Austin and Dante hike GH
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Anna, Austin and Valentin are in the woods looking for clues of a struggle around the mine shaft. Anna says that something seems really off. Austin gives them the keys to his place and takes off. Anna says she keeps getting a déjà vu vibe from that guy. Valentin doesn’t think they are going to find any more clues. It’s been three days. He doesn’t want to leave her in the woods alone to beat herself up about what’s happened.

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Nikolas works out at gym General Hospital

Nikolas is hitting the bag at the gym and thinking of Ava splitting with him. Lucy walks by and tosses him a towel, guessing he’s having trouble with Ava.

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Nina and Ava discuss home at Metro Court General Hospital

At the Metro Court, Nina calls “Mike” to tell him she misses him. She chuckles as she looks at pictures of them on her phone. Ava interrupts and they catch up on the Wiley situation. Ava hopes she gets to see a lot more of him. Nina explains she doesn’t know where home is anymore.

Laura reassures Maxie at Metro Court General Hospital

Laura meets with Maxie and assures her that Louise will be found soon. Maxie is just waiting for news that Peter has been caught. She wanted to give her kids a safe future, but she let a monster into their lives. Laura says that with some luck she’ll never see Peter again. Nina waves her over.

Maxie sits with Nina and they chat about work and how distracting it is. Nina suggests she jump back into work by joining her for a business meeting.

Ava and Scott talk divorce at Metro Court General Hospital

Scott shows up, looking for Ava. He bickers with Laura and Ava before reminding her that she wanted a public divorce. Laura needs an explanation. Scott continues to babble loudly about the divorce papers and asks Ava how many zeroes they are going to see. She insists she doesn’t want anything from Nikolas. He thinks she’s a fool and wanders off. Ava assures Laura that she loves Nikolas, but she loves her children more and needs to protect them. She joins Scott by the elevator and he tells her to call if she has any changes. Nikolas steps off the elevator and she tells him they are finished, hops on, and rides away. His mom pops up and quizzes him about the stalking. She doesn’t think Ava has any choice but to do what she’s doing.

Austin joins Scott at the bar. He wanted to meet with him to discuss the histories of the families of Port Charles. Scott doesn’t want to talk about Jason Morgan when he brings him up. After they chat, Scott says he’s intrigued and they can “ride this all the way.”

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Sasha and Brando talk baby at General Hospital

Sasha bumps into Brando at General Hospital. He wonders why she didn’t invite him to her OBGYN appointment. Brando wants to do his best to respect her privacy. She assures him she’ll let him know when her next appointment is and she’s glad he’s standing by her. She’s worried about how she can tell Nina that news. He thinks she will be happy for her. Sasha explains they are in a good place but it’s fragile. Gladys interrupts as Sasha talks about her sordid past. The women snipe at each other and Brando leaves to sign paperwork. Sasha sarcastically tells Gladys that she’s trying to rip Brando off. He returns and the women exchange a few more jabs before Sasha departs. Brando and his mom argue about Sasha.

Lucy joins Nina in the Crimson office. Maxie rushes in and Lucy tells her she has to leave immediately. She tries to usher her out the door, but Sasha arrives and Maxie instantly sees she’s pregnant.

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Brick counsels Carly and Jason at Corinthos house General Hospital

Brick joins Jason and Carly at the Corinthos compound. The Novaks destroyed one of the warehouses and they’re running out of time to push back. Brick explains that now that Jason is in charge, he can’t get violent personally. Brick has put a team together to do the work, but he tells them they need to make it clear to the competition who is in charge. Once he exits, Jason tells Carly that they look weak. The only way they can keep up, is to keep hitting back harder. As they walk around the house, they stop when he realizes he has to take Sonny’s place. This isn’t something he ever wanted.

Ava drops by to see her daughter. She chats with Carly, informs her of the divorce, and explains the stalking to Jason. When Ava goes upstairs to see Avery, Carly asks Jason if he’s thinking what she’s thinking.

On the next General Hospital: Anna is stranded with Valentin.

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