Valentin and Brook Lynn talk moving in at Quartermaine estate General Hospital
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At the Quartermaine estate, Valentin tells Brook Lynn that he, Charlotte, and Yuri will be moving in to help protect her. He asks about the bidet situation. She refuses to let him move in and yells to her family to complain. Monica stuns her granddaughter by saying that having Valentin move in is a wonderful idea. Given how dangerous Valentin’s enemies are, she could use the protection. Monica gives Brook Lynn the final decision but points out she hasn’t even bothered to get anything for the nursery. Valentin is starting to suspect she’s barely thought about the baby. Brook Lynn agrees to Valentin’s offer, but she has conditions. Monica and Michael leave them to negotiate.

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Anna checks on Finn at General Hospital

At General Hospital, Liz finds Finn working in his office on a cure for Chase. Anna looks in and interrupts. Angry Liz walks out. Finn explains to Anna that he told Liz the truth about who killed Franco. Anna explains that she called Tiffany, Sean Donely’s wife, to see if he might have any leads on who could have worked on the toxin. They discuss how Violet has been coping with everything. Before she leaves, she asks him to tell Liz she’s sorry.

Navarro tells Peter and Maxie to induce birth at General Hospital

Down the hall, Maxie is shocked when Dr. Navarro suggests they induce the pregnancy right now. The doctor knows they weren’t expecting this but thinks it’s the best way. Peter and Maxie disagree. Once the doctor exits, Maxie tells Peter he needs to call her before he sees her again. He kisses her on the cheek and exits. Anna walks in and Maxie vents about Peter constantly showing up. Devane says she’s making arrangements to get her out of Port Charles while she deals with Peter. Maxie worries that this could cost Chase and insists on handling things her way. Anna gets a call from Tiffany, who informs her Sean is dead.

Liz complains about Peter to Finn at General Hospital

At the nurses’ station, Liz complains to Finn about Peter sending reporters after Cam. When she spots Peter, she begins lecturing and threatens to get a restraining order. He waves her off and calls Chloe to remind her to get Maxie out of town.

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Sasha and Brando talk in Metro Court General Hospital

At the Metro Court, Brando asks Sasha if he did something wrong that night in the garage. Seeing Cyrus glaring over at them, she says now isn’t a good time to explain.

Across the room, Gladys congratulates Cyrus on becoming a father. He thinks she’s confused. She tells him what she heard Sasha say in the bathroom. He tells her that she’s wrong. Carly comes in flanked by bodyguards. She spots Sasha looking uncomfortable with Brando and walks over as the model exits. After Carly lectures him for making a scene, Cyrus calls him away. Gladys swans over to Carly to complain about how hostile she is.

Brando and Cyrus sit down and the boss tells him that he can’t be a boy scout and solve everyone’s problems. They discuss Sasha and Cyrus mentions that she’s pregnant. He notes this is a surprise to his driver and then complains about his lousy job performance. Cyrus orders him to discover who the father of Sasha’s child is.

Carly offers Sasha help at Metro Court General Hospital

Carly follows Sasha into the bathroom and offers her any help she needs. Sasha admits she’s pregnant with Brando’s child. Carly tells her she should keep it a secret. If Cyrus finds out his driver got her pregnant, it could cost Brando his life.

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Nina caught in Elijah's office General Hospital

As Nina finishes printing stuff in Elijah’s office, over the phone, “Mike” tells her to get out of there. Elijah shows up and wonders what she’s doing there. She claims she just lost her earring. After she leaves, he checks his computer and notices his printer has been used. He makes a call and tells someone he will take care of Nina himself.

Sonny worries about Nina at Tan-O General Hospital

At the Tan-O, “Mike” grabs a gun. Before he can leave, Nina runs into his arms. He worries about her and she barely knows what to say when she sees his gun. She agrees to do things his way, but he needs to leave the gun behind. They go through the paperwork she stole. She says Elijah has a slush fund and they wonder why. After she makes him put the gun away, she agrees to go and take a look at Elijah’s strip mall in Corinth.

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