Chase gets news of cure at General Hospital
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Obrecht and Britt walk around General Hospital. Britt notices there isn’t much of a welcoming committee. Britt discovers Maxie was admitted last night.

Anna drops by Maxie’s room and informs her the PCPD is searching for Peter. Maxie is skeptical and worries as Anna explains there are gaps in the surveillance footage. When questioned, Maxie tells her to forget about finding Louise and focus on finding Peter. She’s eager to check out of the hospital. Obrecht and Britt rush in, excited to see the baby. Anna fills them in on the bad news and takes off. Britt trails after her and offers to help find Peter. Anna urges her to focus more on Maxie now. Meanwhile, Obrecht wishes she’d killed Peter when she had the chance.

Obrecht offers Anna her help at General Hospital

As Anna anxiously waits for the elevator, Obrecht joins her and asks if she wants to attack something.

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Maxie and Britt talk plan at General Hospital

Back in Maxie’s room, Britt asks her what’s really going on. Maxie tells her everything fell apart when Chloe got involved. She assures Britt that Louise will be fine.

Willow tries to explain to Chase at General Hospital

In Chase’s room, Willow tells him that she will see him through this, but… Finn interrupts before she can explain. He has a cure. He and Liz call Jackie in and get a sample from her so they can use her DNA with Finn’s to mask the antidote from the poison.

Back in his room, Chase tells Willow he needs to get wine to thank Michael. He remembers she was going to say something. Before she can, Finn, Jackie and Liz come in with the antidote. Michael joins them as the antidote is administered. Chase says he can feel it working but then starts bleeding and convulsing.

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Michael and Jax discuss Nina in guesthouse General Hospital

At the guest house, Michael calls Nina and tells her that she can see Wiley whenever she’d like. She’s ecstatic but will need a day or two to get back to Port Charles. When he gets off the line, Michael tells Jax it sounds like Nina has made a new life for herself and may not want to walk away from it. Jax is glad she has a choice. That’s more than Michael feels like he has. He declares they aren’t family anymore and shows him the door, shutting it in his face.

Sonny and Nina talk Wiley at Tan-O General Hospital

At the Tan-O, “Mike” is surprised that Nina isn’t more eager to get back to see Wiley. They admit that they want a relationship with each other. However, he thinks it’s time they say goodbye. He’s sure Wiley’s dad wouldn’t want her introducing her son to a stranger. She assures him she’s not moving back permanently. After she gets her things together, he says he’s not going to let her leave without him. As he gets ready, she calls Jax and asks if he had anything to do with Michael changing his mind. She gets off the phone and “Mike” reveals he wasn’t planning to go with her. He hands her a jar of pasta sauce instead. Before she leaves, she kisses him.

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Anna and Obrecht smash things General Hospital

Obrecht takes Anna to a club where they put on protective wear and pay to smash garbage with crowbars. Liesl enjoys this but it’s not really Anna’s thing. Obrecht antagonizes her until she gets annoyed to start breaking things. After they are exhausted, they discuss Peter and how he is more manipulative than his father. Anna lost herself trying to save him. Liesl thinks she’s finding herself again.

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Ava shows Nikolas a note from Ryan at Wyndemere General Hospital

At Wyndemere, Ava and Nikolas worry about the dagger that was delivered. She’s sure it’s from Ryan but the prince points out he can’t walk or talk so how is he removing objects from the wall and writing messages? Ava is sure he’s out to kill them, so Nikolas suggests she call the cops. Dante soon arrives and they give him the evidence. Ava doesn’t appreciate how dismissive he is. The cop points out Ryan is a vegetable and there could be a copycat. Besides, maybe they are after Nikolas, not her. He notices Ava seems disappointed by this suggestion. The cop suggests they get off the island and get some distance from each other to stay safe.

On the next General Hospital: Michael tells Willow about his encounter with Jax.

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