Jason upsets Carly GH
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Nina places flowers on Nelle’s grave in the cemetery and apologizes for not visiting sooner, and explains she needed a breather from the town. Nina thinks about “Mike” when Michael approaches. Nina wonders who he is there to visit. Michael tells her that he came to see his dad. Nina again thanks him for allowing her to see Wiley, and she wonders exactly how hard Jax pushed him to let her see Wiley. Michael admits Jax did push, but the choice was his.

Nina questions Michael about Jax GH

Michael brings up Nelle and doesn’t want Nina to put her own feelings about Nelle onto Wiley. Nina would ask him to do the same. Michael says explaining who Nelle was to Wiley will be a long and complicated process, and Kevin Collins is helping them line up a child psychologist to help Wiley understand. Nina agrees with him about carefully explaining who Nelle was to Wiley and he’s glad they are on the same page. Michael excuses himself and departs.

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Alone, Nina knows Michael would never forgive her if he learned that she knew Sonny was alive for months, and she’d never see Wiley again. She talks to Nelle about the “Mike” she’s come to know who is not burdened by the life Sonny had, and he has no pain and is happy after going through hell. She wishes she could have given that happiness to Nelle.

In his room at General Hospital, Chase tells Willow that he can’t move his legs. Finn explains the toxin combined with the muscle atrophy in Chase’s legs has left him without feeling below the waist. Finn leaves them, and Chase explains that the nerve damage should repair itself, but time is of the essence. He will have to relearn to walk again over the next few months if he ever hopes to walk again. He swears he will walk again and his goal is to marry her in the Quartermaine rose garden and walk down the aisle.

Willow talks to sick Chase GH

Elsewhere, Liz, Terry, and Portia gossip about the emergency board meeting that’s been called, and assume it’s about replacing Cyrus. Meanwhile, Finn wanders the halls and relives his confrontation with Peter and his fall down the stairs. He makes his way to the area everyone else has gathered for the board meeting, and he and Liz exchange some casual words. Once Finn excuses himself, Terry wonders what is going on between Liz and Finn. Liz explains it was intense working with him to save Chase, and they made a good team. Terry thinks they must have really bonded. Liz thinks about Finn touching her face.

Terry asks for support GH

In the hall, Portia asks Laura if the board has a replacement for Cyrus. Laura knows the plan and says it should be interesting.

Laura and Portia talk hospital business GH

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In Pentonville, Alexis cautions Shawn that if they go forward with this then the judge could cause problems for their loved ones on the outside, so they need to proceed with caution. Shawn suggests they drop the whole thing because he doesn’t want to see retaliation against TJ and he only has a few years left. Alexis wants to help, but Shawn pushes her to back off and wonders if she really wants to help or is this about feeding her savior complex. She thinks she can help him because she’s a lawyer, but he points out that she’s an inmate.

Alexis offers Shawn help GH

Alexis apologizes and says sometimes she gets caught up in causes and forgets that real people are involved. Two guards appear and tell Shawn that his library privileges have been revoked so he should say goodbye to Ms. Davis. Shawn asks why this has happened. One guard says the orders came from the warden. Alexis tells Shawn that he needs a lawyer and she’ll get him one. When one guard gets in Alexis’ face and accuses her of walking a fine line, Shawn becomes defensive, and Alexis ends up pushed to the ground in a scuffle. One guard takes Shawn to his cell, and the other tells Alexis she just initiated a confrontation with a prison guard and is now going to enjoy solitary confinement.

Shawn and Alexis discuss the corrupt judge GH

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At Kelly’s, Molly and TJ are having lunch when Judge Carson interrupts them and says it looks like she and Molly will be bumping into one another more often now that she’s interning with Robert Scorpio. The judge admires Molly for taking a job with the DA after her mother’s sentencing because she could have easily lost faith in the system. She leaves them to their coffees, but also offers to help Molly out if she ever needs help with the law. Molly is left puzzled by Carson’s offer and wonders if there is a conflict of interest seeing Carson also sentenced her mother.

Molly notices a conflict of interest GH

Outside, Molly again wonders if taking the job with Robert was a mistake. TJ is sure that if anyone can change the system from within that it’s her.

TJ and Molly discuss the judge GH

At Sonny’s gym, Carly arrives and interrupts an almost kiss between Jason and Britt. She says they need to discuss the Novak situation. Jason asks if it is important and time-sensitive. Britt gets a look from Carly and realizes they can’t talk in front of her. She has a meeting at the hospital anyways and will let Jason know when her car comes in.

Carly is upset with Jason GH

Alone, Carly knows something is going on between Jason and Britt, and he confirms that and says it has nothing to do with her. Carly disagrees because anything that affects him affects her. She says they are in this together, especially with Sonny gone. Jason swears nothing will change between the two of them and they are a team. He will always honor his commitment to her and nothing will change on his end. However, they look weak so they will deal with this together. They embrace.

Elsewhere, a waterfront warehouse explodes!

Back at the gym, Jason gets an urgent call. He tells Carly that someone made a move against them at the docks.

Back at the hospital, Britt arrives and the big meeting begins. A board member reveals that a new candidate has been selected by Dr. Lesley Webber and approved by the entire board. She welcomes the new chairperson Dr. Monica Quartermaine, and everyone applauds. Monica thanks them all for the warm welcome, and she is glad to be back working at the hospital, now on the business side of things. She promises to prove to them all that she is worthy of taking General Hospital into the future. Everyone is all smiling except for Britt. Monica plans to reverse some of Cyrus’ questionable decisions, beginning with immediately putting Bobbie and Epiphany back on full time. Monica concludes her remarks and suggests everyone get back to work.

Monica is back at GH

Finn tells Monica that he’s glad she’s back. She pushes him to go tend to his brother. Britt cuts right to the chase and asks Monica if she plans to replace her as Chief of Staff. Monica hasn’t decided yet about that position, so Terry officially asks that she could be considered for the job.

Britt is being replaced GH

Finn returns to Chase’s room and he’s still with Willow. Willow decides to give them time alone. Chase tells Willow that he loves her, and she hesitantly says it back as she leaves. Chase tells Finn that he’s going to beat this for Willow.

Chase discusses the next step GH

In the hall, Michael arrives and Willow runs into his arms in tears. She fills Michael in on Chase’s condition and thinks she can’t tell him the truth about the two of them now.

On the next General Hospital: Sasha tries to tell Nina she’s pregnant, Nina admits she doesn’t know where home is anymore, Brick warns Carly and Jason they are running out of time, and Valentin asks Anna what her hunch about Austin is.

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