Ava and Nik's stalker on GH
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Britt visits Brad in Pentonville, and he asks what is with her red eyes. He panics and asks if they canceled Grey’s Anatomy. She says they would never cancel it, and they will binge-watch the seasons he’s missed when he gets out. Brad asks about Wiley, and the conversation soon turns to her involvement with Jason. Brad is stunned when Britt admits she slept with him, gives him a recap of their time on the run, but says it is now over.

Britt visits Brad GH

Brad realizes she actually cares about Jason. Britt can’t believe she was so lame to think something could happen between them and she’d have a future. Brad says of course she has a future. Britt covers and says she meant she thought she had a future with Jason. Brad is sorry Jason hurt her but points out that staying away from Jason probably will add years to her life expectancy. Britt changes the subject to the upcoming Nurses Ball, and the two of them watching the red carpet like old times.

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At the Corinthos estate, Michael questions why Jason and Carly are suddenly getting married. They tell him there are problems with the business, and the other families are expecting Jason to push Carly out. This engagement will send a message that they are a united front. Michael understands, but wonders if they even want to get married. Carly only wants to be married to Sonny, and they explain this is purely a business relationship. Michael asks if they’ve set a date. They say they haven’t, and there are still a lot of people they have to tell. Michael also questions if Jason even wants to run the business. Jason says he never did, but he knows how to and they have no choice.

Michael grills Jason and Carly GH

After Michael leaves, Jason and Carly discuss their decision. They agree this is the right move, though Carly isn’t excited about the judgment that’s going to come her way. Carly looks at her hand and realizes she’s going to have to take her rings off. Jason tells her not to unless she’s ready. Carly isn’t, but it has to be done. She cries as she removes them and says she misses Sonny so much.


Carly questioned about marriage GH

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At The Savoy, Trina’s party is in full swing, though she hasn’t arrived. Portia talks to Curtis, and Curtis brings up his recent conversation with Taggert who knows about their past. Portia apologizes for not warning him that Taggert knew about them. Curtis knows they haven’t been connecting lately and he suspects it’s intentional. Curtis brings up their getting closer, but she tells him that nothing can come of it because it wouldn’t be received well. She walks off, leaving Curtis puzzled.

Portia dodges Curtis GH

Ava runs into Jordan and questions her about what she’s doing to deal with her stalker. Jordan tells Ava to stop by her office in the morning and they’ll talk. Taggert runs interference in order to help Jordan get away from a pushy Ava.

Ava questions Jordan about stalker

Nina bumps into Joss and Cam, and she congratulates them and gives Joss a graduation gift. Joss asks if they’ll be seeing more of Nina now that she’s getting to know Wiley. Nina says maybe, which makes Jax smile. Later Joss opens the gift in private with Cam, and it’s a new journal. She thinks about Trina telling her that before he died Dev did something creepy, and she accuses Cam of reading her old journal.

Joss and Cam argue GH

Joss storms off, and Cam rushes after her to tell her that he didn’t intentionally read her journal, Dev did. However, if Dev hadn’t then he wouldn’t have known how she really felt about him. Joss has no idea what he’s talking about, so he tells her that she wrote he was a bad kisser and found his technique gross and sloppy. Joss says she never wrote that and pulls him into a kiss to prove it.

Nina learns Carly is getting married GH

Jax chats with Nina about her visits with Wiley. She hopes that his interference in arranging the visits hasn’t strained things between him and Carly. He doubts he’s on her mind much and reveals that Carly and Jason have announced they are getting married. Jax explains briefly about Jason and Carly’s past, and he’s afraid she’s only going to get hurt. She knows caring for Carly is his MO. He cares about her too. She tells Jax it was nice seeing him and walks away, leaving Jax feeling rejected.

Jax tells Nina about Carly's marriage

Nina joins Curtis, who is looking down. He has realized that someone has pushed Portia away from him.

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At Charlie’s, Kevin worries to Laura that he can’t reach Nikolas, and tells her that Nikolas is determined to fight for his marriage and has set a trap for the stalker.

Laura learns about Nikolas' trap

In Ava’s gallery, Trina is startled by an intruder and maces them, only to find out the person is Nikolas. She quickly apologizes, steers him to a chair at Ava’s desk, and helps wash his eyes out. Trina inquires why he’s there. He says he’s trying to save his family and catch the stalker by setting a trap. Meanwhile, the real stalker lurks in the background. Nikolas asks Trina why she’s not at her party. Trina explains she wanted to check on Ava. Trina calls Laura and tells her that her son needs her.

Trina maces Nikolas GH abc

Laura and Kevin arrive at the gallery, and Kevin checks over Nikolas and says he’ll be fine. However, Kevin suggests they take him to the hospital to be sure. They depart and Trina closes up the gallery. The stalker emerges and pokes around, knocking a controller that Nikolas set down off the desk. They are forced to hide when Trina returns because she forgot her phone. She picks up the controller off the floor and realizes someone is there. She tries to exit, only to back into the stalker, who is in a ski mask and motions to her to stay silent. She tries to mace him, only to find her canister is empty. She begs him not to hurt her. She tries to run and throws a controller at him and hits him in the face. Suddenly they both look up…

At the hospital, Laura and Kevin encourage Nikolas to abide by Ava’s request for space, and not to push the stalker because something could happen to someone else he loves. Nikolas thinks this stalker is just trying to scare them, not actually hurt them, and he wants to call their bluff. Laura worries he could get someone he loves killed in the process.

Britt finds Jax at Charlie’s drinking and she joins him. She wonders if he got a save the date invitation.

Back at The Savoy, Taggert wonders to Portia where their daughter is. Portia goes to call her when Trina stumbles in. Everyone gasps as Trina appears to be covered in blood.

Trina springs the trap GH

On the next General Hospital: Trina explains she set off a trap at the gallery, Joss hopes she’s proven how she feels about Cam, and Alexis gets a visitor.

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