Trina upset with Cam GH
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Jordan is beating the bag hard at Sonny’s gym and thinking about the incident with Cameron in the hospital garage. Portia enters and asks her if everything is okay. Jordan tells her about the situation with Cameron, and Portia says she heard about it. Jordan has been in this situation before with young kids and guns, but those kids didn’t look like Cameron. Jordan knows if Cam’s skin was a different color, she may not have been able to talk her officers down if she hadn’t gotten there in time.

Portia warns about a bait switch GH

Portia can’t believe they are still dealing with these issues, and their kids having to proclaim that their lives matter. They thank one another for the talk, and Jordan heads back to work. Portia then looks at a photo on her phone that she took the other night with Curtis at his club.

Jordan and Portia meet GH


In the Quartermaine mansion living room, Michael and Willow pick up Wiley’s toys and share a kiss. Willow stops it and reminds him they can’t do this and they have to make Chase a priority.

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In the foyer, Dante asks Brook Lynn why she keeps calling Britt’s phone. She says she needs an OGBYN, but Dante tells her that won’t happen with her on the run. Brook Lynn asks if Britt is in danger. Dante says Britt takes care of Britt and is likely fine. Brook Lynn thinks given his past with her that he can’t really be objective on this case. Dante wonders why she’s defending Britt so hard. Michael and Willow enter, and Michael asks for an update on Jason.

Dante confused by Brook Lynn GH

In the living room, Dante tells Michael that Jason is considered armed and dangerous, so he should pass that on if he talks to him. Back in the foyer, Brook Lynn asks nursing student Willow if she knows how to birth a baby

Brook Lynn defends britt gh

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At the hospital, Anna finds Chase begging Finn to discharge him. Anna asks to speak with Finn, so they step out of the room. Finn hasn’t been able to duplicate the antidote, and they are at Peter’s mercy unless there is a miracle. Anna goes back to check on Chase, who is delirious with a fever. She calls for Finn, who takes his temperature and it’s 105. Finn tells Anna that she needs to call Peter.

Finn needs more antidote GH

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Peter gets into his car in some remote area and does a mic check with Chloe (played by Kimberly J. Brown), who is outside of Maxie’s place. He asks her to do exactly as they discussed.

Peter gives orders GH

Nurse Chloe, the imposter, knocks on Maxie’s door. Maxie invites her in, and they proceed with the interview. Throughout the proess Peter dictates the imposter’s answers over the earpiece she is secretly wearing. After the interview, Maxie hires Chloe, who promises to do the best for her and her daughter. Puzzled, Maxie wonders how she knew she was having a girl. Chloe claims it’s by the way she’s carrying, she’s learned to notice the signs.

Fake nurse chloe GH

Later, Peter calls Chloe and tells her that he needs to know everything she sees and hears while with Maxie. After he hangs up, Peter gets a call from Anna, demanding more of the antidote. She asks him to meet her at the hospital. Peter then makes a call to someone for a favor.

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Sam stops by the Corinthos place and asks Carly why she’s having her followed. Carly explains that it’s a preventative measure, she’s keeping an eye on anyone close to Jason in case Cyrus tries to retaliate. Sam asks about Jason, and Carly informs her that he was shot, but is safe. When Sam pushes Carly to tell her where he is, she refuses and reminds Sam that she broke away from Jason and the business, so she’s out and this is for her safety.

Sam questions Carly about Jason GH

In the barn, Jason tells Britt that they need to move in a couple of hours, but she thinks they are perfectly safe. Jason explains when you are on the run you should never stay anywhere more than ten hours. He reminds her that Cyrus and Peter are both after him, and perhaps her too. Britt realizes she can incriminate Peter in accessing Franco’s medical records, so he probably will be out to eliminate her.

Jason warns Britt GH

Later, Jason spots Britt’s hands shaking and calls her out on it. She plays it off as being nervous that they’re on the run and her brother likely wants her dead. Jason says she can tell him what it is that she’s hiding.

Britt worried about running GH

At the coffee house, Trina runs into Cam. Cam tells Trina that he did something stupid and informs her about Jason’s escape and that he picked up a gun and pointed it at him, which got him arrested. Trina is stunned and tells him that he is lucky to be alive, which is in part because of who he is. Cam doesn’t understand.

Trina and Cam discuss the gun incident GH

Trina reminds him of last summer when the two of them and Joss were driving around those back roads, and they got pulled over by a cop. She relays how Cam questioned why he was being stopped, and it terrified her. She cries that if he and Joss weren’t there, she likely would have been pulled out of the car and pinned to the ground. She was shaking even after the cop let them go. Cam had no idea how upset she was back then. She lets him know that she swallowed her fear because he and Joss just wouldn’t have understood. She tells Cam he needs to realize how lucky he was then and last night.

Back at the hospital, Peter arrives with the vial and tells Anna that she needs to say the magic word for him to hand it over. Anna chides him for playing games with people’s lives. He warns her to watch how she speaks to him unless she wants Chase to die.

Finn works to get Chase’s fever down. When a delirious Chase asks where Willow is, Finn says she went home to spend time with her son Willey. Chase, confused, can’t believe he has a son.

Finn cares for Chase GH

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Willow gets a call from Finn about Chase. Michael offers to drive her to the hospital, and Dante heads off to the station. Brook Lynn then receives a call from Maxie, who believes her new nurse could be an ally. Maxie then goes over the new plan. Maxie will tell Peter she’s going for a spa day, and Brook Lynn will tell Valentin that she’s going to Bensonhurst for her baby shower. However, they’ll really meet at the house she rented in Beacher’s Corner. Brook Lynn asks who will deliver the baby. Maxie replies, “Bobbie Spencer.”

Willow arrives at the hospital, and Chase asks if she brought their son. Finn explains he’s disoriented. He steps out, and Willow implores him to fight. Chase tells her not to worry, and that he’ll never leave her.

In the hall, Anna hands the vial to Finn. Later he tells her that Chase’s fever is coming down and the crisis has been averted. Back in his room, a clear-headed Chase apologizes to Willow for the confusion and thinking they had a son. He also thinks Finn isn’t telling him everything he knows about his condition.

Somewhere, nurse Chloe puts a tray of vials into a safe.

Elsewhere, Dante gets a call with a lead on Britt.

On the next General Hospital: Britt has her suspicions about her illness, Nikolas tells Ava that Cyrus is about to meet his father’s side of the family, and Sam thinks she might know how to find Jason.

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