Cam armed with gun GH
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In the hospital garage, Cameron and Jordan both have guns aimed at one another. Jordan lowers her gun and orders Cam, who is in a frenzied state, to lower his. He eventually complies, and Jordan places him under arrest. Cameron swears he didn’t do anything as he has his rights read to him. Cameron goes in and out of a dazed state.

Jordan Cameron standoff GH

In the hospital, Liz calls Cam and leaves a message to ask him to check in with her. Finn is sure he’s fine.

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Brando places a call and informs someone that the active shooter situation is over and he’ll meet them downstairs. He steps into the elevator and runs into Sasha. Sasha explains she is there for a doctor’s visit. Things are awkward between them, and Brando asks if she has regrets about the other night. She doesn’t and says she’s just distracted by her appointment.

Brando Sasha regrets GH

In Chase’s room, Chase wants to get back to work seeing the emergency situation, but Willow refuses to let him get out of the bed. He rants as to whether he’ll ever get his life back. He notes that even Finn can’t find out what’s wrong with him and loving her is the only thing he’s sure of right now.

Willow orders Chase into bed GH

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In an alley, Cyrus grills his man on how Morgan got away. After the man explains what happened, Cyrus pulls out a switchblade and stabs him in the gut, telling him it’s too bad he didn’t get shot in the garage too.

Cyrus stabs man GH

Back in the hospital, Sasha and Brando step out of the elevator and run into Cyrus. She snips at him when he offers fake concern for her and walks off. Cyrus tells Brando there is a mess in the alley that needs to be cleaned up, and he has a tragedy to attend to. They depart, and Sasha sneaks back to the elevator.

Cyrus gloats about a tragedy GH

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Britt and Brick bring Jason to a safehouse. Carly joins them and learns Jason has been shot in the abdomen. Britt tells Brick that she needs medical supplies, so grabs some from his car. Carly wonders why Jason went back in, and Britt explains to save her. Jason asks Britt to just patch him up so he can get to the meetings, but she explains this isn’t a flesh wound and he could bleed out. Jason passes out as Britt scrubs up. Carly begs Jason to listen to her and make it, and for Britt to save Jason.

Britt and carly tend to Jason GH

Britt begins to operate to remove the bullet, but after the operation, Jason goes into shock. Britt realizes he needs a transfusion. Carly offers to donate because they are compatible, so Britt starts a transfusion. Jason’s pulse strengthens, and soon he’s stable. Carly has to get to an important meeting. She asks Brick to do that thing she asked of him and then get out of town. Brick asks if she’s certain. Carly is because they have this coming. Britt is left alone with Jason, and her hands tremble. Suddenly Jason comes to and asks where Carly is.

Britt operates on Jason GH

At the Metro Court, Mac speaks to Dante about the possibility of him returning to the force. Dante explains his situation is a little more complicated, but Mac really needs him back. Mac gets a call from Jordan that there has been a shooting in the parking garage and Cameron appears to be the shooter. Mac says he’s on his way, and Dante offers to accompany him as backup.

Mac talks to Dante about a job GH

Back in the garage, Liz and Finn arrive and find a man dead and Cam in cuffs. Cam swears he didn’t do anything. Jordan explains that when she arrived on the scene a man was dead, Cam was holding a gun, gunpowder was in the air, and shots had been fired. Cam swears all he did was pick up the gun. Finn tells him not to say another word.

Liz and Finn shocked by Cam GH

Blood is found, and Jordan asks a tech to see if it is a match for Britt or Jason. Liz makes a call to Scott and then asks Cam what happened. Cam explains finding Jason missing, following him, and seeing him and Britt going to an SUV. Then the other guy showed up and shots were fired. Finn orders him to stop and say no more.

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Scott arrives with Obrecht, and Scott insists that Cam let him do all the talking for him. Obrecht asks Liz how Britt was involved. Liz explains Cam saw Jason dragging her to a car and may have kidnapped her.

Dante and Mac arrive, followed by Cyrus who demands to know what Jordan is doing to find his chief of staff. Jordan swears they are doing everything they can. Cyrus departs, and Obrecht informs Jordan that Britt warned her that Cyrus had been pressuring her. Obrecht is sure Cyrus is behind all of this.

Obrecht provides info to Jordan GH

Jordan consults with Mac and Dante about Obrecht’s information, and Mac wonders if Jason and Britt were running for their lives. The blood test results are returned, and the sample matches Jason’s blood type. Jordan thinks Cam may have pulled the trigger without realizing it. Later, Mac asks Dante to use his knowledge about Sonny’s organizations to find and bring Jason in alive. Dante agrees.

Jordan tells Cam and Liz that she has to bring Cam down and further question him. Cam swears he didn’t fire the gun. She explains they’ll see what the evidence tells them.

Back up in the hospital, Sasha checks up on Chase. Chase fills her in on his condition, and how Willow has been his rock. Finn arrives to check Chase’s vitals, and Chase asks the ladies to step out so he can talk to Finn. Chase asks what he’s doing to get him out of there. Finn says they have found a treatment, but Chase says it’s not a cure. Finn swears he won’t stop until he’s better.

In the hall, Willow asks Sasha why she’s there. She explains she has a doctor’s appointment. Willow asks if she’s okay. Sasha claims she is, though her voice appears hesitant. Sasha says she’s glad to see Willow and Chase making it work, and they deserve to be happy and have a life together.

Cyrus arrives at the meeting of the five families and greets everyone. Suddenly, Carly waltzes in.

On the next General Hospital: At the station, Cam worries he might have done it. At the meeting of the five families, Carly tells Cyrus that she’s calling the shots and he doesn’t want to make himself a target.

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