Maxie tells Peter her baby was stolen at General Hospital
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At General Hospital, Maxie tells herself that she can handle this. Peter shows up and asks what she meant when she said the baby is gone. Crying, she tells him that Chloe stole their baby. His jaw hangs open as she tells him about giving birth in the woods and the nurse running off with Louise. He promises that he will find their child and bring her back. She explains that Chloe claimed she was working for him all along and he planned to take them out of the country. She plays up trusting him and wishes he would use his dark side to get their daughter back. As he starts pacing and arguing with her, he blurts out that the nurse’s name isn’t even Chloe. She points out Chloe had a shocking amount of personal information about her. The only explanation is that he is a horrible person and plotted all of this. Now the baby is gone because of him and she hopes he’s terrified. She’s been repulsed by him for months and confronts him about all the people he’s killed. Sobbing, he says it’s not too late for them. She reveals that she’s recorded this conversation and sends a copy to Mac. Maxie calls him a cheap imitation of his father. When a nurse enters, Maxie orders her to call security. Peter repeats that he will find Louise and come back for her. He takes off.

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Finn runs into Liz at the nurses’ station and she tells him the story about Peter’s baby.

Anna explains Peter has antidote to Jordan at General Hospital

Anna runs into Jordan, who is looking for Peter to arrest him. She tells Anna that Gladys placed Peter at the scene of Franco’s murder. Anna insists that Peter be brought in alive and explains that he poisoned Chase and has been parceling out the antidote.

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Gregory and Finn talk Chase at General Hospital

Gregory and Jackie show up at Chase’s bedside. He asks for his badge. As his parents help him up for a walk, Finn arrives and worries. He lets Chase leave with his mother and returns to his office. Gregory follows him and asks what’s really wrong with Chase. Finn can’t explain. His father assures him that as long as he does his best, it’s enough. Liz pops up and tells Finn that Peter is in the building and desperate. He hops on an elevator.

As Jackie helps Chase walk the halls, one of his colleagues stops by to say how great Chase is and how much they miss him at work.

Anna goes to Maxie’s room and tells her that the PCPD is looking for Peter. She adds that Finn needs to find Peter to save Chase.

Jackie and Gregory put Chase back to bed. He’s burning up.

Peter calls for helicopter on roof of General Hospital

Peter runs up the stairwell to the roof. He calls his helicopter driver to pick him up. It’s soon circling overhead. Finn appears and declares he’s not going anywhere.

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Curtis worries to Laura about Portia at Savoy General Hospital

At The Savoy, Curtis tells Laura he thinks Portia is in trouble. They head to her place to check on her.

Cyrus threatens Portia and Trina at home General Hospital

At Portia’s house, Cyrus is threatening Portia and Trina with a gun. The doctor tells him there’s no more she can do and he needs to go to the hospital. He says it’s time for him to say farewell to Port Charles and they are going with him. When he tries making calls for someone to pick him up, he has no luck. As he bickers with Trina, Curtis and Laura burst through the door. Cyrus orders them out or he’ll shoot his hostages.

Outside, Jordan arrives after being called by Laura and Curtis. She has a team with her and a hostage negotiator is on the way.

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Cyrus negotiates for his hostages at Portia's General Hospital

Back inside, Portia urges Cyrus to give up. Jordan calls and he tells her to go away. She doesn’t so he requests a plane for himself and his hostages. He threatens to kill one of them, which makes Curtis panic. Laura tries talking to Cyrus as his sister and offers to be his hostage in exchange for the Robinsons.

On the next General Hospital: Laura and Kevin have an emotional conversation.

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