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At Charlie’s, Violet tells everyone to get ready as Uncle Chase and Aunt Willow are coming. Willow wheels Chase in as Liz, Sam, Michael, Sasha, Finn, Anna and members of the PCPD applaud him. Dante presents Chase and his new bride with their own softball shirts for the PCPD team that says “Groom” and “Bride” on them.

Chase's surprise party on GH

Liz excuses herself to check on her boys, and Chase notes to his brother that he and Liz are spending a lot of time together. Anna approaches and asks for a moment with Chase, so Finn leaves them. Anna congratulates Chase on his wedding. The detective beams that he’s never been happier.

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Willow talks with Michael and asks how things are going. Michael says it’s the calm before the storm and reveals that his mom and Jason are getting married. Sam and Liz, who are at the bar, overhear and their faces drop. Sam chugs a shot and races out, and Liz runs after her.

On the Quartermaine mansion patio, Brook Lynn asks Valentin if he’s okay watching Bailey because she wants to go to Chase’s party. Suddenly Monica appears and says they need to talk. She takes Brook Lynn inside and says she heard Maxie came by again to see the baby, and it’s not healthy for her. Suddenly Maxie shows up out of the blue and praises Bailey’s cute Fourth of July outfit. Monica leaves them to talk, and Maxie asks Brook Lynn why Monica was acting weird. Brook Lynn seethes, “Because of you!”

Brook Lynn and Maxie's baby GH

Brook Lynn tells her about Monica’s concerns. Maxie knows she is supposed to visit Louise at the office, but it’s a three-day weekend. She promises after today she’ll stay away from the house. Brook Lynn realizes Chase’s party is probably already breaking up, so she’s going to change and give her a few minutes with her baby. Maxie tells Louise how much she loves her as Monica returns and remains concerned.

Maxie holds her baby again GH

Out on the patio, Valentin texts Anna and asks if she’s coming. Anna arrives later, and he invites her to play with fire with him. Valentin pulls out sparklers, and she laughs. They light them and enjoy the holiday. Anna burns herself, so Valentin takes a look at it and kisses her burn. He then pulls her into a kiss, and she kisses him back.

Valentin and Anna search GH

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In the park, Cameron and Jake are on the way to find a place to watch the fireworks. Cam again tries to apologize to Jake and explains he was so hurt over losing Franco that it was easier to be angry and blame Jason than be sad. Jake loved Franco too and admits being angry at Cam was also easier than being sad. Jake cries that he misses Franco, but he also misses his big brother. The two hug.

Cam tries to make amends with Jake GH

Jax and Britt wake up in bed together in the Metro Court. Both have a bit of a hangover, and Jax reminds Britt that she invited him back to her place last night. Britt wonders if last night was pity sex. He says not for him as she’s beautiful. They kiss, and later Jax reminds her that today is the Fourth of July. He suggests they watch the fireworks from the Metro Court balcony.

Britt and Jax in bed GH

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At the Corinthos estate, Carly asks Joss if she’s going to the park for the fireworks. She is and fills her mom in on the events of Trina’s party. Jason arrives and Joss asks what his plans for the Fourth are. He plans to spend it with her mom. Carly tells Joss that they have something important to tell her, and she informs her of their plans to marry. Joss is shocked because she only thought of them as friends. However, she supports them and says the more she thinks about it the more this makes sense, and points out that Sonny totally understood their relationship. Joss has to go because Cam and Trina are likely wondering where she is. Before leaving she jokingly asks Jason if she has to call him dad and he tells her flat out no.

Carly and Jason share news with Joss GH

After Joss leaves, Carly asks Jason if they are ready for the next step. He has something to do first, pulls out a ring, and says, “I got you this.” She opens it and says it’s beautiful. Jason takes a deep breath and slips it on her finger. Later Carly gets a call that Vincent Novak is at the Metro Court, and she thinks they should watch the fireworks from there.

Spencer pretends to be Victor GH

On the pier, Trina finds “Victor” sunbathing. He jokingly accuses her of stalking him. She explains she was looking for a place to watch the fireworks, and she and her friends decided to meet up in the park. She invites him to come with her and says they are all going to PCU and she’ll introduce him to Cam and Joss. He thinks he’ll meet them later and that he’ll catch up with her soon.

In the park, Joss joins up with Cam and Jake. She asks Jake if he’s joining them, but he feels like a third wheel and takes off. Joss then shares the news about Carly and Jason’s marriage with Cam. As they are about to discuss their kiss, Trina arrives and tells them that she just ran into that guy Victor. She calls him cute, though says she’d never tell him that.

Later, Trina decides to take off because her mom has been messaging her about spending time together, and she doesn’t want to seem too available if “Victor” shows up. Joss and Cam get back to their talk, and Cam wonders if they would have been a couple now if not for Dev.

Elsewhere in the park, “Victor” watches Trina as she calls her mom and tells her that she’ll be home soon.

Back at the pier, Sam tells Liz that she doesn’t have to babysit her. Liz brought vodka and knows what it feels like to always come in second place to Carly. Sam cries that they never even tried to hide that Carly always came first. Liz pours them shots, and Sam says it wasn’t just Carly, Sonny was always there too. Liz knows that doing shots isn’t going to be enough.

Liz says they'll need more shots GH

After gathering supplies Sam and Liz return to the pier. Liz talks about her friend Terry’s belief that you can’t move on from someone without cleansing them from your system. She starts a fire in a trash barrel and tells Sam to open up a bag. Sam brought Springsteen tickets that she and Jason never used, their favorite game of dominoes, and a leather jacket. Liz instructs her to burn them all. Sam does and tops them off with tequila to really cause the fire to rage.

Back at Charlie’s Violet asks Finn if she can watch the fireworks with Finn and Chase from the roof of the hospital. He agrees. Dante checks in with Finn and can’t find Sam or Liz anywhere. He then gets a call from a friend at the fire department and learns Sam and Liz are on the pier. They head out. Chase thanks everyone for coming and says the next party will be their wedding reception.

Jason and Carly arrive at the Metro Court and meet Vincent Novak. He apologizes for the incident with his nephew Joey, and he hopes their families can continue to exist in peace. Jason says had they known he’d be there then he would have invited him to celebrate with them. Carly flashes her ring and reveals they are engaged.

In the elevator, Britt and Jax make their way to the Metro Court to watch the fireworks. They exit and come face to face with Carly and Jason.

Back on the pier, Dante and Finn arrive to find the firemen putting out the trash fire. Liz and Sam assure them that everything is fine. Sam swigs booze from the bottle and says it’s the Fourth of July and she declared her independence.

Sam and Liz bond GH

On the next General Hospital: Phyllis pushes “Mike” to visit Nina in Port Charles, Nina confides in Obrecht, Valentin tells Anna that kiss was long overdue and Jason tells Britt that she means something to him.

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