Peter sees Maxie at the hospital GH
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A nurse checks for Peter’s pulse as he lies at the bottom of the stairs. Two hours earlier…

Out in the woods, Maxie sits next to Austin, who is still out cold. She hates having to let Louise go but knows it’s the only way to protect her. Brook Lynn eventually arrives, and Maxie fills her in on what she’s missed. Maxie thinks they need to put the switch into motion. Austin begins to stir awake, so Maxie tells Brook Lynn that she must take her and go because the ambulance will arrive shortly.

Maxie has her baby GH

Brook Lynn urges Maxie to at least say goodbye to her baby, which she does. She promises to check on her and says she’ll be thinking about her constantly and loves her. Maxie hands the baby over, and Brook Lynn promises to keep her safe and make sure she’s loved. She tells Maxie that she’s the bravest person she knows and departs.

Maxie collapses into tears, and Austin finally comes to. He asks what happened, and she explains he was attacked. He asks her where her baby is?

At the hospital, Finn tells Anna that Chase needs more of the antidote. She takes off, and Willow confronts Finn about Chase’s condition and if it’s more serious than he’s telling them. He reveals Chase is getting worse and they are no closer to finding a cure for what is making him sick. Liz pulls Finn away claiming she needs him and it’s urgent. Around the corner, Finn thanks Liz for running interference because he almost told Willow everything about Peter and the poison. Liz promises Finn that Chase will beat this. She knows he will find a solution and save Chase’s life, and Peter doesn’t get to take anything else from them.

Willow questions Finn about Chase GH

A doctor gives Brando the news that his mom is out of surgery and will pull through. Brando goes to see her, and Jordan calls the station to report on Gladys. She learns that Jason is in custody, and Cyrus is missing.

Brando asks about his mother GH

Brando sits by Gladys’ bedside. She’s unconscious, and he tells her how sorry he is that she got caught up in all of this. As Brando tells his mother that he loves her, Gladys opens her eyes. Gladys remembers Cyrus shooting her, and she thought she was going to die. She promises her son that she will do everything she can to do right by him and the baby he has on the way.

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Jordan gets Sasha a ginger ale for her morning sickness. They talk about Cyrus, and how he’s corrupted what should be a happy time for Sasha. Jordan is certain that Cyrus’ time is finally up.

Laura arrives at Curtis’ new club to deliver his liquor license. He thanks her, and she notices he doesn’t seem to be all that thrilled that he can officially open for business. He has been wondering how soon it is acceptable to move on after a marriage ends. Curtis opens up about Portia and how they are getting closer, and says she’s been a good friend to him through all of this.

Laura gives Curtis advice GH

Laura recommends Curtis and Portia take it slow, but he says it’s too late because they kissed tonight. He knows his marriage is over, but on some level, it felt like a betrayal to Jordan. He also froze after the kiss and thinks Portia probably feels rejected. Laura explains what he’s feeling isn’t uncommon, and his heart will let him know when it’s time to move on. Curtis fears he blew things tonight. Laura urges him to call Portia and talk to her. He decides to take her advice.

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Portia finds her front door unlocked. She enters and cautiously looks around, only to find a shot and gun-wielding Cyrus waiting for her. She sees his would and says he needs to go to a hospital, but Cyrus says that’s not an option. She realizes that he wants her to patch him up so he can make his escape, and thinks she should let him die instead to protect the world from him. Trina enters, and Cyrus uses her daughter to force Portia’s hand. He takes their phones from them and orders her Portia to get to work.

Cyrus takes Portia hostage GH

Cyrus sits on the couch and Trina fetches her mother’s medical bag. Portia examines him and tells him that removing the bullet will be tricky and she’ll need to give him a sedative to relax him. Cyrus refuses it, so Portia tells Trina to go grab a wooden spoon from the kitchen because Cyrus will need to bite down on something. Portia is able to remove the bullet and stitches him up. Cyrus ends up passing out from the pain and begins to drop the gun he’s holding. Suddenly, Portia’s phone rings and Trina grabs it. It’s Curtis, and he wants to talk to Portia about what happened earlier. She tells him to stop and listen.

Portia fixes Cyrus up GH

Back at the club, Curtis is on the phone with Portia when suddenly the line goes dead.

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Anna arrives at The Invader office, and Peter quickly throws a folder over the fake passports on his deck. She sees his safe open and asks if he’s going somewhere. He explains that he’s cleaning out his office because he sold the paper. They bicker, and Peter assumes she’s only there because she needs something from him. She says Chase needs another dose of the treatment.

Anna asks Peter for more antidote GH

Peter says he’ll bring a vial to the hospital and meet Anna there. Anna tells Peter that he’s been given so many choices, and always makes the wrong ones, and soon everyone will see him for who he is. After she leaves, Peter calls Chloe and is furious to get her voicemail once again.

Peter scoffs at Anna on GH

Anna arrives at the hospital and tells Finn that Peter should be there shortly with a vial. She also thinks Peter is moving up his exit date to escape with Maxie and the baby.

Elsewhere, Willow tells Michael that all this sneaking around and lying to Chase and everyone else is tarnishing the two of them. What should be a joyful time for them no longer feels right.

Sasha and Jordan enter Gladys’ room after learning she is awake. Gladys is willing to answer Jordan’s questions, but first, she has a statement to make. Jordan begins recording as Gladys reveals that she never saw Jason Morgan dump the gun, and Cyrus made her lie about it to the police. However, she saw the real killer dispose of the gun and it was Peter August.

Gladys confesses truth GH

Maxie is brought into the hospital in a wheelchair and Liz asks her what happened. The paramedics also bring Austin in on a stretcher. Maxie pushes Liz to help him as he saved her life, and says he keeps falling in and out of consciousness. Liz tells Austin, who is in a neck brace, that they will take good care of him. Another nurse informs Maxie that they will get her into a cubicle in just a moment. Suddenly Peter arrives and sees Maxie sitting in the lobby. He asks what she is doing there and why isn’t she at the spa with Chloe. Peter looks at her, realizes something is wrong, asks what happened to the baby. Maxie tells him the baby is gone.

Elsewhere, Brook Lynn drives Louise away and promises to take good care of her and swears she has everything under control.

On the next General Hospital: Peter asks Maxie where their daughter is, Gregory asks Finn if he knows what is wrong with Chase, and Curtis realizes Portia is in trouble.

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