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By the harbor, Dante bickers with Sam after she nearly starts a fire. When he teases her about being drunk and disorderly, she wrestles him into the water. They climb out, still arguing. Liz explains to Dante and Finn that Sam is upset because Jason just got engaged to Carly. After the doctor and nurse file away, Dante tells Sam he’s sorry about how she’s feeling. He offers her his hand and leads her away.

Liz admits to Finn that the pyrotechnics were her idea. They discuss Carly and Jason and how it feels to always come in second. As they look at the water, they admit they don’t feel miserable right now. She watches the fireworks and he stares at her. He tells her how important she is to him and she rests her head on his shoulder.

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Carly and Jax argue about Britt at Metro Court General Hospital

At the Metro Court, Carly tells Jason they should go back to the bridge someday. Laughing Jax and Britt stroll in. Things get awkward fast and then confrontational. Jason leads Carly away. Britt needs air and exits with Jax. Carly vents to Jason until the leader of the Novak family stops by their table to congratulate them on their engagement. The second he leaves, Carly stalks after Jax.

Jax and Britt are on the patio. He doesn’t mind her picking fights with Carly but warns it gets unpleasant. Carly interrupts and Britt heads back inside. The exes bicker and he reminds her of all the other women she’s hurt over Jason. He says it was inevitable that she’d fall back on Jason as soon as Sonny died. He’s only amazed that she didn’t walk away from the mob when she had the chance.

Britt rejects Jason at Metro Court General Hospital

Britt joins Jason at the bar. He assures her that Carly doesn’t know about the Huntington’s and he’s not bailing on her. “Go to hell,” she says. He reminds her that he made a promise; she still means something to him. The doctor tells him to admit he’s loved Carly all along. He claims he’s loved all the women he’s been with. She concedes Carly knows a good thing when she has it and wishes them well. After she walks away, Carly joins him to say that Jax has been putting the knife in. Part of her worries that he might be right.

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Cam and Joss discuss their feelings in park General Hospital

In the park, Cam asks Joss if they would be together now if Dev hadn’t interfered. She can’t believe how stupid they all were. He admits that when she used him to make Oscar jealous, he wasn’t pretending that he had feelings for her. They discuss how important they’ve been to each other since they were kids. She admits that she never acted on her feelings for him because she felt like she’d be betraying Oscar. They can’t go back, but they can go forward. As the fireworks start, they kiss.

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Monica worries to Brook Lynn about Maxie at Quartermaine estate General Hospital

Maxie holds her baby at the Quartermaine estate. Monica joins her and then Brook Lynn, who sends Maxie off to get a blanket. Monica tells Brook Lynn they have a big problem. Clearly, Maxie is using Bailey as a substitute for her pain. She thinks they need to call a therapist or Mac and Felicia. Brook Lynn offers to talk to Maxie herself.

Valentin and Anna discuss kiss on patio General Hospital

On the patio, Anna and Valentin kiss. She tells him that was inappropriate but admits she kissed him back. “This can’t happen again,” she says, claiming it would be wrong. He says the kiss felt pretty real to him and reminds her of their long history. She suggests he see a shrink. Valentin is fascinated by her and won’t apologize for that. Anna insists she can never be interested him in the way he is in her. He won’t force things, but she knows where to find him.

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Obrecht joins Nina at Charlie’s and asks what’s been keeping her away from Port Charles. Nina admits that she’s found a man. Obrecht starts probing but doesn’t have much luck. Nina turns the topic to Britt. She informs her aunt that Jason and Carly are getting married. Sam and Dante come in and Obrecht leaps over to ask if the engagement news is true. Sam gets upset and walks out.

In the street, Dante tells Sam that Jason messed up. If it were him, he would have chosen her. They kiss. After he apologizes, she runs off.

Phyllis and “Mike” walk in the park in Nixon Falls, wishing Lenny had come out with them. She tells “Mike” he should take some time off and visit Nina in Port Charles. He can’t take a vacation. When he sits by the fire, he calls Nina to leave a message saying he hopes she’s having fun. He returns to Phyllis to watch the fireworks.

On the next General Hospital: Carly tries to reason with Britt.

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