Ava worries about Ryan at Metro Court General Hospital
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At Maxie’s, she sends Sam to the kitchen to make tea and then calls Brook Lynn to say she needs to hold her baby. She asks to meet in the park, but Brook Lynn needs to visit Chase. When Maxie gets off the phone, Sam notices how distraught she is. Dante arrives. He tells them that Austin owned the house where she delivered her baby and they found the nurse, dead in an abandoned mineshaft. They also found something that could lead them to Louise: the phone records from the location. He assumes Chloe made a call and her accomplice must have the baby. After the cop leaves for work, Sam promises Maxie they will get whoever took her baby.

After Sam leaves, she calls someone and tells them she knows how to find Maxie’s baby.

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Joss and Carly talk college in Corinthos kitchen General Hospital

Joss is surprised when she wanders into the Corinthos kitchen and discovers her mom has made cookies. Carly is disappointed she’s not more excited about going to college. Joss doesn’t want to move into a dorm. She’d rather stay there. Her mom thinks she needs to experience all of college life. Joss quizzes her about her role in the business and Carly insists Jason is in charge now.

Ava and Nikolas bring Avery up to their room at the Metro Court. She’s on edge. The prince tells her it’s his job to make her feel safe. Excited Avery shows them a teddy bear she found in her room. When she pushes its belly, Ryan’s voice says, “I can’t wait to be part of your family.” They call the police immediately and Dante soon arrives. Ava insists it must be Ryan behind this and goes off to check on her daughter. Carly comes in and says the cops have free access to search the hotel. Nikolas is furious this could happen. Dante tells the prince that this couldn’t be Ryan. Ava asks Carly to take Avery back to her place for the time being. She gets her daughter ready and promises to come for her as soon as she can. After everyone else leaves, Ava tells Nikolas she can’t do this anymore.

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Cam apologizes to Jason at Pozzulo's General Hospital

Cameron shows up at Pozzulo’s and apologizes to Jason for all the horrible things he said about him. He wishes Jason had told him the truth about Peter. Jason did it to protect him. Cam apologizes again and Jason accepts it. Cam wonders if he’ll be so forgiving of Liz.

Cam apologizes to Joss at Corinthos compound General Hospital

Cameron goes to the Corinthos compound and tells Joss that Jason has forgiven him. He wonders if she can. She’s been avoiding him. It’s been hard for her to wrap her head around him nearly shooting Jason. They can’t go back to the way things were. Everything will be different now that they are in college.

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Finn and Liz give Chase antidote at General Hospital

At General Hospital, Chase flatlines as Finn tries desperately to revive him. Brook Lynn arrives and Michael tells her the bad news. Once Finn gets a rhythm back for Chase, he gives him the antidote and tells Willow this is their last chance. Liz leads her out to tell the others. Sitting at his brother’s bedside, Finn begs him to wake up and reminds him that Willow is waiting for him. Chase wakes up.

Gregory tells Jackie that they’ve discovered he’s really Chase’s father. Realizing that in time may have saved his life. They are allowed in to see their son. Liz brings Finn some test results and he can see the antidote is working. After they hug, he brings the good news to Chase.

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Willow thanks Finn and Liz at General Hospital

Liz breaks the good news to Michael and Willow, telling the bride she has a long future with her husband. Willow goes in to see Chase and tells him she’s happy he’s back. After Michael and Brook Lynn join them, Chase tells Willow that he wants do-over so they can start their lives off together on the right foot.

Before Michael can leave the hospital, Brook Lynn reminds him that it will be hard for Chase to go back to normal since his wife is in love with another man.

Jason shows up and tells Liz his people are looking for Peter. He’s sorry for what August took from her and her sons. “There’s something I want to tell you about Peter,” she says.

Anna tells Finn that she’s proud of what he did for his family. She thinks it’s great that he saved his brother without Peter’s help. Finn isn’t sure he’ll ever be free of Peter.

Anna tells Valentin that Peter still needs to be found.

Once most of the guests clear out of his room, Chase asks Finn how he got his miracle cure.

Maxie drops by the Quartermaine estate with a gift for the baby. Olivia tells her she has Louise in her prayers. When she’s left alone with the baby, Maxie begs her not to forget her and promises to be back.

On the next General Hospital: Curtis gets ready for Trina’s graduation party.

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