Dante grills Spinelli about Jason GH
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In the station interrogation room, Jordan tells Cameron that the garage footage shows Jason was hit by a bullet shot from behind him, and the charges against him are being dropped.

Later in the squad room, Dante lets Jordan know that Carly didn’t say a word to him. Jordan heads home to change, and Sam arrives to see if there is news on Jason. When she finds out Dante is assisting on the case, she convinces him to let her help. Dante agrees, and he suspects Jason is in one of Sonny’s safehouses. Sam has an idea of someone who might know where Jason may be.

Dante and Sam discuss Jason GH

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Portia stops in Curtis’ club to see if he could use any help. A woman enters and apologizes for being late. Portia decides to leave him to things, but he swears it’s not what she thinks and asks her to stay. He introduces Portia to Angela, his new mixologist. Angela gets to work, and he invites Portia to taste some of the drinks she’s come up with for the club. They toast to the club being a success and taste Angela’s work.

Portia and Curtis connect GH

At Jax’s house, Carly arrives and Joss asks her mother where she’s been, and if Jason is all right. Carly says he’s fine and asks why she’s in a boot and her father a sling. Joss explains her dad was shot during a robbery in Nixon Falls, but dodges the question about her foot and resumes asking about Jason. Jax eventually asks Joss to go to her room so he and her mother can talk.

Jax confronts Carly GH

Once alone, Jax accuses Carly of helping Jason escape. Carly says someone had to protect Sonny’s family, and she’s stepping up. Jax thinks there are other people who can take over, but Carly says she must remain in charge or she’ll look weak against Cyrus and he’s going to have to get used to it. Jax insists Joss stay with him, at least for the night. Carly agrees but is leaving her security people. Later, Carly informs Joss that she’ll be staying with her dad for the night.

Carly screams at Jax GH

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At the safe house, Jason and Britt take cover as someone begins to unlock the door. Jason aims his gun, and Spinelli enters and declares, “Don’t shoot I come in peace!” Spinelli delivers the blood Jason needs, and Britt gets to work giving him a transfusion.

Spinelli warns not to shoot GH

Later Britt realizes she needs to call her mother to let her know that she’s okay. Spinelli gives her his phone, and she excuses herself to another room. Jason asks Spinelli to take him to The Metro Court because he needs to talk to Carly. He refuses because he doesn’t want to face the wrath of The Britch. Jason tells him not to call her that. In the other room, Britt smiles overhearing Jason defending her. Britt returns and Spinelli’s phone rings. He assumes it’s Sam from the number, but it’s Dante who tells him that he needs to come down to the station. Spinelli wonders if he’s on the force again. Dante explains he is helping out. Spinelli departs, and Britt asks Jason if they can trust Spinelli not to give away their location. Jason knows Spinelli and knows exactly how this is going to play out.

Britt questions Jason GH

Jordan returns home to an empty apartment. Trina stops by to see her dad, and Jordan explains that he’s out to dinner with an ex-cop, but she’s free to wait. Trina sees the boxes and asks if she’s moving. Jordan explains it’s Curtis’ stuff, and they are getting divorced. Trina is upset and thinks about her own parents’ divorce and the secrets Jordan and her dad kept. Jordan says with their line of work you can’t always be honest, and Curtis and Portia needed that and they failed them. Jordan has to get back to work but invites Trina to stay and wait for her dad. Trina decides she can talk to her dad another time.

Trina questions Jordan about her father GH

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Liz, Scott and Cam arrive home. Cam confronts his mom about overhearing her say Peter killed Franco. Liz and Scott explain what they know, but they can’t prove Peter did it. Cam breaks down over realizing all his fights with Jake and Joss were for nothing because he was wrong, and he could have killed Jason tonight. He runs up to his room, and Scott advises Liz to give him time.

Cam learns Peter killed Franco GH

Back at the station, Dante grills Spinelli about Jason’s location. Sam interferes when Dante gets rough and grabs him by his shirt, and tells Spinelli not to say another word and she’ll call Diane. Dante storms off, and Sam tells Spinelli she is scared for Jason. Spinelli assures her that Jason is fine. Sam realizes Spinelli knows where he is and pushes him to trust her and tell her.

Dante returns and finds Sam gone. He makes a call and asks if they are following her. He then tells them not to do anything and he’s on his way. Later Jordan arrives and finds Spinelli in the interrogation room. She demands he start talking.

At the club, after Angela heads home, Portia tells Curtis how Angela was all smiles at him. He didn’t notice. She thinks maybe he’s not ready to give up on his marriage after all, and notices he’s still wearing his ring. Trina appears in the background and watches her mom and Curtis. Curtis decides it’s time to make a break and takes off his ring. Trina appears troubled.

Cam stops by Jax’s place to see Joss.

Sam arrives at the safe house, only to find out Dante followed her. Dante kicks in the door with his gun drawn, but Jason and Britt are gone.

Britt and Jason make a getaway in a car and speed out of Port Charles.

On the next General Hospital: Cam tells Joss she doesn’t know everything. Anna reveals to Valentin that she told Finn the truth. Carly has a vision of Sonny and vows to protect their family. Olivia and Robert laugh over the idea of something going on between them.

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