Maxie and baby in the woods General Hospital
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In a room in Beecher’s Corners, Brook Lynn runs through the list of things she was supposed to bring to Maxie and wonders where she is.

In the woods, Austin holds up the baby. Maxie worries that Louise isn’t crying so he rubs her until she does. Cradling the baby, she thanks the doctor for being there. When Austin wants to call an ambulance, she asks him not to because Peter will find her. She says she needs to get to Beecher’s Corners and begs him to take her there. He agrees, but only if they swing by a hospital first. Before he can call an ambulance, Chloe knocks him out. Maxie kicks her in the leg and walks off with the baby. When Maxie finds a boarded-up shaft, she pushes some rocks on it and steps back to wait for Chloe. The nurse immediately steps on the rotten wood and falls down the shaft. Finding her phone on the ground, Maxie picks it up and calls Brook Lynn as she looks down into the hole.

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Finn tells Liz his doubts at General Hospital

Liz drops by Finn’s office at General Hospital and tells him he needs to get some rest. He’s worried that he’s not capable of solving this in time to save Chase. She has faith in him. Anna interrupts. She hands him a file she got from Sean Donely’s records. The nurse gets back to work and Anna asks Finn if there is anything useful in the file. He doesn’t have time to talk but thanks her.

Sasha and Brando explain to the cops at General Hospital

Sasha arrives with a bodyguard, looking for Brando. He tells her Gladys was shot. Dante and Jordan pop up and ask about that. Brando tells them what happened with his mother and why. The cops leave it at that for now. Sasha and Brando sit down and she says that Cyrus can’t dictate how they live. He admits that he’s always thinking negatively about his mom, but he’d be lost without her.

Jordan and Dante talk Cyrus situation at General Hospital

Jordan and Dante run through what they have on Cyrus now. She gets a message about the shootout on the pier and then informs Brando and Sasha about it. The commissioner admits that if Gladys dies, the case against Cyrus will fall apart.

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Chase hears Michael and Willow talking about him at Quartermaine house General Hospital

Willow walks Chase back into the Quartermaine house. He wishes Finn would be honest about what’s actually wrong with him. Michael joins them and they help the detective to a couch. When Willow and Michael step away, they agree this is harder than they thought it would be. She doesn’t think Michael should be putting his life on hold for this. He insists it’s worth it. Chase stands in the doorway and overhears them. He thanks them for being such great friends and the sacrifices they are making. Chase collapses.

Michael and Willow rush Chase to the hospital. Finn gets him to bed as his vitals drop. He asks Anna to find Peter and get another dose of the antidote. Willow confronts Finn about what he’s been keeping from Chase.

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Portia tells Curtis she needs him at The Savoy General Hospital

At The Savoy, Curtis is on the phone trying to sort out his liquor license when Portia shows up. She needs a drink after what she saw at the hospital. The doctor thought that the problems of the police were behind her, but they seem to follow her. Curtis takes her hand but then pulls away. As he gets her a drink, she books the place for a party for Trina and her friends. He tells her how much having her stick by him has meant to him. When she kisses him, she apologizes. He apologizes for giving her mixed messages. She leaves embarrassed.

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Jason threatens Cyrus on the pier General Hospital

On the pier, Cyrus and his men have Spinelli hostage. They bicker with Carly and Nikolas until Jason appears and threatens to shoot Renault. There’s a gunfight. Jason kills a bunch of people and injures Cyrus, who gets away. Spinelli apologizes for being taken hostage. Ava runs over and hugs Nikolas. Carly rolls her eyes as they fawn over each other. One of Cyrus’ men is still alive and levels his gun at the group. Before he can fire, Dante shoots him. He’s joined by other cops and takes away Jason’s gun. He lets everyone go other than Jason, who he arrests.

When Portia gets home, she discovers that her front door is open and there is blood on the floor. As she walks in, bloody Cyrus steps out from behind the door.

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