Finn almost confesses to Chase GH
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Nina and “Mike” arrive at the Corinth Mall site to check out Elijah’s property acquisitions. Nina did research and there used to be a thriving local community there once. She wonders what happened. “Mike” suspects Elijah happened.

Nina and Mike take a trip GH

They walk around a rundown park and run into one of the locals, Barb. When questioned, Barb explains that five years ago the town was beset by crime and petty theft. The tourists stopped coming, and the owners sold when they were offered buyouts. Nobody suspected a strip mall would go up. “Mike” notices a similar situation going on in Nixon Falls.

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“Mike” is convinced they’ll find similar stories if they visited the other towns from Elijah’s records. Nina agrees that Elijah is no good, and thinks the real story she needs to tell in Crimson is an expose on Elijah using crime to wipe out these small quaint towns. However, she needs proof. Mike notices a guy in the background on a phone, and he thinks he knows the guy. He realizes it is the guy who tried to rob the Tan-O a few weeks ago.

Mike recognizes someone GH

Diane meets with Carly at the Corinthos mansion to discuss her latest plan to bring Jason home. Carly, under attorney-client privilege, tells Diane that Sasha is pregnant by Brando. Carly is positive they can use this to bring Gladys to their side by pointing out Brando could be in danger from a jealous Cyrus, who took a liking to Sasha. Diane ponders that if they can get Gladys to admit that Cyrus put her up to lying about Jason then they could have Cyrus brought up on charges. Diane departs, and Carly calls Gladys and asks her to come by the house because they have something important to discuss.

Carly meets with Diane GH

At a Canadian lighthouse, Britt found some playing cards and thinks she should probably check Jason’s stitches. He excuses himself to wash up. Britt pulls out a phone and makes a call, but Jason returns and catches her. She explains that she needs to get in touch with Maxie, and knows she has to keep it quick even on a burner phone.

Jason catches britt on phone GH

Peter drops by Maxie’s place because she asked to see him. Maxie informs Peter that she needs to leave town. She explains she’s going for a few spa days to relax and process the loss of her godfather, who she just found out died. Peter insists that Chloe accompany her.

Maxie plays coy with Peter GH

Just then, Maxie’s phone rings. She answers and it’s Britt, who wants to know if she’s okay and if she’s keeping Peter at bay. Maxie is able to signal to her friend “Trish” that Peter is there, and she made other arrangements when she found out she couldn’t help out with James due to having the flu. Britt urges her to be careful, and she’s confident she’ll keep her baby safe from Peter.

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After her call, Maxie tells Peter that she’ll allow Chloe to accompany her to the spa. Later after he’s gone, she books appointments for Chloe at the spa to occupy her so she can slip away.

Peter stalks Maxie GH

At the hospital, Anna calls Robert and leaves a message to call her back. She then checks on Chase and listens at the door as Chase grills Finn about his condition and what he’s not telling him. Finn swears he’s doing the best he can, and he can’t have Chase leaving and alone at home only to suddenly get a fever with no one to help him.

Chase demands the truth GH

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Robert, who happened to be in the hospital, arrives having received Anna’s message. Anna breaks the sad news that Sean passed away. He’s shell-shocked. Finn exits Chase’s room and sees they look troubled. Anna explains their friend Sean passed away, and there is a memorial tomorrow. Robert asks Anna if she’s booked a flight. Anna reveals she’s not going. Finn asks Robert to give him a minute with Anna. Robert steps away to make some calls, and Finn urges her to go to the memorial because she’d regret missing it. Anna thinks perhaps Valentin could deal with Peter and get more of the antidote if Chase needs it. She thanks Finn for looking out for her.

Robert gets devastating news GH

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael finds Willow glued to her phone. She is researching Chase’s symptoms and thinks Finn might not be telling Chase everything he knows for his own good.

Willow worries about Chase GH

In the foyer, Brook Lynn greets her father, who enters to check on how their guest behaved. Upstairs, Valentin, only in a towel, enters what he assumes is a bathroom as Olivia screams, “Get out!” Ned rushes upstairs, and soon Olivia barrels downstairs, followed by Ned, screaming about what Valentin is doing in this house half-naked.

Valentin shocks Olivia GH

Ned explains that Valentin and Charlotte are living there for the time being. Valentin, now dressed, appears and apologizes to Olivia as he thought they were alone in the guest wing. Ned asks why Olivia is in the guest ring. She reveals their room doesn’t feel right without him in it. She gets back to the topic at hand and asks why Valentin is there. The Cassadine explains that he’s there to watch over Britt, who keeps ditching his security detail. Michael and Willow join them to find out what the drama is. Olivia yells she’s living in a madhouse and storms upstairs.

Olivia fumes over Valentin in house GH

As Michael and Willow are about to head out, Robert and Anna arrive to see Monica. Michael and Willow leave, and Olivia comes downstairs dressed and is happy to see Robert. Valentin enters, and Anna is surprised to see him there. Robert and Anna explain they are there to see Monica and tell her about Sean. Ned leaves to go see if he can locate Monica.

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Valentin and Anna get a moment alone to talk, which allows Brook Lynn to sneak out. Valentin explains he and Charlotte moved in until Peter is neutralized. He also knows Sean was their best hope at finding an antidote for Chase. She asks Valentin to watch out for Chase while she’s gone, and he promises to.

In the living room, Olivia offers Robert some tea as he tells her about Sean. Ned interrupts and lets Robert know that Monica is waiting in her study. He leaves, and Ned tells Olivia that they should talk. He explains Valentin staying there is a way to make sure he keeps his promise to sign over his ELQ shares. He also thanks Olivia for being there for Brook Lynn, who needs guidance right now.

Back at the lighthouse, Jason finds Britt playing solitaire. She asks how long they are staying. He believes they have a couple of days, maybe longer. He suggests it will be long enough for her to see a doctor about her hand She refuses to go, and admits she’s scared to get the news. Jason promises to accompany her so she isn’t alone.

Back at the hospital, Finn finds Chase looking over his bill, which he can’t afford. Finn insists he will cover it, but Chase refuses as he pays his own way. Finn blurts out, “This is my fault!” Chase, assuming it’s guilt talking, tells him it isn’t, but he is checking himself out. Willow and Michael arrive as Finn tells Chase that he can’t leave and his life depends on it.

Brook Lynn, out somewhere, calls a friend in Bensonhurst to ask her to be her cover if anyone calls about her. She’s going away for R&R, but is telling everyone she’s staying with her.

On the next General Hospital: Carly makes Gladys an offer she can’t refuse. Jason tells Britt that if she’s leaving to protect him, don’t. “Mike” grills the robber about who he is. Cyrus visits Laura with news. And Brando asks Sasha to be honest with him.

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