General Hospital
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Trina visits Curtis in his room at General Hospital. She thanks him for saving her family. It’s made her feel bad about the way she’s treated him and she wishes he’d wake up so she could apologize.

Laura, Jordan and Stella talk Curtis at General Hospital

Sam chats with Jordan about Curtis’ condition and wanders off. Laura shows up and Jordan blames herself for letting Cyrus shoot Curtis. The mayor assures her Cyrus deserves all the blame. Distraught Stella bustles in, demanding to know what happened to her nephew. They fill her in and Stella is relieved that Cyrus has been shot. She’s eager to see her nephew but wants to know how Jordan is doing. The commissioner admits she still loves Curtis. Stella was sorry to hear about the divorce. Jordan continues blaming herself for putting Curtis at risk, but Stella insists he was always one to put himself on the line.

Laura wanders down the hall and finds Portia outside of Curtis’ room. The doctor explains the next hour will be critical. She can’t get over how close she came to dying. Trina comes out and Laura goes in. Trina’s amazed that badgering Curtis to wake up failed.

Sitting at his side, Laura tells Curtis that their friendship has been one of the highlights of her life. After she leaves, Jordan tells Curtis about how wonderfully supportive Stella is being. Once she exits, Stella enters and tells him how afraid she is and how much she loves him. Stella asks him to wake up and make a splash in his new life. He doesn’t wake up. Portia comes in to try next. She tells him he saved her and Trina. When she touches his face, he wakes up.

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Dante questions Maxie at General Hospital

Maxie wakes up in her hospital bed. Dante arrives to tell her how sorry he is for what happened to her baby. He’s listened to the tape she gave Mac and has some questions. Sam shows up and gets defensive on Maxie’s behalf. The cop explains that he just wants to clarify some things now that she’s had time to calm down. He doesn’t want to make her relive this, but he needs her to tell him everything. She gives him her story, but she gets upset when she gets to Chloe running away. Sam asks the cop to give her a break and drags him out of the room to lecture him about not having a heart. She offers to talk to Maxie herself.

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Valentin and Olivia with baby at Quartermaine's General Hospital

Brook Lynn runs down the stairs of the Quartermaine state, freaking out that Bailey is missing. She finds her with Valentin and Olivia and is shocked to see how well they are getting along. They talk about nursing until Ned arrives. He begins fawning over the baby and his daughter reminds him she comes with ELQ shares. Valentin is eager to see his name on the birth certificate. Before the paperwork can be signed, Ned asks to speak to his daughter and Olivia alone. Once alone, Ned tells her to forget the shares and get rid of Valentin. He doesn’t care about ELQ anymore. Olivia looks moved. Valentin returns and goes ahead with signing the paperwork with Brook Lynn. She suggests he should move out. He wants to stay close to their daughter. Across the room, Ned asks Olivia if they can be grandparents together.

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Phyllis and Nina talk Mike at Tan-O General Hospital

At the Tan-O, Phyllis and Lenny tell “Mike” they can hardly believe all the things Elijah did. Lenny asks “Mike” if Elijah scared Nina away. She shows up. Lenny drags “Mike” away from smiling at Nina to fix the lights out front. Phyllis asks Nina what is happening between them. Nina tells her about the kiss. Phyllis says that was predictable and doesn’t see the big deal. Nina reminds that it’s complicated since “Mike” has a life he doesn’t remember.

Outside, Lenny asks “Mike” what’s happening. “Mike” says Nina put on the breaks. His instinct seems off with her. Lenny is sure that she’s still into him.

When “Mike” goes back inside, Nina tells him they need to talk about the kiss.

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General Hospital

Jax and Carly are in the kitchen at the Corinthos compound. He hopes she’ll be handing Sonny’s business back to Jason now that he’s out of jail. She says it’s none of his business. He suspects she’s been enjoying wielding power. Changing the subject, he wants to discuss Nina having a place in Wiley’s life. Michael has been ignoring him and he wonders what’s going on. She explains what’s been happening with Chase.

Michael and Willow wake up at guesthosue General Hospital

Michael and Willow wake up on the couch in the guesthouse. After they make out, they feed Wiley. Eventually, she leaves to meet her study partner. Jax shows up and tells Michael he knows about him and Willow.

When Willow gets to the hospital, a nurse tells her that Chase has been asking for her.

On the next General Hospital: Jax backs Michael into a corner.

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