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At Charlie’s, Cam, Trina and their families celebrate his graduation. Curtis arrives, and Portia thought he’d be fixing the club up for tonight for Trina’s party. He has people working on that and asks Portia if she’s ready to party. Portia quickly makes an excuse that she has to check on a patient and departs.

Portia at the grad party GH

Cam tries talking to Jake and jokes about him taking his room when he moves out, but Jake refuses it and says Aiden can have it. Jake walks off, and Cam talks to Trina about how Jake is still upset with him for accusing Jason of killing Franco. Trina tells him to just keep apologizing until he knows he means it because she’s sure Jake misses him too.

Kevin tells Nikolas that it was nice of Ava to close Charlie’s for this, and he’s sorry to hear about the divorce. Nikolas swears there won’t be a divorce. Nikolas believes he may learn the identity of the stalker tonight as he’s set a trap. He added secret cameras in Ava’s gallery that will alert his phone if tripped.

Kevin talks to Nikolas GH

Nina arrives at Ava’s office with wine to catch up, but the gallery owner is nursing a hangover and only drinking water. Nina saw her social post from last night throwing her ring at Nikolas’ foot and wonders what happened. Ava doesn’t want to get into it because she needs to get rid of this headache before stopping by Trina’s party. Nina thinks she doesn’t look party-ready and suggests they grab a bite before heading to The Savoy.

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At the Corinthos house, Joss and her family celebrate her graduation. Jax thanks Michael for not saying anything to Joss about what happened between them. Michael doesn’t want to break Joss’ heart, and tells Jax that he made his choice and has to live with the consequences. Jax speaks to his daughter, who is on the fence about going to Cam’s party given the distance between them. Jax asks her if she’d miss Cam if they did drift apart and he wasn’t part of her life. She acknowledges she would, so Jax thinks she has her answer.

Jason takes a call from Britt who asks him out to dinner on Friday. He asks to meet her now, so she invites him to her room at the Metro Court. Jason tells Joss that he has to go, and she says that is okay and she is going to Cam’s party. She hopes that isn’t weird for him. Jason has no grudge against Cam, and he would never want to cost her a friendship. Joss forgave Cam, but defending Jason was as much for her as it was for him. They hug. Jason then speaks to Carly and explains he’s going to see Britt.

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Joss tells her family that she’s decided to go to Cam’s party. Jax walks her out, and he decides to head out too. Carly asks him to stay as she has something to tell him and the others. Carly takes a deep breath and announces to Jax, Bobbie and Michael that she and Jason are getting married. She explains both she and Jason have been struggling since Sonny’s death, and they need each other. She feels Sonny would want them to take care of each other, and she’s asking them to accept this decision. Bobbie and Michael eventually show their support, with Carly’s son saying that Sonny would understand better than anyone. As for Jax, he says, “Nobody’s ever been able to stop you and Jason from doing what you want, so I certainly wouldn’t dream of trying now.” Carly asks that Jax not tell Joss, saying she wants to do that herself. But he doesn’t commit either way, saying he’ll do what’s best for his daughter before exiting in a huff.

Carly has a big announcement GH

At the Metro Court, Scott meets with Obrecht and tells her that he’s on his way to Cam’s party. She wonders if it is a family-only affair, or if he can bring a date. Scott realizes she wants to go, and he didn’t think she’d be interested. He invites her and she excitedly accepts. As they are leaving, they run into Nina and Ava. Scott pulls Ava aside to talk legal business and informs her that Nikolas never contacted his lawyer about the divorce. Later, Ava and Nina get a table, and Ava explains her situation with Nikolas, Avery and the stalker. Nina suggests that Ava move into her newly-redecorated, never-used extra room. Hearing about Ava’s new “friend” Mike, Ava says it sounds as if the relationship has real potential. Nina says that one thing she’s certain of is that there’s no future for her and Mike in Port Charles.

Ava and Nina talk Mike GH

Jason arrives at Britt’s room and finds she’s ordered dinner. Britt immediately notices Jason’s demeanor. He has something to tell her, and it’s going to change things. Britt tells him to spit it out. He reveals he’s marrying Carly. Britt is stunned and asks when this all happened. He tells her earlier tonight, and this is best for the family and the two of them. Britt thanks him for the update and says he can go now. She opens the door and tells him to get the hell out. When he doesn’t leave, she asks why he won’t leave. “Because you matter to me,” he admits. Jason refuses to leave and says even if he can’t be with her like before, that he’s still going to be there for her. She cries that she doesn’t want his pity or support, and she should have known that Carly will always come first. She tells him she needs nothing from him because he’s otherwise engaged, pun intended. Saying he’s not the kind of person to spend a lot of time thinking about how things might be different but adds that if he were to think along those lines, they’d be in her bed right now. But she’s having none of it, telling him to leave as she wipes away her tears.

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Jason news for Britt GH

Back at Charlie’s, Liz tells Laura that she just got a call from Scott who is bringing a date. Laura believes she knows who it is. Later, Liz is stunned when Scott arrives with Obrecht, but is glad she could come because Franco would have liked it.

Meanwhile, Cam tells Trina that he hopes Joss comes to the party but doesn’t have his hopes up. When Joss arrives, Trina beams that knew she’d be there. They all toast to their graduation. Joss catches up with Cam and says that even with volleyball, she will always make time for him and Trina. “Save a chair at the lake for me?” They decide their great summer will start tonight. Privately, Cam tells Josslyn they should spend as much time at the lake as possible, this being their last summer together and all. But she says she’ll be busy with volleyball and walks away.

Trina talks to Cam GH

Laura speaks to Curtis… has he asked Portia out yet? Curtis swears they are just friends, but Laura doesn’t think they looked like just friends because sparks were flying.

Later, Curtis says he has to go get ready for the next party, and Portia says she’ll see him there. Meanwhile, Scott says he’s glad Obrecht came with him. “I’m just happy,” she says. “I’m with a nice man. Britta is with a nice if a somewhat dangerous man. For now, all is right with the world.” But at that moment, a distraught Britt is wrecking her hotel room and trying to stop the tears from flowing. “To hell with this,” she declares, grabbing her purse and heading out into the night.

Returning to the Corinthos mansion, Jason is welcomed to the family by Bobbie. Michael says his mom explained why they were getting married, but adds she didn’t tell the whole story.

At Ava’s gallery, a masked person is slinking around the space when Trina arrives, calling out for Ava. Nikolas gets an alert from the cameras he placed at the gallery and leaves Charlie’s, promising a skeptical Kevin he’ll call the police on the way. But at the gallery, Trina is startled when she runs into someone…

On the next General Hospital: Brad offers Britt support.

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