Roger Howarth as Austin GH
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Peter is shown at the bottom of the steps with blood pouring out of his head. A nurse approaches, followed by the text, “Four hours earlier…”

At the Metro Court, Peter packs and leaves a message on Chloe’s phone to touch base with him with an update on Maxie. He then glances at the fake passports he’s had made. Valentin arrives at his door to chide Peter for tormenting an innocent pregnant woman by having Brook Lynn followed. He warns if he targets his daughter or his baby’s mother, he will kill him even if it means Chase dies. Peter assures Valentin that he’s not stupid and knows Valentin could end him, so if Brook Lynn is being trailed then it’s not by him.

Valentin defends his children GH

Valentin feels this is the first time in months that Peter is telling the truth. He informs him that while Anna is gone that he will be watching Chase, and he’d like a dose of the antidote for Chase. Peter agrees to have one sent over to the mansion as a show of goodwill. He tells Valentin that even though he’s an awful man, he is a good father. Peter intends to show his child that he can be a better man for her. Valentin wishes him luck and notices the packed bags as he’s leaving. In the hallway, Valentin calls Anna to warn that he thinks Peter is going to run for it.

Valentin threatens Peter GH

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At the cabin in the woods, Maxie tells Chloe that she’s not getting her baby and runs for it after dousing her with hot tea. She makes it into the woods and suddenly is hit with contractions. Back at the cabin, Chloe grabs a tire iron and limps out. In the woods, Maxie is forced to lie down to give birth when someone with a flashlight approaches.

Maxie runs for it GH

Standing before Maxie is a shirtless man who reveals he is a doctor and can deliver her baby. She asks if he’s sure he’s not a shirtless mountain man nut job. He introduces himself as Austin (played by Roger Howarth) and says she’s lucky he was out hiking today. He puts on a shirt and begins guiding Maxie through her Lamaze breathing. She’s hit with another contraction, so he helps her through it and urges her to push. After the baby is born, Maxie asks Austin to hold her up so she can see her baby. He begins to rummage through his bag for cloth, and Maxie realizes little Louise is not crying.

Roger Howarth as Dr Austin GH

At the park, Dante meets up with Sam before the softball season’s first game. She has an Aurora uniform on and he’s wearing the PCPD uniform. He makes some digs at her intense warm-ups earlier. She tells him that they are going to win this year, but Dante points out that they’ll need someone on their team to learn to hit. She reminds him that he’s not been in the league for a few years, but he points out that he’s got years of baseball training and the sport is in his blood. Dante brags that he can rate and rank every player out there.

Dante and Sam play ball GH

She wonders how he rates her. He tells her that she’s fast, can stand to improve her pitching average, but her hitting stance is all wrong. She asks him to show her, so he gives her some pointers. They get very close and personal as he adjusts her stance. Later, Dante gets a call and says to tell the commissioner that he’s on the way.

Sam and Dante insult one another GH

At the Canadian lighthouse, Jason promises Britt that he’s not leaving her. He’s going back to Port Charles for a few days, and he needs her to trust him and wait there. He promises he’ll be back. They share a passionate kiss, and she agrees to stay put for now. He feels bad about getting her into this mess and swears he’ll take care of Cyrus so that she can return home safely.

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Britt reminds him that she already has a death sentence with this disease, so Cyrus taking her out may be doing her a favor. She finally knows what it means to be living to die, and she’s not fearless like Jason is. He reminds her that she could still have 30 good years ahead of her, but she counters that it could be a mere six months. He flirts that he’d still like to know her in six month’s time.

Jason and Britt bond by fire GH

At General Hospital, Carly gets a call from Cyrus, who is in an alley holding Spinelli hostage. He tells her that Spinelli will be fine if she hands over Gladys. He orders her to meet him on the pier in an hour.

Cyrus threatens Spinelli GH

Carly gets off the phone, and a nearby Ava and Nikolas can tell she’s in trouble. Carly reveals that Cyrus has Spinelli and wants Gladys in exchange for him, but Gladys is still in surgery. Ava offers to be a stand-in for Gladys. Nikolas refuses to allow this to happen, but Ava thinks she only needs a few moments to divert Cyrus, and Carly’s men will protect her. Ava insists on doing this and reminds Nikolas that she supported his plan with Gladys though she didn’t agree with it. Nikolas refuses to stick around and watch this and storms out.

Ava wants to help GH

Carly thanks Ava, who tells Carly that she wants that bastard taken down as badly as she does. Carly instructs Ava to meet with Trent in front of the hospital. Ava departs and Carly calls Brick to assemble a team.

Carly deals with Cyrus GH

Carly calls Jason and asks to speak to Britt. She asks Britt how Jason is doing. Britt says he’s healed and not in danger of bleeding out, but she wouldn’t recommend getting into a boxing ring. Jason takes the phone back and learns from Carly that Cyrus has Spinelli and wants Gladys in exchange for him. Jason gives her pointers on how to handle the trade with Cyrus. Carly gets another call from Brick and says she has to go.

Back at the cabin, Britt tells Jason that she lied to Carly and one punch in the stomach and he’s a goner. He takes note and comments that he won’t get punched. Jason has to leave, and they kiss before he departs. Alone, Britt reflects on making love to Jason.

Britt tells Jason no on GH

On the pier, Carly meets with Cyrus and sees that Spinelli is safe. He asks about Gladys. Carly indicates she wasn’t feeling cooperative and is currently locked up in her car. One of Cyrus’ men leaves to investigate, and Carly suggests there is another way to handle this. She tells him that he’s losing control, so his best bet is to hand over Spinelli and walk away. She will offer no pushback if he goes now.

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Back at the car, Ava tells one of Carly’s men that this is taking too long and he needs to move his men into position. He refuses as he only takes orders from Mrs. Corinthos.

On the pier, Cyrus tells Carly that she’s the one making the mistakes, and she should take his offer to trade Spinelli for Gladys, or he’ll keep Spinelli and send her some of his fingers. Carly tells one of her men to bring Gladys now. Suddenly Cyrus’ man brings Nikolas out from the shadows and indicates he found the Cassadine lining up a shot. Guns are drawn, and Carly tries to get everyone to stand down.

On the next General Hospital: Maxie asks Austin if Peter sent him. Jason drops in on Carly and Cyrus’ standoff. Chase overhears Willow and Michael talking.

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