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Britt wakes up in a Cassadine barn with Jason, annoyed that he hasn’t been sleeping so he can heal. He reminds her that they are fugitives and one of them needs to keep guard. He’s surprised that she’s not better at being on the run given how she was raised. She says Faison hid out at five star hotels, not in the hayloft.

Carly and Joss discuss their problems in kitchen General Hospital

Joss runs into Carly in the kitchen of the Corinthos compound. Carly wants to know what’s been going on. She’s never seen her hide from her problems before. Joss has realized she’s not a team player. Her mom reassures her that facing obstacles will make her stronger. Carly gets a call from Jason, and she fills him in about her success at the meeting of the Five Families before apologizing for her plan failing. He warns her that he’s at his limit and might not be able to help her if she gets in trouble. She gets off the line distraught. Joss tries to reassure her. Her mom tells her about when she met Jason and how he’s stuck by her when she didn’t deserve it. She’s always taken advantage of him. Her daughter reminds her that no one can make Jason do what he doesn’t want to. “I’m the one person who can,” Carly insists. Joss says that if Jason does something, it’s because he thinks it’s for the best.

Britt complains to Jason in barn General Hospital

Back in the barn, Britt tells Jason that she got into this of her own volition, but she can’t handle it anymore and storms out. Later, she returns with coffee and lectures him for moving around when he should he healing. She asks him to sleep while she stands guard.

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Sonny warns Nina about Elijah at Tan-O General Hospital

Nina drops by the Tan-O and “Mike” apologizes if he made her feel uncomfortable. She assures him everything is good. He explains he saw Elijah with one of the robbers from the dance and tells her to stay away from him. Elijah strides in and tells her that he may have found her somewhere to rent. She agrees to have dinner with him, and he happily saunters out. “Mike” doesn’t understand why she would do the exact opposite of what he suggested. Nina tells him it’s not for the reason he thinks. She can get at Elijah in a way that he can’t.

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Brook Lynn Ned Olivia talk baby Quartermaine estate General Hospital

Brook Lynn arrives at the Quartermaine house, reassuring Maxie over the phone. Ned interrupts, assuming she was talking to Valentin. He’s impressed by how strong she’s being. Sitting her down, he tells her he used to sing to her in the womb and gets out his guitar. Ned sings. She cries and Olivia joins in the weeping. He hands his daughter an MP3 player of songs and Olivia invites him into the kitchen to make lunch. Brook Lynn eavesdrops as her father thanks Olivia and tells her that his daughter is finally starting to see the baby as a person. He’s excited to be a grandfather. It feels like a new chapter in his life.

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Cyrus warns Peter he'll be dead soon at Metro Court General Hospital

Cyrus sits down at the bar at the Metro Court and Peter quizzes him about Jason being on the loose. Renault assumes that Peter is more worried about this than he is. Peter makes it clear that he has no problem with Britt disappearing permanently. When August tells him to relax because everything is going well, Cyrus tells him he’s an idiot and probably only has a week to live. He urges him to get more security. Peter crosses the room to meet Nurse Jennings for an interview. He suggests they do this in private.

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Maxie asks Sam to find Jason at home General Hospital

Sam arrives at Maxie’s. The blonde orders her to get Jason to bring Britt home immediately. Sam doesn’t understand the rush and points out Jason is not a kidnapper. She offers Maxie any help she needs dealing with Peter. Dante can help too. Maxie doesn’t think that’s a good idea. She feels bad because he was right about Peter all along. Agreeing to let Sam help with Peter, Maxie ushers her out so she can he ready to interview the nurse Peter is sending. When the nurse (played by Kimberly J. Brown) arrives, it is not the woman Peter met.

In an alley, Peter dumps Nurse Jennings’ purse into a dumpster and removes his black gloves.

On the next General Hospital: Maxie is deceived.

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