Ava offers Laura and Carly help at Corinthos compound General Hospital
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Ava joins Laura at Carly’s. Britt calls Carly and tells her she’s set things up. When she gets off the line, Ava tells them about Nikolas’ deal with Cyrus. Now, Cyrus is taking an interest in Nikolas and Avery as part of his family. This is making her nervous. Laura worries that Cyrus is now unleashed. Carly tells Ava she’s not going to rescue her. Ava isn’t looking for help, she’s offering it. Laura thinks they should work together. Carly mulls that over and then suggests Ava invite Cyrus over for dinner. Reluctantly, Ava calls Renault and invites him, promising that Laura will be there.

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Trina tells Joss they won't get to Jax on road General Hospital

Joss and Trina are stalled on the road after the car has overheated. They discuss their disappointments about college. Joss has no idea how to deal with Cam right now. Trina points out that the issues between them aren’t just about Jason. Her friend doesn’t understand and prods for an explanation. Trina explains that Dev stole her journal and showed it to Cam. She needs to ask Cam why what’s in it was so upsetting for him. The auto club repairman pulls up.

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Sonny and Nina talk Jax at Tan-O General Hospital

Nina drops by the Tan-O to get a thermos of coffee for her trip taking Jax home. She tells Sonny she’s going to take care of some business and return. He wonders if her friend is worth that much work after he hurt her. As they discuss trust, Elijah drifts in and Sonny gets adversarial. Nina asks the men to play nice while she’s away. Elijah hopes she hurries back. Once she takes off, they get back to blaming each other for the town’s recent spate of crimes. Sonny points out how Elijah is driving people out and his friends are buying up all the real estate.

Jax declines an offer in clinic General Hospital

At the clinic in Nixon Falls, Phyllis helps Jax get his shirt on. He confirms that he’s not giving up on Nina, but he will respect her wishes and take a break. Phyllis hopes he’s not using promises of Wiley to get Nina back. If Nina decides she’s better off without him, he’ll let her go. Phyllis hopes he means that. After she leaves, Nina shows up and offers to drive him home. He appreciates it but turns her down. She’s already made her position about them clear. Joss arrives to pick up her father and tells them Trina is just picking up food at the Tan-O.

When Phyllis gets home, she catches Elijah and Sonny yelling at each other. The men apologize and shake hands for her sake. She hopes they’ll learn to get along. After Elijah exits, Phyllis tells Sonny that if he wants Nina to stick around, he’s going to have to make the place peaceful. As they wander into the other room, Trina arrives.

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Britt and Liz talk status at General Hospital

At General Hospital, Liz asks Britt if she’s noticed all the new hires and assumes they are security. She guesses something strange is going on because Jason being there doesn’t make sense. The doctor brings up her status and warns she may not be able to give her more hours since Finn requested she stay away from his case. She tells Liz to take a leave of absence. The nurse says working is the only thing allowing her to heal so Britt agrees to table this but sends her home for the day.

Jason talks to Cameron at General Hospital

A guard tries to get Cameron out of Jason’s room. Stone Cold asks if they can talk. Cam wishes he could see Jake’s father, but he only sees the man who killed Franco. Jason says he’s innocent until proven guilty. Britt interrupts as distraught Cam exits. She compliments Jason on how thoughtful he’s been. He tells her she needs to make sure she has deniability while their plan goes into action. She urges him to get her brother and try not to die. As they chat, a ‘janitor’ watches them and calls Cyrus.

Cam finds his mom in the hall. He admits he saw Jason and he’s all bad.

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Maggie warns Alexis in Pentonville General Hospital

In Pentonville, Maggie asks Alexis how she got a cushy job in the library. Maggie warns that special treatment can put a target on your back. After she walks off, Shawn swaggers over. He has special privileges to access the women’s wing. She details how she wound up in there. They briefly rehash their relationship. He’s been working on a business degree. She admits that someone stepped up to help her when she was attacked. He warns that having friends on the outside helping her can be dangerous.

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