Chase realizes he's going to die GH
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At the hospital, Michael, Willow, Jackie and Liz watch as Finn gives Chase the antidote. Suddenly Chase’s nose bleeds and he seizes. Liz ushers everyone out as Finn fights to save Chase. In the hall, Gregory arrives, and everyone is confused why the cure didn’t work. Finn emerges from the room and says Chase is stable, and he doesn’t know why the Trojan Course antidote using their DNA didn’t work. He’s sent Chase’s blood out to a lab and hopefully, they will find something he missed. Jackie and Gregory go in to see Chase, and Willow tells Michael she really thought Finn had this.

Finn delivers bad news to family GH

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Brando wheels his mom around the hallways and knows Gladys is loving the media attention she’s getting as a hero. Sasha appears and reveals she just had her check-up and she and the baby are good. She is glad to see Gladys out and about, and thanks her for freeing both her and Brando from Cyrus and allowing them to figure out their future. Gladys asks Brando if he can take her back to her room as she’s tired. Sasha must go and pick up pre-natal vitamins, so Brando offers to go with her. He finds an orderly to take his mom back to her room.

Sasha is hopeful GH

Sasha shares a photo from her ultrasound with Brando, and they discuss that they suddenly have all the time in the world to figure out things. They move in for a kiss, but Sasha withdrawals. Brando promises her that Cyrus is three floors down and they don’t have to keep looking over their shoulders. As they embrace, Gladys watches from the door of her room.

Brando looks to the future GH

Brando and Sasha go to visit Gladys in her room and show her the ultrasound photo, which thrills her. She says this little person will need her as much as Brando does. Sasha leaves them, and Gladys reveals to Brando that she’s decided to move in with him to take care of him and her grandchild.

Martin in court GH

In the chapel, Laura prays and is interrupted by Martin. Martin tells Laura that he is grateful that she has emerged from this ordeal unscathed, and he was hoping she could visit Cyrus and find out where he’s stashed Florence. Laura doesn’t think he’ll tell her, but Martin believes he will as she can bargain with her love, which means as much to Cyrus as their mother’s love does. Laura agrees to try.

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Carly pays Cyrus a visit in his room, where he’s handcuffed to his bed and screaming to call a lawyer. She tells him that Peter is on the run, so he won’t be saving him. Cyrus knew he could never count on Peter and assures Carly that his lawyers will have the charges against him dropped. In the meantime, he’ll be rebuilding his network in Pentonville. Carly gloats that he’s not going to Pentonville but will wish he was.

Carly is surprised GH

Carly informs Cyrus that the boat that recently exploded in the harbor had drugs on it, and the Feds traced it back to one of his shell corporations. On top of all the other charges he’s facing, the Feds will send him to a maximum-security prison. Cyrus taunts her that she and her daughter will be joining him after he exposes them for harboring Dev, an illegal. However, if she could use her powers to help him with the Feds, maybe he’d keep his mouth shut. Carly laughs that she knew he’d try this, which is why Diane brokered an immunity deal for her and her family when she did so for Gladys. Cyrus warns her that she’ll never fill Sonny’s shoes. He senses she enjoys the power and cautions her the deeper she gets into the business the harder it is to get out.

Cyrus gets a visitor GH

Laura goes to visit Cyrus as Carly exits the room. Cyrus is glad to see she’s not holding a grudge. Laura reveals she’s only there to help Martin see his mother.

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In the hall, Carly asks Martin why Laura would want to visit Cyrus. Martin says she’s doing it for him to locate his mother. Carly says she may be able to get his mother back.

In his lab, Finn works to find out what went wrong. Liz checks on him, and he vents that in theory, everything was right. He feels he failed his son and it’s time to turn himself in. Liz tries to talk him out of it when suddenly Finn gets the results from the lab.

Finn wants to turn himself in GH

Elsewhere, Michael breaks the news to Willow that Nina is on her way to Port Charles to see Wiley after Jax blackmailed him with the fact that they are together. Willow reveals she almost told Chase about the two of them, but before she could, Finn interrupted and thought he had the cure. Willow says Chase needs to hear the truth from her and not Jax. Carly approaches and asks why they mentioned Jax’s name. Michael reveals that Nina is returning home to see Wiley. Carly asks what this has to do with Jax. Before they can say anymore, Finn appears with more news.

Michael warns Willow GH

Finn tells everyone that for whatever reason the cure is making Chase’s symptoms worse. He goes to check on Chase. Chase stirs awake and asks how long he’s been out. Finn tells him it’s been a while. Chase realizes Finn is out of tricks and he’s going to die. Finn takes his hand.

Back in Cyrus’ room, Laura gets a call from Martin, who is with his mother. Laura hands Cyrus the phone, and Florence lashes out at him and then hangs up. Cyrus tells his sister to leave him so he can call a lawyer. Laura suggests Cyrus reflect on all the good he could have done with his intellect and drive, and how his poor choices have now left him alone. Cyrus threatens the next time they meet that he’ll have nothing to lose. She says if there is a next time, she’ll be ready.

Laura visits Cyrus GH

In Nixon Falls, the Tan-O has customers. Lenny and Phyllis tell “Mike” that business is picking up and crime is down. Phyllis asks about Nina, and “Mike” explains she’s on her way back to Port Charles to see her grandson. Lenny urges him to get on the next flight to Port Charles and support Nina.

Mike considers going to Port Charles GH

As Phyllis says she doesn’t believe they’ve seen the last of Nina in Nixon Falls, Lenny suddenly collapses. Phyllis and “Mike” rush to his side. He is conscious and claims he just got a little dizzy. Phyllis leaves to grab her blood pressure monitor. Once she’s out of the room, “Mike” asks Lenny how bad it really is. Lenny reveals he saw his doctor a few weeks back and his heart is in poor condition. He refuses to let Phyllis know how bad it is. “Mike” knows he’s scared, but Phyllis has a right to know the truth.

Lenny collapses GH

Phyllis returns, and Mike leaves them. Phyllis tells Lenny that he needs to talk to her. He loves her but is scared to lose her. He reveals he didn’t want her to worry, and they embrace. Outside, “Mike” looks at a photo of himself and Nina on his phone.

On the next General Hospital: Nina meets Valentin’s daughter, Carly has it out with Jax, and Anna tells Liz that they still have Peter as an option.

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