Dante and Sam meet Austin GH
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Jason dresses in his room at the Metro Court and heads down to the bar. There, Carly is glad to see him. He tells his best friend that now that he’s back the less she’s involved in the business the better. Britt arrives, and Jason asks how everything is at the hospital. She says everyone is celebrating Cyrus being sent off to prison. Jason asks to speak with Britt in private, so they grab a table.

Jason and Britt discuss Canada GH

Britt thanks Jason for sending her mom up to Canada. He didn’t want to leave her alone with what she’s going through. Britt says for now she’s great and must remind herself to stay in the moment. She had a moment of weakness at the lighthouse, but now it’s time to move on. Jason explains what happened between them was not just a one-off for him. She smiles and says it wasn’t for her either.

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At the bar, Ava and Nikolas enjoy some drinks and discuss that they’ve been chased out of their home and seeking refuge at the Metro Court. Ava points out that Dante implied he’d be safer without her in his life, but he refuses to lose her. As they head to a table, the shady bartender swipes Ava’s handbag by covering it with a napkin.

At their table, the bartender returns Ava’s purse, which he says she left at the bar. Nikolas and Ava discuss which of his exes could be targeting him, and Ava points out Britt is nearby.

Ava and Nikolas new home GH

Nikolas interrupts Britt and Jason and explains he needs to speak to Britt alone. Jason gives them space. Nikolas brings up her latest adventure and is surprised she still remembered the old game preserve to hide out on with Jason, and asks what other games she’s playing. He explains his predicament, and Britt assures him that she’s done playing games with him and he should leave her alone. She storms off.

Meanwhile, Ava asks Jason and Carly how things will work now that Jason is back. Will Carly hand the keys to the kingdom to him? She tells Ava that is none of her business.

Carly gloats as always GH

Later, Britt and Jason reconnect, and he takes her hand, which Carly sees from across the bar — and appears concerned.

Britt wants to forget Canada GH

At the Tan-O, “Mike” asks Phyllis why she’s working on the books so late at night. She’s happy to do so because since Elijah’s arrest, business is picking up. “Mike” asks about Lenny. Phyllis reveals he’s taking it easy, and she thanks “Mike” for talking sense into her husband about being honest about his condition. She’s beginning to think of him as family, and they hug. Phyllis worries how they’ll carry on without him. “Mike” has no plans of leaving, but Phyllis believes he’ll go after Nina if she stays in Port Charles. Phyllis asks how Nina is doing, but “Mike” admits he hasn’t contacted her. She pushes him to at least text her.

Phyllis talks to Mike about Nina GH

Nina stops by Maxie’s place to check on her. Maxie gets a call from Sam, which she must take as Sam’s helping Mac and her mom to look for the baby. Sam is at the country house where the fake nurse brought Maxie to, and Maxie tells her that wasn’t necessary, and she should go home to her kids. Sam refuses to rest until she finds out what happened. After the call, Maxie asks Nina what it is about Nixon Falls that kept her there so long. Nina waxes how beautiful and peaceful it was there. Nina’s phone rings and Maxie sees it’s “Mike” and asks who he is. Nina ignores the call and tells Maxie that “Mike” is just a bartender at Phyllis’ place. However, she admits she connected with him. Maxie must check on James and suggests she call “Mike” back.

Maxie sees Nina's call GH

Nina calls “Mike” back and says she’s glad he called. She tells him that she saw her grandson and it was wonderful, but being back in Port Charles is harder than she thought. After the call, Maxie returns and notices the smile on Nina’s face. She accuses her of liking the guy. Nina admits she feels something for him, and meeting “Mike” was so unexpected. She returned home because Michael invited her to see Wiley. She had no idea how much has changed, such as Valentin and the baby with Brook Lynn. Maxie gets choked up talking about BLQ’s baby. Nina decides to let her rest and leaves. Alone, Maxie breaks down and cries that she needs to see her baby.

Maxie confronts Nina about Mike GH

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Back at the Tan-O, Phyllis offers “Mike” her car if he wants to take a trip to Port Charles.

Mike doesn't want to leave GH

At the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia finds Ned relaxing on the patio. Ned has been thinking about Edward and Lila, and how happy they always were when a new baby came into the family. Ned realizes it’s getting late so he should go. Olivia suggests he stay there.

Olivia invites Ned home GH

In the living room, Brook Lynn tells Valentin that Chase is terminal and going to die. Valentin swears he will locate Peter. Brook Lynn hopes Peter stays away, then again if he isn’t caught then Maxie will always be looking over her shoulder. Brook Lynn thanks Valentin again for helping her with Bailey, but he reminds her that she’s his child too.

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Ned and Olivia join Brook Lynn and Valentin in the living room. Ned brings up the emergency meeting that has been called to name a new CEO at ELQ. Valentin wonders who will replace him, Ned or Michael? Valentin reminds them that ELQ is thriving under his watch, and the shareholders could decide to keep him. Olivia tells Valentin that is enough. Valentin leaves to check on Bailey, and Ned thinks Valentin has a point and the family vote could split between him and Michael. Ned admits he has realized he doesn’t need to be CEO to be happy because he’s learned there are more important things than work.

Valentin wonders who replaces him GH

In the gatehouse, Michael learns from Willow that she told Chase that she’d marry him. Though it will be difficult, they both know they can’t deny Chase’s dying wish. Willow asks Michael to keep his distance when she is with Wiley because it will be too hard for her to see him. He agrees to her request. She cries and pulls him into a kiss. Michael and Willow tell one another they love each other, and then Michael departs.

Willow hurts Michael GH

Michael heads to the mansion and learns from Ned about the upcoming emergency vote.

At the country house in Pautuck, Dante arrives and Sam wonders what took him so long. The owner of the house shows up and it’s Austin. Dante and Sam introduce themselves, and Austin explains he is from the area and owns a lot of nearby properties. He has no idea how Maxie ended up in this house and explains a rental company oversees his properties. Sam and Dante asked how he came upon Maxie in the woods.

Dante and Sam investigate GH

Austin explains he lives nearby and hikes these trails daily to center himself. He thinks instead of grilling him, they should be happy he was there because he’s the good guy in this story. Dante asks if that is why there is a hidden camera in the room. Dante points it out, and Austin suggests the management company put it there. Dante gets a message from the local police department, and they’ve sent over the video from the camera. Dante and Sam look over the video, and Austin notes that he’s not in it. Dante sees Austin out, and he jokes, “I guess this is when you talk about me.” Alone, Dante tells Sam that Maxie lied to them.

Austin is the hero GH

Outside, Austin reads a news article on his phone about the emergency CEO vote at ELQ.

On the next General Hospital: Sasha questions Willow’s decision to marry, Brando speaks to Carly and Jason about his position in the family, Cyrus gets a visitor, and Anna wonders why Finn thinks she won’t find Peter.

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