Finn thinks he killed Chase GH
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At the hospital, Curtis stirs awake as Portia sits by his bedside and touches his face. He asks how Trina is. She tells him that everyone is safe thanks to him. Jordan witnesses Curtis wake from the room’s window and she heads in, followed by Stella and Trina. Curtis is surprised to see Stella. She orders him not to scare her like that again. Portia asks Trina to get the doctor. Trina thanks Curtis again before departing.

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Elsewhere, Ava and Laura discuss finally bringing Cyrus down. Laura reveals the hospital has called an emergency meeting to oust him, and she wonders where Nikolas is. Ava explains he had business to take care of. Trina runs into Ava and Laura and tells them about Curtis. Laura rushes to find the doctor, and Ava hugs Trina and is glad to see she’s well.

trina swears she's fine GH

Back in Curtis’ room, the doctor arrives and asks for a moment alone with Curtis. Everyone departs, and Jordan excuses herself to call TJ. Stella asks to speak with Portia. Stella knows not to interfere in her nephew’s personal life, but she saw how Portia and Curtis were looking at one another. Stella knows about her past with Curtis, and now she has popped up right as Curtis’ marriage has fallen apart. Portia insists that they are just friends. Stella warns her that Curtis needs to recover, including from the end of his marriage, so she should back off and not become a rebound relationship.

Portia questioned by Stella GH

Laura checks in with Curtis, and thanks him for saving her life again. Later Jordan stops in to see Curtis. She takes his hand and thanks him for everything he did to help her. She just wishes taking Cyrus down didn’t cost them their marriage.

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Willow stops by to see Chase, who surprises her with his room decorated in a nautical theme, courtesy of Nurse Amy. He tells her this is the trip to his parents’ place in Nantucket that they never got to take. He calls Willow his rock who has sacrificed so much, so he wanted to do this for her. Chase moves in to give her a kiss, but she stops him.

Willow visits Chase GH

In his lab, Finn dozes off and dreams of his confrontation with Peter. Liz checks on him and suggests that he go home to shower and nap, but he refuses to leave until he can save Chase. Finn has discovered the poison is similar, but not the same, to the one Faison gave Tiffany. This virus is attacking everything that enters Chase’s body that they give to save him. As they talk, Liz gives Finn an idea when she brings up Peter using Franco as a Trojan Horse to get to Maxie.

Liz gives Finn a pep talk GH

Nikolas visits with Alexis in Pentonville and reveals he’s no longer in negotiations to buy the prison. He also informs her that Cyrus has been arrested, his associates have flipped on him, and so she’s safe. Shawn enters and fumes that his parole was denied. Alexis thanks Nikolas for stopping by with the update, but it’s not a good time for a visit. Nikolas leaves all smiles.

Nikolas visits Alexis prison GH

Alone, Shawn vents his frustrations to Alexis about the injustices of the system. Alexis tells him how sorry she is and acknowledges this isn’t fair because they are doing different sentences for the same crime. Shawn mentions the name of the judge who threw the book at him. It’s the same judge that Alexis had, and she thinks she knows how to get him out of Pentonville.

Shawn denied parole GH

Nikolas returns to the hospital and calls someone to thank them. He tells them to be on the lookout for a gift from Cassadine industries.

In Finn’s lab, Finn believes using mRNA might be the way to trick Chase’s body into getting the treatment he needs.


In Chase’s room, Willow tells Chase that he can’t let his blood pressure spike or heart race. He can tell something else is wrong by the look on her face. As she is about to tell him the truth, Finn bursts in and reveals he believes he can cure Chase!

Chase is still sick GH

Portia stops by to visit with Curtis, and Jordan tells Curtis that she’ll return later for his statement. Jordan leaves, and Curtis begins to explain to Portia that he called her because of how he responded to their kiss. She tells him that she’s glad he shut it down. She says she wasn’t thinking clearly, and she doesn’t want to risk their friendship for something neither is ready for. She assumes Curtis feels the same way. He claims he does, but his tone says otherwise.

Laura visits with Curtis GH

Stella runs into Jordan in the hall and tells her that she should go home and have a victory soak in the tub. Jordan needs to make sure the case against Cyrus is solid first. Stella hopes that she feels the same way about fighting for her marriage. When Stella learns that Jordan hasn’t signed the papers yet, she encourages her not to and says there is still time to make things right.

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In Nixon Falls, Nina tells “Mike” they need to discuss the kiss. “Mike” admits he cares about her, and it’s more than just as a friend. He hopes she feels the same way unless he got the wrong idea. Nina admits he doesn’t have the wrong idea. She tells him that he’s the first thing she thinks about in the morning and evening, and she’s never had this type of peace that she’s found in Nixon Falls. However, they can’t be together because it will only mean heartache for them and everyone else.

Nina questions Mike's happiness GH

Nina explains this isn’t about him, but about her own life and her own mistakes. “Mike” thinks they both ended up in this town because it was their chance for happiness, and they owe it to themselves to give this a shot. They move in for a kiss.

Mike really likes Nina GH

At the Quartermaine gatehouse, Jax confronts Michael about knowing what is going on between him and Willow. Michael explains their situation, and he hopes Jax won’t say anything because Chase’s condition is so delicate. Jax suggests they continue their conversation about Nina being a part of Wiley’s life. He thinks there must be a reasonable compromise they can reach. Michael doesn’t think blackmail is reasonable.

Michael gets blackmailed GH

Jax has no intentions of blackmailing him, and he only wants to see Nina get a little happiness. Michael wonders if he tells Jax that he doesn’t think now is the right time to reintroduce Nina and Wiley if Jax will tell Chase the truth? Jax hopes it doesn’t come to that. Michael blasts Jax for this tactic and asks if this is really how he wants to play this. Jax hands him a phone and tells him to make the call.

Back in Nixon Falls, Nina and “Mike’s” kiss is interrupted when Michael calls. He tells her that he and Willow would like to let her see Wiley again, and all she has to do is return to Port Charles.

Nikolas and Ava return home to Wyndemere, only to find a photo of them has been defaced.

On the next General Hospital: Obrecht offers Anna help, Britt asks Maxie if she went through with her plan, and Nina tells “Mike” this doesn’t have to be goodbye.

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