Bloody faced dead Peter GH
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On the roof of the hospital, Liz sees a bloodied Peter standing there. As he walks towards her, he vanishes. Soon after, Liz finds Anna poking around the out-of-order service elevator. Liz asks if she found anything, but Anna hasn’t. She does believe this old elevator might explain how Peter got out of the hospital. Anna explains it was created to access Helena’s secret lab, which Olivia Jerome most recently used to try and bring Duke Lavery back to life. Liz tells her that the elevator isn’t even working, and she needs to stop blaming herself for what Peter did.

Liz tries to stop Anna GH

Anna explains that searching for Peter at least makes her feel like she’s helping. She asks Liz if she knows any other way down to the sub-basement. Liz recalls her and Finn putting Peter in cold storage down there but swears to Anna that it was sealed off after Olivia Jerome’s time there. Anna decides she’ll need to find another way down there.

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In his Finn’s lab, Gregory asks why his son is at work and not spending time with Chase. Finn believes, after what Cyrus said to him, that Chase isn’t his son, which is why the Trojan Horse antidote didn’t work. He admits the second test he sent out confirmed the first DNA test, but he thinks Cyrus switched that one too, and this has to do with Cyrus’ anger at Jackie for the story on him. Gregory calls his theory compelling, and if there is a chance to save Chase then they should try it.

Finn may have a cure for Chase GH

Obrecht finds Britt in her office and reflecting on how close she came to dying. Obrecht warns her that even though Cyrus might be gone, that Henrik is still a threat and Jason may not be around to save her again. Britt doubts Peter would return and isn’t worried, but Obrecht is and storms out.

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Trina meets with Joss, who just came from an appointment and has been cleared to start training with the PCU volleyball team in a few weeks. Trina brings up Cam’s decision to go to PCU. Joss heard and congratulated him. Trina believes she needs to talk these issues out with Cam before they start at PCU. Joss swears she will, but right now they have more important things to do.

Trina and Joss catch up GH

Laura meets with Jordan in her office where Jordan hands over her resignation. Laura tells her that they need to discuss something much bigger. Laura says Cyrus has been put away, his people scattered, and he has no power. She thinks Jordan resigning now would a mistake, but Jordan believes that her and Taggert’s decision left Port Charles open to be terrorized by Cyrus. Laura doesn’t condone what she and her partners did, but she understands their rationale at the time. Jordan tells her that she and Taggert are testifying for immunity, so everyone will know the truth soon.

Jordan resigns as commissioner on GH

Jordan believes she can’t remain an effective commissioner if people know the mistakes she made. Laura is positive that the people of Port Charles may empathize with her and understand her choices. Laura knows Jordan made sacrifices that cost her a lot, and she is a woman with a conscience and moral compass the size of Port Charles. She asks her to stay. Jordan agrees, but if Laura hears of a whiff of mistrust regarding her, then she will resign. They embrace as Jordan says she is only staying because of Laura’s faith in her.

Laura is concerned about Jordan GH

At the Corinthos place, Carly questions Jason about the connection she noticed between him and Britt at the Metro Court. He admits there was something. Suddenly they are interrupted by a call. Jason learns a shipment that was supposed to arrive last night never did, and he needs to talk to Brick. Carly apologizes if she made him feel uncomfortable with her questions. Jason assures her that she didn’t, and he departs.

Carly pries into Jason's life GH

Later, Joss and Trina try on their graduation gowns and gush about all they’re looking forward to at PCU. Trina feels they should use this as a chance for them to wipe the slate clean of all the bad things that happened this past year

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Jason heads to Sonny’s restaurant to try and sort out the shipment problem when Obrecht appears. She asks him when he plans to rid the world of Peter. He admits he has people looking for him. Obrecht is worried because he’s threatened Britt once. The doctor asks Jason about his intentions towards her daughter. She knows they are the only two people who know about Britt carrying the marker for Huntington’s Disease. She can’t allow Britt to see her fear, but her heart is breaking for her. However, she wants to make sure she has a good life for however long that is, and that means keeping Peter away. She can’t fully trust Anna to eliminate Peter but knows Jason won’t hesitate to do so, and that comforts her.

Obrecht questions Jason's intentions GH

Carly arrives at the hospital to drop off a form for Joss and runs into Britt. Carly again thanks her for saving Jason. Britt knows Carly and Jason are tight and she is probably wondering how tight the two of them have become. Carly knows something happened between them while on the road and is worried it may become a problem for Britt given who Jason is. Britt tells Carly that she and Jason were completely honest with one another, and he still hasn’t walked away from her. However, she also knows their situation on the road wasn’t real life but is looking forward to what comes next.

Carly warns Britt about Jason GH

Back on the roof, Liz tries to put Anna on another path and suggests Peter used the helipad to escape. Anna makes some calls to the FAA and learns one helicopter made an unauthorized approach that day, but it never landed. Anna decides to focus on the helicopter and locating the pilot for answers. Meanwhile, what Liz should perhaps really be worried about is whether she and Finn stashed Peter in the worst place possible — because it could hold the key to his eventual resurrection. Read why we’re certain he’ll soon be haunting Port Charles as more than a ghost.

Anna locates the elevator GH

In Finn’s office, Finn explains to his father that he’s sent a third DNA test out, and while he can make a new serum, he can’t ethically give it to Chase without those results. Finn explains Chase could die from it, but Gregory believes he will die without it at this point. Finn creates a new formula that will be ready when the DNA tests come back. The two discuss how much Chase means to them as they wait on the latest results.

Finn Realizes Why His Cure Failed GH

On the next General Hospital: Chase is dressed for his wedding and Violet tells him how lucky he is to be getting married. Plus, Anna tells Valentin that she may have a lead on Peter, and Finn informs Liz on his theory as to why his cure for Chase didn’t work.

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