Sasha lies to Cyrus
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Dante stops by Sam’s place and rolls one of his flat tires into her living room, asking if it looks familiar. Sam says it’s a good-looking tire, and whoever patched it up did a good job. He accuses her of slashing his tires and hands her the bill. He doesn’t understand why she’d risk her freedom to help Jason escape. However, Dante reveals she did him a favor and made him realize how close Jason was, and he found evidence that Jason and Britt were in a nearby barn. He then followed the trail to Canada and has alerted the Canadian authorities.

Dante thanks Sam GH

Sam suggests if he wants to build a real case then he should be looking for the actual killer. Dante doesn’t believe Jason is guilty but he was ordered to find him and that’s what he’s going to do. Sam wishes him luck and asks Dante how much she owes him. He indicates this is more than about the money. He says if it was any other cop then she would be arrested and headed back to Pentonville. He tells her if she pays for the tires and stays out of his way then they’ll call it even. Sam writes him a check, and he reminds her next time she goes rogue that she might not get a cop as nice and handsome as him. Dante heads out, and there is a knock at the door. She assumes it’s Dante back for more, but she finds nobody there and her check torn up on the ground.

Dante questions Sam about Jason GH

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In Pentonville, Maggie tells Alexis that she got paroled and gets out Friday. Maggie rushed to tell her because it’s all thanks to Alexis, who helped her find her voice. They hug, and Maggie departs.

Alexis talks with cellmate GH

TJ visits with Shawn and asks how Shawn is doing. Shawn would rather hear what is happening with TJ. TJ reveals he’s put in for a staff position at General Hospital after he graduates. Shawn didn’t know it was coming so soon and tells TJ that he’s going to try for parole. TJ didn’t think it was a possibility, but Shawn says Alexis changed his mind by convincing him not to pay for a crime that he didn’t commit. TJ asks if he knows who actually shot Hayden, but Shawn doesn’t. However he will find them, but first, he needs to get out. Shawn asks TJ to save him a seat at his graduation. TJ says he will and calls him dad.

TJ visits Shawn GH

Later, Shawn checks in with Alexis and fills her in on his visit from TJ. He glows as he reveals TJ called him dad, so he’s going to take Alexis up on her offer to help get him out. They sit down, and Alexis begins giving him advice on how to handle the parole board.

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Nikolas and Ava stop by Laura’s place because she asked them to. Laura tells them that Cyrus has informed her that she’s lost him as a brother and gained him as an enemy. Laura warns Nikolas that the gloves are off, and he’s furious with Nikolas for going behind his back to buy Pentonville. Nikolas is surprised when his mother reveals she supports his plan. She thinks he could do a lot of good in the realm of prison reform.

Laura confronts Nikolas about prison GH

Ava fills Laura in on what else happened the night of the family dinner, which also is why Cyrus is irate. She tells her that Carly handed Cyrus his ass at the meeting of the five families. Laura feels they need to come up with a real plan to deal with Cyrus. Ava thinks if they continue to present a united front, and Carly holds up her side of things, that Cyrus will find himself all alone. Laura worries that could make him so desperate that he’ll become dangerous.

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Cyrus arrives at Sasha’s place and is shocked to see Brando there. Sasha accuses Cyrus of wanting to know who the father of her baby is and believes he sent Brando to grill her about it. Cyrus asks Brando to take the night off and leave them, so he exits. Cyrus asks Sasha if it is so hard to think that he cares about her. She knows he’s only upset that this baby isn’t his. Cyrus admits he’s drawn to her and doesn’t want to see her make a mistake with someone who isn’t worthy. She asks why he thinks the guy wasn’t worthy and wonders if he thinks she slept with his driver. He feels if it was Brando then he has a right to know.

Sasha tells Cyrus off GH

Sasha informs Cyrus that the father was a nobody, a one-night stand that she jumped into bed with after breaking up with Michael. Cyrus notes she still hasn’t told him his name. She admits she doesn’t know his name, that was how they both wanted it. He just wants to make sure this man lives up to his responsibility. Sasha fumes that it’s not the 1950s and she can take care of her baby on her own. He simply wants to be a part of her life, but she doesn’t believe that and accuses him of wanting to control her. She thinks he’s obsessed that Mr. Nobody did what Cyrus couldn’t do, put a baby in her. Cyrus says they’ll talk again, but she suggests they not. Cyrus departs.

Cyrus confronts Sasha GH

At the Corinthos mansion, Carly tells Gladys that she is the only one who can save her and Brando. Gladys doesn’t believe Brando got Sasha pregnant. Carly tells her it is true. Carly hopes Cyrus doesn’t find out that Sasha is pregnant at all, but Gladys reveals he already knows. Gladys admits she told him because she thought he was the baby’s father. Carly warns her that she just painted a target on her son’s back. Gladys begins to freak out when suddenly Brando arrives in a panic.

Carly tries to make a deal with Gladys GH

Carly fills Brando in on her mother’s latest screw-up. Carly warns that sooner or later Cyrus will learn the truth about the baby. Carly suggests the only way to protect Brando is to put Cyrus in jail, and Gladys needs to recant her statement about Jason to make that happen. Gladys fears if she does that then Cyrus will come after both her and Brando. Carly insists this is the only way to send Cyrus back to Pentonville.

Gladys protects Brando GH

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