Cyrus meets with Ava GH
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At General Hospital, Joss argues with Cam and Trina after they bring her in limping because she has to play in the upcoming tournament. Portia insists on checking her out and hopes this isn’t a volleyball injury because she was instructed not to play. Joss claims she stepped in a hole in the park and twisted it. After an MRI, Portia reveals that her ankle isn’t broken, but she’s millimeters away from tearing a ligament. She says her volleyball season is over, and she needs four weeks of complete rest. She’ll also have to be fitted for an ankle boot.

Joss wants a break from Port Charles GH

Later, Trina asks her mom why there are so many security guards around. She explains Jason was brought in with an injury. Cam is upset that Joss, who knew, didn’t tell him about Jason. She reminds him that they called a truce. Cam has to get to Kelly’s and departs. Joss then vents to Trina that she just lost her only shot at playing for Southern Coastal. She refuses to go to the tournament now but thinks they both need a break from Port Charles and gets an idea.

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Sam brings Danny to visit Jason, and warns him that his dad is handcuffed to his bed.

Britt checks in on Jason and lets him know Carly is putting the plan in motion to break him out tonight. Talk turns to Britt’s mother, and she’s warned her to lay low for the time being. Sam enters with Danny, who runs over and gives his dad a hug. Britt and Sam step out, and Danny tells his dad how Jake and Cam are having a rough time right now, but he knows he didn’t kill Franco.

Danny visits Jason GH

In the hall, Britt lets Sam know that Jason’s wound wasn’t severe, and he’s going to be discharged tonight. Sam is puzzled why the chief of staff is acting as Jason’s doctor. They are interrupted by a call, and Britt excuses herself.

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At Wyndemere, Ava confesses to Nikolas that his deal with Cyrus has her terrified. Nikolas believes Cyrus owes him, but Ava warns Cyrus will see him as useful and won’t let him go. Talk turns to their wedding, and Nikolas says Spencer contacted him and told him that he wasn’t planning to return home anytime soon.

Ava meets with Cyrus GH

After Nikolas leaves, Cyrus stops by to see Ava and was also hoping to thank Nikolas for his help. She tells him that he just missed him. Cyrus explains he stopped by because he wants a family, and Nikolas is his nephew. He was hoping Nikolas might be receptive to them bonding, even if his mother is not. Cyrus notices the photo of Avery and tells her that she’s adorable and looks a lot like her late father.

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In Pentonville, Alexis is scrubbing the floors when she gets a visit from the warden, who says she’s being reassigned work duty. He leads her off.

Alexis new job GH

Later, Alexis gets a visit from Nikolas, who asks how she is doing. She knows what he did to keep her safe and asks how much of his soul he had to sell to Cyrus. He explains all he had to do is return his mother, who Carly and Jason took for leverage. She worries that he’s now in Cyrus’ debt. He feels it was worth the risk to keep her safe. She doesn’t like what he did, but she is grateful.

Nikolas visits Alexis

At The Metro Court, Obrecht and Scott flirt with one another, as Laura looks on and is dumbfounded. She pulls Scott aside and can’t believe what she witnessed. He admits it just happened. She is happy if he is happy, but warns him to be careful. Laura says hello to Obrecht and that she’ll see them around. After she leaves, Obrecht tells Scott she needs to get to the bottom of why Britt warned her that she could be in danger.

Laura shocked by Scott and Obrecht GH

At the Corinthos place, Brick meets with Carly. Carly needs his help in getting Jason to the meeting of the five families. They go over the plan, and Brick notes they’ll need to keep Cyrus out of the way. Carly believes she has that covered. The doorbell rings and it’s Laura. Carly introduces Laura to Brick and calls him a close family friend who has helped Sonny over the years. Brick leaves to get to work, and Laura asks why she asked her over.

Brick asked for help GH

They sit down, and Carly wants to use Cyrus’ desire to have a relationship with Laura to their advantage. Carly needs her to occupy Cyrus and get his attention for a few hours tonight. Laura wonders why she needs to distract him, but Carly says it’s better she does not know the details. Later Ava arrives and warns Carly that Avery may be in trouble.

Carly wants to use Laura against Cyrus GH

Back at the hospital, after Danny leaves, Sam asks Jason if this hospital stay is part of a bigger plan. He says it is better she does not know, and she understands. She wants him to be careful because the kids miss him enough as is.

Sam worries about Jason's plan GH

After Sam leaves, Cam storms into Jason’s room.

Scott escorts Obrecht safely to the hospital. Obrecht meets with Britt in her office and asks what is going on and why is she possibly in danger. Britt tells her all she can say is she’s doing a favor for Jason. Obrecht exclaims, “Pack your bags we are leaving the country!” She says danger follows that man constantly. Britt swears she can look out for herself. There is a knock at the door and it’s Scott. Britt wonders what he wants, and Scott says he’s ensuring her mother’s protection. Britt realizes something is going on between them and asks if they are for real. Obrecht says they are simply having fun and she wants her daughter to be careful. Obrecht departs with Scott.

Obrecht wants to leave town GH

A janitor reports to Cyrus that he was right and Britt has been hanging out with Jason.

Elsewhere, after getting off the phone with her dad, Joss tells Trina they are going to make a road trip to Pennsylvania to pick him up. Trina doesn’t think her mom will approve, so Joss tells her to just say they are going to the tournament. Portia returns with a foot brace, and Trina tells her that she and Joss are still going to the tournament to support her teammates.

On the next General Hospital: Britt discusses Liz’s job with her, Jason agrees to hear Cameron out, and Alexis gets a warning in prison.

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