Brando asks how to save his mom GH
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The show opens with Peter having fallen down the stairs, followed by the words, “Six hours earlier…”

Peter enters the hospital and over the phone angrily demands the other person meet him on the seventh floor. He enters the elevator, which Sasha is in, and he goads her about seeing her with Brando earlier. She wonders if he’s keeping tabs on her and exits.

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Sasha runs into Willow, and she asks about Chase. Willow tells her that Chase is going to be released, but only because Michael is putting him up at the Quartermaine’s where Monica can watch him. Willow asks Sasha if she’s there for an appointment. Sasha realizes she’ll hear about it soon enough and reveals she’s pregnant. She assures her that Michael isn’t the father so Wiley isn’t getting a sibling. However, she can’t tell her who the father is just yet. She admits though that she thinks they might make a good couple and a family. Willow feels she deserves to be happy.

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Peter meets with Chloe and orders her to get the supplies they need. Later she returns with everything in a bag and promises to deliver Maxie to him. He celebrates the fact that soon they’ll all leave Port Charles together.

Chloe in trouble from Peter GH

Britt and Jason return to the lighthouse in Canada. Britt begins to make a fire and rambles about all the tragedy in the world, so what does her diagnosis matter in comparison. She tries to hold back the tears as she goes through the progression the disease will take before eventually dying after years in bed. Jason tells her to keep venting, and she guesses since she never had kids she can’t pass the gene on, which is a silver lining.

Britt looks for the silver lining GH

Jason reminds her it could be years or decades before she shows symptoms. He tells her that she is strong, healthy, and has a clear mind. He relays that it may not mean much right now, but it does to him. She jokes that she can’t believe he has feelings. In tears, Britt admits she took the test hoping her bravery would be rewarded and she wouldn’t have the marker and that she’d have the rest of her life to live. Jason believes she still does. He says so many amazing things could happen in her life before she shows any symptoms, and the future isn’t guaranteed. The two move in and kiss.

Jason comforts Britt GH

At the Tan-O, Officer Finchley informs “Mike” that Elijah is accusing him and Nina of breaking into his office. “Mike” says Nina is with Elijah, so she may be in danger. Lenny arrives and inquires about what is happening. “Mike” fills him in that Nina is in trouble and it’s Elijah’s doing. He doesn’t have proof but explains what he knows of Elijah’s scheme to buy up Nixon Falls and sell it off to a developer. Lenny begs the cops to let “Mike” go if Nina could be in trouble, but the cop can’t without an alibi. “Mike” says he was at the bar during the robbery, so Lenny leaves to check the logs. The officer gets a call and tells “Mike” that there is an open fire hydrant that needs investigating and he’ll be back.

Sonny Accuses Elijah of Nina missing GH

Lenny returns and reveals he opened up the hydrant to get rid of Finchley. “Mike” asks Lenny where Elijah may have taken Nina. Lenny figures it’s the Founder’s Day barbeque.

Sonny gets in Elijah's face GH

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At the Founder’s Day barbeque, Elijah thanks Nina for coming out with him again because he wasn’t sure she was interested given her and “Mike” are a team. She laughs at that and swears they aren’t. Elijah reveals that “Mike” broke into his office and he’s being questioned as they speak. Nina defends “Mike,” but Elijah doesn’t want to talk about him and asks her to come to see a pond where actual frogs sit on lily pads. He leads her away.

Nina questions Elijah crime GH

Nina and Elijah arrive at the pond, and after Nina brings up the rash of robberies, she suggests they get back to the barbeque where it might be safer. She stumbles and drops her purse, and out tumbles the printouts from Elijah’s office, which he sees. Caught, she confronts him about what she knows. He laughs that they prove nothing. She thinks she’ll let the cops decide that. He grabs her by the wrist and says it won’t be that easy.

Nina wonders what is happening GH

At the Metro Court, Carly discovers Gladys’ room has been ransacked and she’s gone.

Brando arrives at a warehouse to find Cyrus has his mother bound and gagged with duct tape. Cyrus reveals that Gladys was about to betray him after Carly convinced her to go to the police with damning evidence on him. He assumes it is because Sasha is pregnant with Brando’s child. Brando tries to deny it, but Cyrus laughs it off.

Cyrus holding Gladys hostage GH

Brando asks Cyrus what he wants in exchange for letting his mother go. Gladys rips the tape off her mouth and swears she didn’t betray him. Cyrus orders Brando to kill his mother, but he refuses. Furious, Cyrus says Gladys will die, and if not by him then by someone who will also kill Sasha and his unborn child. Brando extends his hand and Cyrus hands him a gun. Gladys cries as Brando approaches her and lifts the gun to her head. However, he can’t do it, quickly turns and points it at Cyrus.

At Maxie’s place, Maxie swears Spinelli to secrecy with what she’s about to tell him. Before she can reveal the plan, Carly calls Spinelli for help in finding Gladys, who is key in bringing charges against Peter. She asks him to meet her at the Metro Court. He tells her that he’ll be right there. Before he goes, Spinelli fills Maxie in that there may be a way to put Peter in jail. Hopeful, Maxie tells him this could change everything for her and urges him to go.

Maxie is about to confess to Spinelli GH

After Spinelli leaves, Maxie’s glad she didn’t tell Spinelli because he’d talk her out of this. Maxie then begins making calls to make sure everything is ready as planned.

Back at the Metro Court, Spinelli meets with Carly in Gladys’ room and learns what has gone down. Spinelli gets to work on his computer and locates Gladys’ burner phone. With her location known, Carly calls in Trent and her team to get Gladys.

Carly makes a call for help GH

Chloe arrives at Maxie’s place with a wheelchair for their outing. Maxie scoffs that she doesn’t need a wheelchair. Chloe insists because her blood pressure is still high and if she must tell Peter, then he’ll put her in the hospital and the doctor will induce labor. Maxie agrees and sits down as Chloe pulls out a syringe behind her back and injects her with a sedative that knocks her out.

Chloe injects Maxie on GH

Back at the hospital, Peter makes a call to have a chopper on standby for three adults and a newborn.

On the next General Hospital: Carly orders someone to get out, Cyrus brandishes a gun and tells Brando he failed his final test, and Britt asks a shirtless Jason if he’s sure about this.

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