Chase codes on GH
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At Sonny’s restaurant, Brick reveals to Jason the situation is worse than they thought. Carly arrives and Brick explains that the missing shipment has been found, and one of their people sold them out to the Novak family. Brick tells them that the Novaks have been claiming the Corinthos organization is weak without Sonny. Carly is confused because she handled the five families, but Brick explains that Carly is an outsider with no experience, and they are just waiting for Jason to make his move. Brick says they don’t like the idea of two bosses, and the other families are expecting Jason to pushing Carly out. Brick warns she just ended a war with Renault and could be starting another with the Novaks and other families. Brick has to leave but is sure that Jason and Carly will come up with a solution. Carly feels they have to show the Novaks that they are still a formidable family. Jason says it will take time.

Brick and Jason talk sense to Carly GH

Maxie, who is at home, calls and asks Brook Lynn how Louise is. Brook Lynn promises her that she’s good. Maxie wants to see her, but Brook Lynn says that could blow their plans sky-high. She warns her that Peter could be hiding and watching Maxie, and she’d lead him right to Louise. Maxie realizes she’s right. She hangs up when Sam arrives at her door with questions about Louise.

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Brook Lynn on the phone GH

Sam reveals the cabin that Chloe had her in had a hidden camera and she and Dante watched the footage. It was clear that the nurse was working for Peter, so she doesn’t understand why Maxie believes the nurse took Louise for herself and didn’t give her to Peter. Maxie swears Peter doesn’t have Louise and claims Chloe was angry with her and ranted she could take better care of the baby than she and Peter could. Maxie swears Chloe was nuts and has her baby. Sam says she believes her.

Sam doesn't believe Maxie GH

At the Quartermaine mansion, Anna arrives to see Valentin and learns from Michael, who is dressed for Chase’s wedding, that today may be Chase’s last day. Brook Lynn enters and asks Michael to give Chase and Willow her love. Michael departs for the ceremony, and Brook Lynn asks the super spies what they are doing about Peter. Anna reveals she has a lead and tells them about the helipad on the roof.

Anna has a lead on Peter GH

In the hospital chapel, Sasha and Willow discuss the wedding. Willow knows she’s doing the right thing by marrying Chase and calls it the last gift she can give Chase in return for all he’s given her. Sasha hands her a butterfly pin, which covers old, new, borrowed, and blue.

Sasha supports Willow GH

In Chase’s room, Jackie sits with her son. She tells him that he’s brought her so much joy. He is sorry to be leaving this life and wishes he could beat this.

In the hall, Finn tells Liz his theory as to why his cure for Chase didn’t work. Liz thinks he might be right. Gregory joins them and asks if there is news on the latest test. Finn hasn’t heard back, but the new antidote is ready the minute they get the news. Finn believes the wedding will give Chase the drive to hang in there.

Finn believes he has a cure for Chase GH

Finn checks in on Chase, who swears he’s up to this wedding because Willow makes him stronger. Finn tells Chase he is a good man, and he deserves better. He urges Chase to hang in there as he may get his miracle. Chase says marrying Willow is his miracle.

Michael arrives to find Chase in his room and dressed in his suit. He tells Chase that Brook Lynn sends her love, and jokes he thinks she might be a little jealous. Chase would be flattered if he wasn’t so in love with Willow. He thanks Michael again for sticking by him after what he and Sasha did, and he’s happy that Michael will be there for Willow after he’s gone. Gregory and Finn enter and say they should get the show on the road, but Chase notes someone is missing.

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Finn calls Anna for a favor, and later she arrives with Violet for the wedding. Chase tells Violet he couldn’t get married without her. She is sorry Chase is sick but knows her daddy will make him better. Finn thanks Anna for bringing Violet, and Chase asks Anna to stay for the wedding too. Chase then asks a thrilled Violet to be his flower girl.


Violet with Chase on his wedding day GH

Michael finds Willow praying in the hospital chapel, and he tells her how beautiful she looks. Sasha and Jackie join them, and Jackie decides to go get the groom and the others.

Michael and Willow in the chapel GH

Gregory, who just got ordained over the internet, begins the vows as Violet cheers and throws flowers. Chase and Willow both say, “I do,” but Chase has trouble with the exchanging of the rings. He asks Michael to put the ring on Willow’s hand for him as Chase repeats, “With this ring, I thee wed.” After Willow places the ring on Chase’s finger, Gregory pronounces them husband and wife and encourages Chase to kiss his bride. He does, and Violet cheers again. Suddenly Chase begins to have trouble breathing, so Finn suggests they get him back to his room. Everyone exits but Michael, who takes time alone in the chapel.

Willow and Chase wedding GH

After Chase is back in bed, Finn gets a message that the results are in. He and Gregory rush off to check the results, and Finn reveals that Gregory is Chase’s father. Back in Chase’s room, Willow and Jackie sit with Chase, who swears he’s not scared to go. Suddenly Chase codes!

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Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Valentin offers Brook Lynn his ear as he knows how much Chase has meant to her. She talks about how her rocky stary with Chase turned into a good friendship, and she calls Valentin her friend as well.

At the house in Pautuck, Austin finds Dante still investigating. Dante reveals the management company claims no knowledge of the hidden camera. Austin offers his help in whatever way he can to bring Maxie’s baby home safe, which Dante notes is something a kidnapper might say. Dante gets a call and makes some marks on a map as to what areas have been searched. Austin notes the map is wrong and points out a creek that can easily be crossed now after a recent landslide. Dante asks Austin to take him there.

Austin and Dante hike GH

Austin and Dante hike through the woods, and Austin ends up pushing Dante to the ground. He quickly explains that Dante was about to step on an abandoned mine shaft, and when they examine it, they find the boards are broken and someone could have fallen through. Austin brought climbing gear to explore. Dante insists he go first because this could be a crime scene. Dante heads to the bottom of the shaft and believes he’s located the kidnapper.

On the next General Hospital: Finn fights to revive Chase, Dante reveals to Sam and Maxie what he discovered, and Liz questions Jason what he knows about Peter.

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