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Liz checks on a worried Finn in his office at the hospital. She tells Finn to be happy that he helped Chase and not to dwell on Peter. Finn fears it won’t be long before the police investigate where Peter was last seen and eventually find his body. Liz suggests they move the body, but Finn feels the best option is for him to confess to the PCPD alone. He thinks if he confesses, they won’t check the body for DNA and discover her involvement. He decides to call Scott to go to the station with him.

Liz at hospital with Finn GH

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In Pautuck, a soaked Valentin and Anna are caught in a downpour and make their way back to Austin’s cabin. Anna fears the rain will destroy any evidence, and she believes Maxie’s baby could be gone for good. The spy suspects the nurse gave the baby to Peter, who pushed Chloe down the mineshaft. Valentin swears they will find Maxie’s daughter. She wonders why he’s helping her instead of being with his children. Valentin can’t enjoy being with his children until Maxie is happy with hers. They change into some robes they found, and Valentin makes some tea. He even notes he could start a fire. Anna notices how much he has changed since he arrived in Port Charles, and they discuss their past and Alex. He excuses himself to grab some firewood, and when he returns, she comments that he couldn’t run out of there fast enough when she brought up his past.

Valentin and Anna stuck GH

Anna lets Valentin know that she never pitied him, and she always found him remarkably strong and intelligent. Valentin points out that the rain isn’t letting up, so they may be stuck for the night. They settle in in front of the fire, and Anna asks him about Brook Lynn. He says they are getting along. He wonders if she has anyone helping her get over losing Finn. She has Robin, Robert, and there is Felicia who finally has forgiven her. Valentin asks if he’s on this list of friends. She calls him a wonderful friend and she couldn’t have gone through these past few months without him. He echoes the sentiment.

Anna Valentin trapped GH

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In the Crimson offices, a stunned Maxie congratulates Sasha on her pregnancy. Nina also congratulates her and asks if she’s in a relationship. Sasha explains it’s complicated, and she didn’t want them to find out this way. Lucy chirps that this is why she didn’t want Sasha at this meeting. Nina urges Sasha to just be happy and focus on this new life.

Lucy is all ears GH

In the Metro Court bar, Michael tells Brook Lynn about the latest setback involving Chase which is keeping him and Willow apart. Joss arrives, overhears, and wonders what is going on between him and Willow. Brook Lynn has to head to a meeting, and Michael and Joss grab a table. Joss grills her brother about what is going on with Willow, but he dodges her questions.

Joss wonders about Nina GH

Scott runs into Obrecht and tells her about his new rich client, so he thinks they should take a vacation together. She thinks perhaps a trip could help cure the woes in her heart and she thanks him for trying to cheer her up. Britt arrives to spend time with her mother, so Scott leaves them to have mother-daughter time.

Obrecht and Scott talk GH

Britt knows her mom talked to Jason about her disease, and she’d rather she not because she doesn’t want it to define her life. Obrecht doesn’t know how she can stay strong and watch this awful disease take hold of her. Britt says she’s not getting sick anytime soon, and reminds her that Huntington’s usually strikes people much later in life. For now, she wants to focus on fighting for her job, and she tells her mom instead of confiding in Jason that she should confide in Scott. Obrecht thanks her daughter, and thinks Scott won’t look at her differently. Britt knows he will. Obrecht wonders if she thinks Jason does too? Britt doesn’t, so Obrecht advises her daughter not to waste a second of time with a man that she’s grown to love.

Michael discusses Nina GH

Scott bumps into Michael and Joss and says hello and understands there is a big board meeting at ELQ coming up. Michael wonders why he’s interested as he’s not involved. Scott calls it an interest or a hobby, like bird watching. Scott departs, and Michael asks Joss about PCU and quickly gets the feeling Joss isn’t excited. He says it’s normal to feel overwhelmed about going to college. Joss relays that Trina will be there, and so will Cam. Michael brings up the tension between her and Cam and he thinks it’s not good to let tensions fester and ruin an important relationship like theirs. Joss wonders if that is why he let Nina back into Wiley’s life. When she tries to bring up Willow again, he points out that she’s married to Chase and that’s that. It’s getting late, so Joss decides to head home.

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Back in Crimson, Brook Lynn joins the others to help put together a social media campaign for Deception. Maxie asks about Bailey, and Brook Lynn says Olivia is watching her while Valentin is out of town. Maxie drags Brook Lynn out to the hall to talk. A confused Maxie doesn’t understand — since when does she likes to work? Brook Lynn tells her that this job gives her access to the daycare center at Aurora, which will put Louise near Maxie so she can see her. Maxie is moved to tears and hugs Brook Lynn.

Maxie talks to Brook Lynn GH

Meanwhile, Sasha, Nina and Lucy discuss the new media campaign, and Sasha comes up with the idea to use it to help search for Maxie’s daughter. Brook Lynn and Maxie return to the office, and Lucy and Sasha explain their new campaign. Sasha tells Maxie that they want to use the campaign to help search for Louise, but also shed light on the issue of missing children all over the nation. Brook Lynn blurts out, “This is a terrible idea!” She covers and says it will make Maxie dwell even more on Louise, but the others think this could help find Peter and bring Maxie’s daughter home. Maxie admits it might work.

Brook Lynn reminds Maxie of plan GH

At the Corinthos estate, Carly and Jason discuss Ava’s remarks about marriage in part being a contract but also theater. Jason feels they have to show the other families that they are both strong and united, and Ava’s solution would show them that. Jason says this step isn’t a magic bullet and won’t guarantee peace, but it will send the message that she supports him as the head of the organization. He admits it’s the best option for the business. Carly wonders what this would mean for their lives as people. Jason points out there is no going back from this, so they have to weigh what they gain against what they lose. Carly knows everyone will think she planned this given their history, but he says they’ll know why they did this and that is all that is important.

Carly and Jason make a choice GH

Later, Joss arrives home and finds Carly alone and deep in thought. She wonders what is going on.

Back at the hospital, Finn tells Liz that Scott is on his way. Liz begs him not to throw his life away, but he feels he can at least give Maxie and others the peace that Peter isn’t coming back. Suddenly the nanny arrives with Violet, who couldn’t sleep. After Finn eventually sends Violet back home with the nanny, Liz tells Finn that his daughter needs him and is why he can’t confess. Scotty arrives and asks what the doc needs legal advice about.

Britt goes to her office and thinks about her mother’s advice, and making love to Jason. Jason stops in looking serious. Britt spots him and is all smiles.

On the next General Hospital: Carly consults Diane on a legal matter, Finn tells Scott he needs legal representation, Austin wonders if Sam is always so suspicious, and Britt thinks it’s a little late for Jason to be keeping secrets from her.

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