Toasting to Sean on GH
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In County Kerry Ireland, Mac, Felicia, Anna and Sean’s daughter Annie (played by Caitlin Reilly) gather in a cemetery as Sean’s funeral service concludes. Annie points towards the inn she booked for them and thanks them all for coming to honor her father. She’ll stop by later.

Anna tries to talk to Felicia, but she tells Anna that she doesn’t want to hear what she has to say. Mac suggests they talk it out to honor Sean. Felicia agrees for Sean’s sake, so Mac gives them space. Before Anna can speak, Felicia lashes out at her for failing to protect her goddaughter or give her a chance to even protect her own child. She storms off in tears.

Felicia lashes out at Anna on GH

In the inn, Robin and Robert are in the common area and look at photos of Sean on a table. Robin wishes she had made more time to bring the kids to visit him. Nearby, Laura and Monica discuss the lovely ceremony. Annie joins them and reveals her mom and Connor went to spread some of his ashes at his local village.

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Photo of Sean GH

Robert talks to Annie about applying to the bureau. She says she went through the training program, took the oath, but was never called for the final test. She assumed she didn’t make the cut. The WSB is also sending a courier to pick up some of his sensitive files tomorrow. Robert asks if he and Anna could have access to the files before they are taken.

Seans daughter with Robert GH

Laura steps out to call Tiffany and is so happy to hear her old friend’s voice. Laura tells her that she’s there for her. Tiffany recalls her romance and life with Sean in a series of flashbacks. Tiffany can’t wait to see Laura in the morning. After the call, someone rushes towards a shocked Laura.

Back at the inn, Robin reveals to Mac that she found Laura’s room key outside, but no trace of Laura. He goes to investigate. Meanwhile, Robert explains to Annie that Sean’s files could hold the clue to a current case he and Anna are working on, but she can’t give him access because she swore an oath to the WSB.

Later, Mac returns and says not only can’t he find Laura, but he also can’t even find her room because this place is like a maze. Robert asks Annie if she knows her way around. She does and offers to take Robert to Laura’s room. Anna appears, and Robin asks her mom if she was able to talk to Felicia. Anna says Felicia unloaded on her and that was about as far as they got. Robin pushes her mom to try talking to her again.

Robins return for Sean's funeral GH

Felicia enters, so Robin gives them space. Anna tells Felicia that she doesn’t know how to begin to apologize. Anna knows she made terrible mistakes with Peter and ignored all the warning signs. She regrets her actions and is trying to put Peter away. Felicia can’t remember a time when they weren’t friends. Anna asks what she can do to earn her forgiveness. Felicia knows Sean would want her to forgive Anna, and they need to work through this for Maxie’s sake. They embrace.

Felicia is shocked GH

Robert and Annie find Laura’s room has been ransacked. Robin joins them as Annie finds a Mexican flag and a gun, and wonders if this has to do with her dad working as an arms dealer in Mexico.

Robert is worried GH

Downstairs, Monica sips a glass of water in a chair when a mysterious figure rushes her, causing her to drop the glass.

Monica drops a glass GH

Back outside of Laura’s room, Robert excuses himself to call the police. Annie worries to Robin that one of her father’s enemies could be targeting his friends. Robert returns, and he recalls how Sean often worked on the other side of the law and tried to kill him once. Annie knows her father would hate for his mistakes to come back and haunt his friends.

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Everyone reconvenes in the common area, and Anna realizes Monica is missing. Robert finds the broken glass by the chair. Annie also finds a souvenir nearby from Mt. Rushmore, where in the past they helped Sean fight a terrorist group. Felicia suddenly realizes Mac is missing, and the ice bucket he went to get is found spilled on the floor.

Robert and Felicia go to look for Mac, and Robin asks Annie if there is a security camera they can check out. Annie leads the way to the caretaker’s office.

In the office, when Anna tries to log into the computer, the whole thing goes dead, and Robin notes it was as if the hard drive was wiped clean. Suddenly there is a scream, and they go running. They find Robert on the ground with a hit to his head and Felicia is gone. Annie reveals she found a box of what is supposed to look like Felicia’s Aztec jewels. Annie thinks this is all about her dad and someone is picking his friends off one by one.

Anna and Robin are caught GH

Robin and Anna help Robert get to the common area, and where Robert was knocked out Annie finds a phone. She looks at it and shakes her head saying, “No.” Annie heads to the living area and asks to speak to Anna alone. Anna and Annie excuse themselves, and Robert tells Robin that this will all be over soon.

In the hall, Annie tells Anna that she found Robert’s phone and he never called the police as he claimed to. She thinks Robert is in on this. Anna suspects this is another part of the game and they must stick together. Anna gets back to Robert, and Annie finds another clue in Anna’s purse, which she set down on a chair. Annie confronts Anna and Robert and accuses them of being in on this. She found a magnet in Anna’s bag, which she used to wipe the surveillance computer’s hard drive. She demands to know what they’ve done with everyone.

Tiffany gets a surprise on GH

Robin defends her parents, and Anna swears the magnet was planted. Anna believes the only way to solve this is to access Sean’s files. Annie will not open that safe because she swore an oath to the WSB. Even if she’s not an agent, she won’t dishonor her father’s memory. Everyone comes out of hiding, and Anna tells Annie this was her final test for the WSB and she passed. They give Annie her dad’s badge number and congratulate her. Later, everyone gathers to toast to Sean.

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In Port Charles, Peter stops by Maxie’s place to say goodbye before she heads to the spa. Maxie lets him in, and he wonders where Chloe is. She says she stepped out, and Bobbie arrives and promises to take good care of Maxie so he can go. Peter agrees to leave and tells Maxie that he’ll miss her. Once alone, Bobbie asks why she had to come over tonight. Maxie explains she needs her to deliver the baby.

Maxie packs for her trip GH

Maxie explains her plan to ditch the private nurse at the spa and then go to Beechers Corners to deliver and fool Peter into thinking there was a miscarriage. Bobbie will help but wonders who will care for the baby until Peter is gone. Maxie tells her that she has it taken care of.

On the next General Hospital: Jason tells Britt the results are in. Carly continues to push Gladys to recant her story to save Brando. And Cyrus calls in a small favor.

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