Sam talks to Spienlli on phone in car General Hospital
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In her car, Sam talks to Spinelli on the phone. She guesses that Britt is hiding out on the Cassadine nature preserve with Jason.

Portia and Curtis talk guest list at Metro Court General Hospital

Portia meets with Trina at the Metro Court. She asks her daughter to take a table while she has a chat with Curtis at the bar. He tells her about his plans for the opening of his club. She says being happy looks good on him. They recall the first time they met in a bar and he picked her up. When he starts making excuses for the changes he’s made in his life, she tells him he doesn’t need to. They talk about how lucky Cameron is that it was Jordan who got the gun away from him.

Across the room, Nikolas tells Ava it’s time they got Cyrus looking over his shoulder.

Ava and Trina talks Curtis at Metro Court General Hospital

Ava joins Trina at her table and asks why she seems so worried about her mom sitting with Curtis. Trina feels like she and her mom ruined Curtis’ marriage. Ava says her mom is an adult and is entitled to privacy. Portia interrupts and her daughter goes off to make a call. Ava never realized that Trina was such a romantic.

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Alexis and Shawn talk parole in Pentonville General Hospital

In Pentonville, Alexis and Shawn talk about how she’s helped her cellmate with her parole hearing. She’s worried about who her next cellmate could be. When she asks when his hearing is coming up, he says he’s not going. She’s baffled. He can’t show remorse for a crime he didn’t commit. She’s even more baffled he’s not fighting to be released. As she begs him to let her help, Nikolas shows up.

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Jordan welcomes Dante back to the PCPD General Hospital

Freshly shaved, Dante reports for duty at Jordan’s office at the PCPD. She’s happy to see him and hands him his badge. She shows him the footage of the shootout and how Jason went back for Britt. They wonder how he knew she was being attacked and what their real connection is.

Curtis drops by later and commends Jordan on being a hero with Cameron. He hands her divorce papers. She can’t believe this is happening.

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Carly and Jax talk choices with Joss at Corinthos house General Hospital

Jax drops by the Corinthos compound to see Joss. They join Carly and she asks him to help convince their daughter to make some life plans. Going to the school that wasn’t her first choice could still be good for her. Carly leaves to take a call and orders some of her men to the docks before returning. Jax looks worried. He tells his daughter she needs to make a decision, so she decides to go to PCU. Carly is distracted by another call and Jax asks what’s going on. Joss mopes off and her mom wonders why she’s upset. Jax guesses it’s because Carly is more concerned with running the mob than her daughter’s life. Carly insists she’s just protecting their daughter. He’s going to ask Joss to move in with him until she goes to college. She insists their daughter needs to stay in the compound. Seeing what she’s becoming, makes him hope their daughter is never anything like her.

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When Sam pulls over at a gas station, she sees Dante questioning the attendant and interrupts. The cop guesses he must be on the right track and suggests she head back to Port Charles. She suggests they work together. He can’t trust her with this. She begs him to just take Britt back while she takes Jason somewhere safe. The attendant recalls something and calls Dante over. Sam drives away after putting a hole in Dante’s tire.

Britt tells Jason she may be sick in barn General Hospital

Jason and Britt are in the barn arguing about what to do. She tells him she has Huntington’s disease… maybe. She’s been avoiding getting the test but has been having tremors and involuntary movements. He assures her she won’t become her father. Jason says they’ve been there too long and need to start moving. She insists on driving. As they head out the door, they run into Sam. Despite this big turning point, we still fear it’s too late to reunite JaSam — here’s why.

On the next General Hospital: Carly and Jax clash over Joss’s safety.

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