Cyrus negotiates GH
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Outside of Portia’s, Kevin insists on trying to get through to Laura again. Meanwhile, Curtis asks Trina about the layout of her house.

Laura encourages Cyrus to answer the phone. Eventually he gets annoyed enough by the ringing to do it. Renault tells them to stop stalling and get him his car. When he gets off the line, he tells Laura they are getting a sniper ready for him. He blames all of this on her for not being more loving. She offers to stand by him if he turns himself in. “That’s too little, too late, sister,” sneers Cyrus. As he rails at her about them being wild creatures that can’t be contained, Curtis sneaks in. Laura gasps when she spots him, so Cyrus shoots him. Jordan kicks the door open and shoots Renault. Kevin rushes in, followed by Portia.

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Valentin meets baby GH

At General Hospital, Maxie looks out at her baby in the arms of Brook Lynn. Before she can approach, Valentin arrives and Brook Lynn announces their daughter couldn’t wait anymore. Maxie collapses as Finn arrives in time to catch her. The Quartermaine tells Valentin her water broke in the car and she gave birth at a motel. She named her Bailey. Valentin thinks she’s perfect and she should be checked by a doctor. Austin shows up, startling Brook Lynn, and congratulates them on their baby before asking for directions. On the way to Maxie’s room, Austin pauses at a plaque in the pediatric wing named after Michael Corinthos and seems intrigued.

Finn and Liz get Maxie back into her bed. Willow pokes in and they fill her in about the baby theft. Maxie worries about Peter and Liz assures her he’s gone. After Willow walks out with Michael, they worry about Wiley and head home. Finn tells Maxie that Peter can’t bother her again. Austin shows up to check on his patient. Finn and Liz abruptly exit. The doctor is sorry he couldn’t save her from Chloe. He wants to help with the search party looking for Louise and promises they will find her.

In his office, Liz lectures Finn for almost telling Maxie that Peter is dead.

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Someone found Britt GH

Britt hurries down the stairs of the lighthouse wielding an ore, shocked to have Obrecht burst through the door. Her mom thinks she looks well for someone on the run and explains Jason called her. Sitting on the couch, Liesl tells her she’s finally met her match after wasting her time with useless men. She bluntly asks if they had sex. “Of course,” Britt says. She adds that he helped her face getting the Huntington’s test. She has the genetic marker for it. Her mother apologizes for choosing such a horrible father for her. Britt assures her it’s not her fault. Obrecht is proud of her.

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Jax hopes things end soon GH

At the Quartermaine estate, Olivia and Jax talk about Wiley and how Nina is missing him growing up. Brook Lynn and Valentin come in with the baby. Liv gasps and Jax shakes Valentin’s hand. As Olivia shows Jax out, Valentin holds the baby and tells her how he’s fallen in love with her. Brook Lynn is relieved that he’s the father.

Willow and Michael get romantic GH

Michael and Willow go to the guesthouse and drink wine. She admits that seeing Maxie at the hospital brought back hard memories. She’s just happy he’s there with her. He and Wiley are the best things that have ever happened to her. As they have sex on the couch, someone watches them from outside.

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Jason's back in jail

Carly visits Jason in the PCPD cells. She tells him how insane it’s been without him. Reluctantly, she admits her opinion of Britt has changed thanks to all that’s happened. After she fills him in on the business, he tells her she’s done great. A cop unlocks the cell and Carly pulls Jason out. When she gets a text, she announces they need to head to the hospital. Jason sighs.

At General Hospital, Portia explains to Jordan, Trina, and Taggert that Cyrus was only shot in the leg and will be fine. Curtis is being prepped for surgery. Jason and Carly arrive and get all the news. He calls Britt to fill her in. She thanks him for sending her mom.

Outside of Cyrus’ room, Taggert tells Jordan that she did well today.

Kevin tells Laura how brave she was tonight.

On the next General Hospital: A surprise visitor arrives to check on Curtis.

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