Dante takes Sam in GH
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On Jax’s patio, Cam brings Joss up to speed on what happened with Jason. Meanwhile, Liz calls Jax from her place to ask if Cam is there. Jax says he is with Joss. She indicates that she’ll be right over.

Cam apologizes to Joss

Cam tells Joss that he knows now Jason didn’t kill Franco, but he only learned that after witnessing a shoot-out, picking up a gun, and coming close to shooting Jason. Joss tells Cam if he had shot Jason then she would have never been able to forgive him. She is stunned at how out of control he’s become. Cam asks her why she’s acting like he pulled the trigger. She says it’s time for them to put this behind them. She also adds that he will need to apologize to Jake, and should he get the chance, to Jason.

Joss learns more information GH

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Inside, Liz arrives and fills Jax in on the events of the night involving Cam. Jax vents that this all goes back to Sonny ruining everyone’s lives, and it never ends. Joss and Cam enter, and Cam tells his mom that he just had to see Joss and apologize. Liz says they should go home and talk about this in the morning. Outside, Cam laments to Liz that he feels he’s lost his best friend.

Jax thinks it will never end GH


At General Hospital, Valentin runs into Anna. They discuss Jason’s escape, and Anna worries that Jason will go after Peter. She fears that if he kills Peter, they may never get the cure for Chase. Anna also reveals that she told Finn the truth about Peter poisoning Chase so he could work on synthesizing the antidote. Later, Anna makes some calls and learns the man who developed Faison’s original poison, the one used on Sean Donnelly, has died. However, she has other leads on connections to him. Valentin suggests while she tries to locate the cure, he’ll focus on finding Peter’s stores of the antidote.

Anna confides in Valentin about Finn GH

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In Chase’s room, Finn checks him over and then leaves him to spend time with Willow. Michael arrives to see Chase and didn’t know Willow was there. They discuss the lockdown, and Michael is stunned to learn from Willow that Jason was shot in the escape. Michael decides he needs to check on his family and departs. Chase urges Willow to go home and keep Michael company.

Finn won't let Chase leave GH

Finn checks in on Chase again. Chase wants to go home now that he’s feeling better. However, Finn tells him that it’s not safe for him to leave, puzzling Chase. Finn covers and says he could have a seizure while driving or fall in the shower with no one to help. Chase hates being stuck in the bed. Finn promises him that the world, his job, and Willow will still be there when he is better.

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Brook Lynn arrives at Maxie’s place to discuss the baby switch plan. Suddenly Peter knocks at the door, forcing Brook Lynn to hide in the other room. Maxie lets Peter inside. He brought her a milkshake for her cravings and immediately asks who is there with her because he heard voices. She claims it was a podcast she was listening to while looking over the resumes for the private nurse. She puts the milkshake in the kitchen, and Peter snaps a photo of the resume of the nurse Maxie picked. Maxie returns and lets Peter know that she needs to get some sleep. He departs.

Peter is suspicious of Maxie GH

Brook Lynn emerges from hiding, and she and Maxie talk about working together with Britt to pull off this swap. However, Britt isn’t returning Maxie’s calls. Maxie makes some more calls and finds out from Amy that Jason escaped from General Hospital and took Britt hostage. Brook Lynn notes Jason doesn’t take hostages, so this makes zero sense. They realize they may have to come up with a new plan.

At the safe house, Dante and Sam find the place empty. Dante blames losing Jason on Sam for not trusting him. She admits she doesn’t trust him with this now that he’s a cop again. Dante tells Sam that he has to take her in for questioning.

Sam finds herself in trouble GH

At the Corinthos house, Carly talks to Jason over the phone and urges him to rest and stay safe. She then goes for a drink and spots Sonny’s favorite scotch. She pours herself a glass and has a vision of her husband. He tells her that she’s had a big day attending the meeting of the five families, but he’s afraid Cyrus won’t let this go. She promises to do what it takes to protect their family until Jason can come home.

Carly has a vision of Sonny GH

Michael stops by later to check on his mom. She assures him that Jason is fine, and he didn’t take Britt hostage. Willow arrives soon to be there to support Michael. She wants him so badly but knows they can’t be together until Chase is better.

Willow makes a sacrifice for Chase GH

Meanwhile, Carly has another chat with Sonny. He apologizes for leaving her but says he’s always in her heart. She closes her eyes and when she opens them, Sonny is gone. Carly sits in his chair and says she’s ready to be the head of the family in every way.

Carly makes a promise GH

At the station, Olivia meets with Robert and talks about Dante being back on the force. Robert explains this is a favor to Mac in looking into Jason’s escape given he knows about Sonny’s organization. Robert thinks she shouldn’t worry about Dante and should go home to work on her marriage. She doesn’t know if there is anything left of it. She gushes about how liberating and thrilling their time in Monte Carlo was, but Ned wasn’t happy about it. She laughs at the thought of Ned suspecting something was going on between them.

Olivia laughs off suspicion GH

Dante enters with Sam, and explains he’s brought her in for questioning. Robert grills Sam in the interrogation room, but she won’t speak without her lawyer. Meanwhile, Olivia reminds Dante that Sam is still on parole and if she is arrested then she’ll be sent back to Pentonville with her mother. Robert returns and tells Dante that Sam is all his.

Dante heads into the interrogation room and tells Sam that he’s cutting her loose because he doesn’t want her being sent back to Pentonville. She thanks him and is sorry if her actions damaged their friendship. He can’t fault her for being loyal to Danny’s father, but this does put them on opposite sides.

In the park, Peter makes a call to someone and gives them the name of the nurse Maxie has chosen. He says now it’s all up to this Chloe Jennings.

On the next General Hospital: Britt tells Jason that she’s out. Carly tells Joss that everything that happened is on her. Brook Lynn and Maxie scramble to find a solution. And Cyrus warns Peter that dropping his guard would be a mistake.

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