Liz finds a dead Peter GH
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Peter tumbles down the stairs, blood gushes from his head, and a nurse checks his pulse. Earlier…

On the roof of General Hospital, Finn confronts Peter and demands that he give him what he needs to save Chase’s life. Peter claims Anna has filled his head with lies, but Finn reveals that he knows everything about the poison and the antidote. Peter gets a text from the pilot that he can’t land. He finally admits it was supposed to be Finn in that bed, and Anna broke the rules so if Chase dies then Finn should blame Anna.

Finn stops Peter GH

Peter tosses the antidote off the roof and laughs that it was Anna who has sentenced Chase to death. He walks away, and Finn goes after him. Peter opens the door to the steps, Finn grabs him, and as they fight, Peter tumbles down the steps.

Peter confronted on roof GH

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In the hospital, Valentin checks in with Liz and is trying to find Anna. She reveals Anna is with Maxie and scolds Valentin along with Anna for unleashing Peter on them all. Valentin can only say that he’s sorry. However, he needs to warn Anna because Peter is going to be more dangerous than ever now.

Liz is angry with Valentin GH

In Maxie’s room, she tells Anna that thanks to Peter their baby is gone. Anna wonders what she is saying. Mac arrives, and he promises to find her child and Peter. He also says Peter’s confession came through crystal clear, and he thinks they finally have all that they need to put him away. He asks Anna to stay with Maxie while he checks the hospital security footage and tries to locate Peter.

Maxie and Anna discuss the baby GH

Mac leaves, and Maxie tells Anna that the nurse Peter hired double-crossed him and took off with the baby. Anna asks if she’s sure this isn’t another trick of Peter’s, but Maxie swears that Peter has no idea where their baby is.

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Liz enters the stairwell and finds Peter unconscious. She checks on him and sees Finn at the top of the steps. Finn is stoic and asks if Peter’s dead. Liz isn’t getting a pulse. Finn screams in frustration and realizes he killed the one person who can save Chase’s life. Liz finds the fake passports and says she won’t let Finn go to prison for killing Peter. Finn blames himself if Chase dies, but Liz says this is all Peter’s fault. Liz pushes him to walk away because if he goes to prison then nobody can save Chase. Finn says they can’t just leave Peter there.

Back in Maxie’s room, Anna tells Maxie that she’s sorry this happened to her. Maxie says at least she’s not with Peter, and the only thing worse than being his enemy is being loved by him.

Maxie learns about Maxie's baby GH

Anna gives Maxie time alone, and later Mac goes in and updates her that they still haven’t found Peter. Outside her room, Valentin arrives, and Anna tells him what happened to Maxie’s baby. Anna takes off to find Finn.

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Finn and Liz return to the hospital, and Liz says the cops will think Peter got away and nobody will know he’s dead. They spot Anna and speak with her. She tells them about Maxie’s baby, that Peter never showed up with the antidote, and she fears he’s escaped. Anna promises she’ll never stop looking for him.

Brook Lynn checks into a hotel room with little Louise. She realizes she has to get home and needs to find someone she can trust enough to lie to.

Brook Lynn with Louise GH

Michael checks in with Willow at the gatehouse. She is feeling guilty for leaving Chase, even though he sent them home. Michael tells her that they did their best for Chase. They go to kiss but are interrupted by a phone call. Michael is stunned by what he’s told.

Willow and Michael's love drama GH

Michael arrives with Willow at the hotel and they meet Brook Lynn’s “baby.” She explains that on the way to Bensonhurst she went into labor. Her friend, fortunately, knew a local doula, so she helped her give birth. Brook Lynn introduces them to Bailey Louise Quartermaine. Michael jokes, “BLQ 2.0.” Michael insists they go to the hospital so she and the baby can be examined.

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Brook Lynn and Willow enter the hospital with the baby as Michael parks the car. Willow excuses herself to look for a nurse. From her room, Maxie looks out and sees Brook Lynn with Louise.

At Portia’s place, over the phone, Laura offers to be Cyrus’ hostage if he releases Portia and Trina. Kevin arrives, having been asked to negotiate the hostage situation, and tells his wife that Cyrus will kill her if she does this.

Kevin stops Laura from going in GH

Inside, Cyrus holds a gun on the women. When Cyrus looks out the window, Portia urges her daughter to run the first chance she gets.

Outside, Taggert arrives, and Curtis must hold him back from barging in. When Cyrus sees this from the window, he grabs Trina and Portia screams, “Get your hands off my daughter!” Jordan calls, and Cyrus orders Portia to answer. Over the speaker, Cyrus warns if Taggert decides to play hero then he can’t promise everyone will remain safe. Jordan has Taggert escorted away and orders her men to arrest him if he tries another stunt like that.

Jordan, Curtis and Taggert try and save Portia and Trina GH

Kevin insists Laura wear a bulletproof vest, so she’s fitted with one that also has a microphone installed. Jordan tells Laura that Cyrus has agreed to the plan to exchange Laura for Portia and Trina. Jordan asks her to think of a word that will act as a signal to send her men in, so Laura suggests his mother’s name, Florence. She hugs Kevin before going in.

Inside, Cyrus gets a call from Kevin, who tells him that Laura is approaching the house now. Cyrus has Trina open the door, and the switch is made.

Once inside, Cyrus orders Laura to take off her vest. She complies and places it on the table. Laura tells Cyrus that his mother wouldn’t want this for him. Speaking as a mother, Laura doubts his own has cut him out of her heart completely. Cyrus asks what he’s supposed to do. Laura pleads with Cyrus to be the person his mother wants him to be, the little child that she lost years ago. Cyrus accuses Laura of being more like him than she knows and calls her cruel for exploiting his pain. Laura cries that she’s not trying to wound him but to save his life.

Cryus is unhinged GH

Back outside, Trina hugs her father and thanks him for coming for her. Meanwhile, Curtis checks in on Portia, who can’t stop shaking. He tells her that this trauma will take time to process, and he’s there for her.

Inside, Laura cries to Cyrus the only way this ends well is if they walk out together. Cyrus screams then he’ll go to jail and she’ll go back to her life as usual. He won’t lose everything he’s worked for so that she can have him locked back up. Cyrus says either he walks out free, or neither gets out alive.

Outside, Jordan orders her men into position.

On the next General Hospital: Valentin meets his “daughter,” Finn promises Maxie that she never has to worry about Peter again, and the stand-off with Cyrus continues.

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