Brando asks Sasha if she's pregnant at Crimson General Hospital
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Sasha finds Brando in the Deception office. He asks if she’s pregnant with his child. She confirms it. He wants to be involved and she’s open to that. This wasn’t something he expected, but he’s glad it’s happened. They have things to figure out. He declares he’s finished with Cyrus and is going to quit his job. She points out that Cyrus is not about to let her go since he thinks of her as his property. If Cyrus learns that his driver got her pregnant, he’s dead.

Cyrus has news for Laura at home General Hospital

Cyrus shows up on Laura’s doorstep. She’s not happy to see him but he enters, sits down and sighs. He confronts her for being so uncongenial during their last meeting. She brings up Lulu and he recognized that she’s made it clear they have no familial bond. He’s rescinding the protection he’s offered Nikolas. If the prince continues his plans to privatize Pentonville, he’ll have to stop him. He leaves in a huff and she calls Nikolas to say they need to talk.

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Renault shows up at Deception while Sasha and Brando are still there. She tells him they have a lot to discuss.

Chase demands Finn release him from General Hospital

At General Hospital, Chase demands that Finn release him immediately. He can’t fight the illness there without going crazy. Finn lets Michael and Willow in and continues to debate the detective. Eventually, Michael offers to take Chase home with him. Finn agrees to this and he and Michael go off to call Monica.

In the hall, Michael tells Willow that Monica is on board. She’s grateful for him doing this but it’s going to be hard. All of this would be harder if she wasn’t going through it with him.

Finn returns to Chase’s room and tells him he’ll be in a good position living at Monica’s. She can keep an eye on him. Chase is just eager to get Willow alone.

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Jason and Britt discuss her condition General Hospital

At a Canadian clinic, Britt tells Jason that being there is crazy. He thinks she’s just afraid to find out what’s wrong with her. Jason admits that if he didn’t have kids, he wouldn’t want to know. Pacing, Britt says she needs to know but has been afraid to find out. Dr. Gannon comes in and she fills him in on her symptoms and possible condition. The doctor takes her out to run some tests. When Britt comes back, she explains she has tremors because she’s stressed but there is still a chance she has Huntington’s. Gannon returns and Britt asks him to test her for the disease.

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Carly offers Gladys a deal at Corinthos compund General Hospital

Gladys shows up by invitation to the Corinthos compound. Carly offers to set her up in Bridgeport and subsidize her business if she leaves Port Charles. Gladys refuses to be driven out of town and won’t leave Brando. When Carly gets threatening, Gladys reminds her she’s not Sonny. Carly insists Cyrus is despicable and is just using her and blackmailing Brando. She’s sure that Cyrus will kill her and Brando when the truth about Jason comes out. She adds that Brando got Sasha pregnant, and Cyrus won’t take the news well.

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Nina gets between Sonny and Walter in alley General Hospital

In an alley, Nina gets between an angry “Mike” and Walter. When “Mike” confronts him for robbing the Tan-O, Walter claims he’s innocent. “Mike” gives him his number and offers to help him out if he needs it. They get him to ID a picture of Elijah and let him go. Nina is impressed. They hold hands and talk about how important it is to have someone to turn to. She comments on how his lack of personal history has made him free to be whoever he wants. He doesn’t regret losing his memory for a second.

On the next General Hospital: Laura supports Nikolas’ plan.

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