Diane and Carly tell Gladys plan at Metro Court General Hospital
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Carly and her security guards take Gladys to a room at the Metro Court. Diane shows up to give Gladys instructions about what she has to say to the DA. Gladys wants to make sure that she keeps clean and the lawyer is sure the DA will be happy to make a deal with her if it means nailing Cyrus. However, Gladys is reluctant to admit she saw Peter at the scene of the crime, not Jason. She agrees to tell the truth only if she gets immunity. Diane leaves to work on that. The women bicker about their opinions of one another. Gladys says she will do what needs to be done for her sake and her son’s. When Carly leaves to deal with an issue related to the hotel, she orders the guard to keep watch.

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At General Hospital, Cyrus tells Brando that Britt will not be returning. On his way to check in with HR, Brando runs into Sasha, who says he shouldn’t be there. As they go off to talk in private, Peter spots them.

Sasha and Brando talk baby at General Hospital

In the stairwell, Sasha and Brando run over her conversation with Cyrus. She thinks she’s told him enough to doubt that Brando is the father. They talk about the baby and how much he wants to be part of the child’s life and hers. He thinks they have a deep connection and could have a future. She’s not sure they can as long as Cyrus is around.

Cyrus order Peter to smear Carly General Hospital

Peter drops by Cyrus’ office and wonders why he hasn’t had Jason killed by now. Cyrus asks him to run an expose on Laura working with Carly, the head of the city’s biggest criminal empire. Their reputations need to be destroyed. Peter agrees to send reporters after them. Renault gets a call tipping him off about Diane trying to negotiate a deal for Gladys. This makes August panic. When Cyrus gets up to look for Brando, Peter says he saw the driver getting chummy with Sasha. They decide they both have problems to solve.

Back at the Metro Court, Gladys answers the door, assuming it’s room service. It’s Peter. Carly returns moments later and is shocked to see Gladys gone and the room trashed.

Cyrus shows Brando Gladys gagged in warehouse General Hospital

Cyrus meets with Peter in a warehouse and thanks him for his prompt work. When Brando arrives, Cyrus says he’s finally shut his mother up and shows him Gladys gagged in a chair.

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Maxie tells Spinelli her worries at home General Hospital

Spinelli arrives at Maxie’s and starts gushing about what a miracle her new baby will be. When she gets upset, he wonders if it’s because of Peter. She insists it’s just hormones and losing Sean. He points out that even Georgie has noticed she’s sad. Sobbing, she admits she’s afraid of losing the baby but covers up what she means by that. He tries to be reassuring and asks her to let him help.

Six hours later, Peter is seen falling down a flight of stairs.

Nina tells Sonny her plan at Tan-O General Hospital

“Mike” and Nina arrive at the Tan-O and see there’s a note from Phyllis and Lenny about them being out for the day. She’s not looking forward to telling them Elijah has betrayed them. Elijah calls and asks her out. Much to “Mike’s” dismay, she agrees to meet him. She thinks that being invited to a barbecue with Elijah gives them the perfect chance to search his house. He insists this is too dangerous, but she refuses to back down. When he goes out back for the beer delivery, she takes off. He comes back and worries about where she’s let Elijah take her. The deputy shows up and tells “Mike” that Elijah has accused him and Nina of breaking into his office.

Jason helps Britt relax in the woods General Hospital

In the woods, Britt is trying to meditate but Jason distracts her by doing nothing. She’s worried about what the test results will be. Jason assures her she will deal with them no matter what they are. She just wants to enjoy her last few hours of ignorance and wishes she could live in the moment like him. He tries to calm her by getting her to listen to nature. They get close to kissing, but she gets a text from the clinic.

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Jason and Britt go to the clinic. Before the doctor can give her the results, Britt tells him to stop. She calms down and asks for the results. She has the marker for Huntington’s. Britt walks out in tears.

On the next General Hospital: Carly calls Spinelli for help.

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