Brook Lynn tells Maxie she's not pregnant General Hospital
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At the nurses’ station of General Hospital, Cyrus catches Britt trying to hack into his records. She says she found similarities between the drug he was developing and an OD at the hospital. He tells her that’s under wraps and suggests she spend less time with Jason.

Calry wants Jason to escape at General Hospital

Carly visits Jason in his room. She’s not happy that he’s not trying to escape. He wants her to remain patient, but she says the business is a runaway bus and he needs to do things her way. As she begs, Britt bursts in and announces they have a problem. Cyrus is suspicious of her. Jason insists she can’t risk anything for him, but Carly asks her to help anyway. The doctor agrees. Jason finally agrees to go along with Carly’s plan.

Laura questions Cyrus at General Hospital

As Liz ponders if Jason is innocent, Laura interrupts. The nurse tells her she’s been avoiding Jason because she’s not sure he’s guilty anymore. Laura can’t believe that Jason would be upset enough to lose control. When Laura heads down the hall, she bumps into Cyrus, who tells her his mother is settling into her new facility. She suggests that now would be the time for him to go legitimate. He wants a relationship with her. His sister thinks that he needs to change before that can happen so Cyrus suggests she try to get to know him instead of being so judgmental. The time for her to pick a side is running out.

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Peter is smug with Valentin at Metro Court General Hospital

At the Metro Court, Peter smugly tells Valentin that his plan to get Maxie back in his life is working.

Scott bumps into Obrecht. He’s been calling her, but she hasn’t responded. She claims she’s been busy and has not been avoiding him. He asks her to share his cocktail. Peter wanders by and snipes at them. That sets Scott off and he throws him against the wall. August barely reacts and jumps on the elevator. Obrecht looks impressed. They get martinis and Britt calls her mom to suggest she find a place to stay low for a few days. She has an idea and goes home with Scott.

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Willow tells Michael she feels guilty at General Hospital

Back at General Hospital, Michael brings take-out for Willow and asks about Chase. She explains the cop can barely keep consciousness. She’s feeling guilty about lying to him about their future. Corinthos tells her that the other man needs hope right now. She makes it clear that she’s still in love with Michael. He tells her that Jax has been urging him to give Nina another shot. They mull it over. As they do, Valentin arrives. He rushes over and asks if they are reconsidering letting Nina back in. When Michael says it’s none of his business, Valentin reminds him they are family now thanks to Brook Lynn’s baby.

Chase at General Hospital

Finn enters Chase’s room and tells him he won’t let Peter take him away. Chase wakes up, confused. The doctor tells him they administered a new treatment. Finn says it wasn’t a cure. Liz interrupts and then follows Finn out, demanding to know what was in the vial he gave Chase. He won’t explain. After he sends her away, he rushes over to consult with another physician. When he returns to Chase, he talks to him about making up for lost time. He exits when Willow arrives.

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Jax asks Nina if she will return at clinic General Hospital

At the clinic in Nixon Falls, Jax tries to convince Nina that she still has a chance to keep Wiley in her life. He’s been talking to Michael and is sure he’s talked him around. She doubts Carly is crazy about that and needs formal assurances. This is all too vague for her and she can’t set herself up for another crushing blow. She won’t go back to Port Charles for an empty promise. He can’t understand why she would want to stay in Nixon Falls, but if she’s happy there, he’s happy for her.

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At Maxie’s, Brook Lynn reveals that her pregnancy is a fake. Maxie refuses to accept this and needs a detailed explanation. After she gets one, Brook Lynn explains that she needs a baby and Maxie needs to make hers disappear. Maxie suggests she go to a talent agency and vents about how betrayed she was by Peter. She blamed Anna but it was all her own fault. If she were clinging to Peter alone, it would be okay, but she can’t let him in her baby’s life. Brook Lynn says the baby will be safe, especially with Valentin acting as the father. She’s Maxie’s only hope. Peter calls to say he’s been looking for live-in nurses. Maxie says she’s already found someone to help. When she gets off the line, she agrees to work with Brook Lynn.

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