this person. Nikolas is puzzled and asks, “What lead?” Martin tells him about the unique shoe print found, and Nikolas thinks this may stop his divorce. He rushes out.

Victor meets with Martin about a Divorce

Elsewhere, Molly joins Judge Carson for lunch. The judge brings up her new job, and Molly explains she says she’s been going over old precedent settings from cases and points out some of the cases are hers. Molly brings up how the judge appeared to stretch her interpretation of that in some of her sentences. The judge is insulted and states it’s her job to determine if a defendant truly is remorseful, or acting, and she has to protect society. Molly gets frank and blurts out, “Especially when they are black.”

Molly Accuses Judge Carson GH


The judge calls that an inflammatory statement, but Molly says it’s all in the record that she gives non-white defendants more time for similar crimes, and accuses her of having something to do with her mother ending up in solitary. She vows that she and her mother will stop her from trashing the system she’s supposed to be protecting. Suddenly, Martin interferes and asks if there is a problem. Molly tries to speak, but Martin says he was asking the judge. Molly continues to lob accusations against her. The judge says she will not stand for this, and that the DA and bar association will hear of her slander. Martin suggests to Molly that leave while she still has a job. Molly is glad to but vows to prove everything she’s said.

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After Molly leaves, the judge is aghast at that girl’s accusation. Martin says he’s known her for twenty years and she’s always done what is right. He knows the law has to adapt, and Molly would see that if she looked harder instead of reading the law as simply black and white. The judge says when it comes to defendants that she has to look at their past and what their future is likely to be, and some people only respond to incarceration.

In Pentonville, Alexis is given a brief break from solitary confinement, and Shawn is there to greet her. Alexis worries he’ll get in trouble, but he assures her the guard will look the other way as he accidentally ran into her.  He asks her about solitary, and she says it was like a nightmare right out of Star Wars when they were in the trash compactor and the walls were closing in on them.

Alexis gets a visitor in prison GH

Suddenly Alexis has a panic attack and Shawn helps calm her down through breathing techniques. She admits he’s always made her feel safe, even when he worked for Sonny. He’s glad he trusts her because he told Molly about her stay in solitary and its possible connection to Judge Carson. Alexis is fraught because her daughter is a crusader and will try and rectify this, possibly ruining her law career before she’s started. Shawn says Molly would have found out about her being in solitary and about Judge Carson on her own because she’s smart. He also says Molly has people to lean on, so Alexis needs to work on herself and getting out of solitary. The guard tells Alexis her time is up.

Nickolas arrives at Charlie’s and asks to speak with Ava, so Portia departs. Nikolas tells her the PCPD has a lead on the stalker, but Ava won’t have this discussion with him again. He proposes they all run away to Cassadine Island to hide out until they are caught, but she won’t hear of it or risk Avery’s safety. She says if he loves her then he’ll expedite the divorce. He agrees to do that, but only because he loves her. She says she loves him too.

Ava chats with Portia GH

Meanwhile, Curtis stops by and runs into his Aunt Stella. She was just with TJ and they were talking about his and Jordan’s unfinished business. She doesn’t want to see them quit on each other after all they’ve been through, and if given the time she believes they can work it out. Curtis begins to realize who pushed Portia away.

Back in the park, Portia meets up with Trina, who introduces her mother to Victor. Portia invites him to join them for dinner, but he says he has to get home. He departs, and Portia questions Trina about Victor. She thinks he seemed interested in her, and he’s hot. Portia asks where they met. Trina says he works at The Savoy, so he must be trustworthy if Curtis hired him.

Spencer heads to the graveyard and visits Mike’s grave.

Martin visits Jordan in her office, who is with TJ and Molly. He comes with a very incriminating recording of Judge Carson. Molly smiles as she says, Carson is going down!”

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