Chase tells Brook Lynn he's getting married at General Hospital
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Finn and Liz race into Chase’s room after getting a text from him. Brook Lynn arrives and happy Chase announces that he and Willow are getting married. Everyone awkwardly congratulates them. Chase makes it clear it will be a short engagement and a small ceremony. He and Willow plan to spend the time they have left happy. He’s exhausted and needs rest. Before everyone clears out, he asks Willow to tell his best friend Michael their news. Finn stays behind and Chase asks him to stop beating himself up. If he dies, it’s not his fault. The doctor isn’t giving up.

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Stella lectures Jordan at General Hospital

Molly and TJ are happy to bump into Stella at General Hospital. She starts complaining about Curtis and Jordan’s marriage falling apart. After Jordan arrives, TJ and Molly walk off and Stella begins lecturing the commissioner for letting her family collapse. She can’t believe Jordan is allowing her son to waste time on Shawn. The topic turns to the divorce. Jordan explains she couldn’t be the person Curtis needed.

Willow and Brook Lynn talk Chase situation at General Hospital
Brook Lynn chases down Willow in the corridor. She knows that she loves Chase but is in love with Michael. Willow explains the situation and Brook Lynn understands, offering her any support she needs.

Brook Lynn returns to Chase’s room now that he’s alone. She takes his hand and promises to be there for him. He vents about how unfair everything is. She hugs him as he cries.

Finn goes to his office and tells Liz that he can’t do this anymore. He can’t forgive himself when it’s his fault Chase is dying. Taking his hand, she assures him this isn’t his fault. After he touches her face, she walks out.

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In the Pentonville library, Alexis asks Shawn about his original sentencing.

Molly visits Alexis in Pentonville General Hospital

In the interview room, Molly visits Alexis, who still hasn’t seen a doctor about her osteoporosis. They discuss their passion for the law. Alexis asks her to access some sentencing records for her. She talks about how happy she’s been to see Shawn.

TJ visits Shawn in Pentonville General Hospital

TJ visits Shawn and they catch up about Curtis. Shawn explains his parole has been denied so he’ll miss his graduation. He suggests he should rethink coming to see him in the future. TJ is insistent that he will be back.

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At the guest house, Michael calls Jax and tells him to keep his end of the bargain. He may have brought Nina back into Wiley’s life, but Jax is out of his.

Nina and Carly talks Jax at guest house General Hospital

Downstairs, Nina tells Wiley she will be spending lots of time with him. Carly interrupts and suggests the kid is ready for bed. Michael joins them and takes the child upstairs. Carly explains Jax pressured Michael and she’s going to find out what he used as leverage. Michael returns and makes plans with Nina before she exits. Carly bluntly asks her son what Jax did. He doesn’t explain but admits that Jax only forced him to do something he was already considering. Changing the topic, he asks if she’s going to step back and let Jason run the business. He quizzes her about what’s been happening and is adamant that Jason should be in charge, not her. Once Carly leaves, Willow arrives and quickly announces that she and Chase just got engaged.

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Bobbie checks on Maxie at home General Hospital

Bobbie shows up at Maxie’s and tells her how sorry she is for how things have worked out. She gets some frozen vegetables and helps Maxie deal with her lactation issue. Maxie admits that part of her doesn’t want her milk to dry up because it lets her feel connected to her baby. Bobbie sits with her as Maxie sobs about her daughter.

Nina shows up at Jax’s and asks what he’s done. He’s obscure but she thanks him before making it clear she doesn’t owe him anything. She also makes it clear that Port Charles will not be her home anymore.

On the next General Hospital: Sam and Dante cross unexpectedly.

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