Cyrus points gun at Brando in warehouse General Hospital
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In the warehouse, Brando turns his gun from Gladys to Cyrus and pulls the trigger. It’s empty. Two of his goons come in. Cyrus explains he’s always known that Brando was Sonny’s plant. Brando begs for a chance to say goodbye to his mom. Kneeling, he tells Gladys he loves her. Carly’s crew bursts in and there’s a shootout. Gladys is shot in the shoulder and Cyrus and his men escape.

Carly calls Spinelli Metro Court General Hospital

At the Metro Court, Carly makes a call to Spinelli. He tells her what happened during the shootout and she orders him to get out of there.

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Brook Lynn freaks out to Michael at Quartermaine house General Hospital

Brook Lynn is surprised when Michael and Willow show Chase into the Quartermaine house. Willow leaves to get his pain meds so it will be easier for him to make it up the stairs. The detective thanks Michael for inviting him. He feels bad for having Willow spend so much time in the hospital. Willow returns and Michael leaves them alone. She reminds Chase not to push himself and he worries she’s running herself ragged. He falls asleep on the couch.

Valentin is confident at Quartermaine house General Hospital

In the foyer, Brook Lynn tells Michael that having Chase there will be a disaster. She’s sure the cop will notice he and Willow are in love. He insists he can handle this and walks off. Valentin comes down the stairs and banters with her before taking off for a meeting. She calls Yuri and tells him someone is trying to kill her baby with a dodgy crib assembly. When he goes upstairs to check the crib, she tries to run out but bumps straight into Valentin. She claims that someone has been following her and she won’t set foot outside the house without Yuri. Once he exits, she sneaks out.

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Elijah threatens Nina in park General Hospital

In a park in Nixon Falls, Elijah grabs Nina and she threatens to scream. He demands to know why she and “Mike” keep getting in his way. She insists she knows nothing about “Mike” and he’s giving a copy of his bank records to the police as they speak. When he threatens her, “Mike” pops up and clobbers him with a small log. The sheriff soon shows up and they hand him all the paperwork, claiming that Elijah just spilled it. The cop still wants to bring “Mike” down for questioning about the break-in at Elijah’s office. He tells them both to come to the station tomorrow to make statements. Nina hugs “Mike” and tells him they did it. He asks her not to leave him behind again and kisses her. Nina pulls away, makes an excuse, and leaves.

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Nikolas and Ava plot against Cyrus at General Hospital

Ava is looking for Cyrus at General Hospital when Nikolas finds her. They bicker about both going after Cyrus. She thought it would be easier to manipulate Renault if she was alone. They agree to work together on this and take Cyrus out for good.

Brando carries Gladys in and Portia rushes her off to a cubicle. Ava and Nikolas run over and Brando tells them what happened before calling Sasha. Carly arrives and tells him that one of her guys is protecting the model. Portia returns to say Gladys is being prepped for surgery. She’s already called the police and they want to talk to him. Nikolas and Ava watch Carly as she gets a call from Cyrus. He has Spinelli captive.

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Jason and Britt have sex in cabin General Hospital

Britt and Jason make out in a Canadian cabin. This is awkward since he has a bullet wound, but they still undress before the fire and have sex on the couch. Afterward, she says this isn’t how she thought her day would go. She thanks him and walks off. When she returns, she says they can’t stay in the wilderness forever. She claims what happened was just ‘pity sex’ and assumes he’s abandoning her because he thinks she’s useless. Jason assures her he’s not leaving her.

Chloe prepares to induce Maxie's labor in cabin General Hospital

Maxie wakes up on a couch in a cabin. Chloe admits she drugged her and says the baby will be born there tonight. She informs Maxie that this was all Peter’s idea and she’s about to induce labor. Maxie calls for help, which only makes the nurse laugh. She explains that Peter has booked a helicopter to take her away. Maxie warns her that Peter kills all the people he hires to do his dirty work. She starts cramping and the nurse hopes labor will start naturally. When she hands Maxie tea, Maxie throws it in her face. She grabs a fire poker to attack the nurse as she reaches for a syringe.

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