Liz grills Finn about Chase GH
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At the Nixon Falls clinic, Jax tells Nina he can’t shake the image of seeing Sonny. However, he knows it’s not possible because he’s dead. In the hall, “Mike” tells Phyllis he doesn’t feel right dropping in on this Jax guy because he doesn’t know him. Phyllis enters alone to see Nina and Jax. She tells Nina that “Mike” is in the hall, so she rushes out.

Phyllis visits Jax on GH

“Mike” tells Nina that he wanted to make sure she and her friend were fine. She suggests they talk later back at The Tan-O. “Mike” gets the feeling she’s trying to get rid of him. She admits he is right, and she doesn’t want her Port Charles life to mix with her life in Nixon Falls. He offers to be her bodyguard if she needs help dealing with her friend, but she tells him that’s the last thing she wants. He thought they were friends. She says they are, and to trust her to handle her ex without his help.

Sonny questions Nina GH

Back in Jax’s room, Jax tells Phyllis that he feels Nina is hiding from the world in Nixon Falls, which is why he came to see her. Phyllis tells Jax that since being in Nixon Falls, Nina has been able to heal, and she found a good friend in “Mike.”

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Phyllis exits to the hall and tells Nina that Jax is asking for her. Nina asks “Mike” to take Phyllis back to the Tan-0 and she’ll see him later. Nina goes to see Jax, who needs to tell her why he came to see her. He spoke with Michael and if she comes home then she can spend time with Wiley.

In the hall, “Mike” tells Phyllis he still feels they need to stick around for Nina. Phyllis says Nina may see that as hovering, and she can take care of Jax. Phyllis is sure Jax is in Nina’s past, and who knows what or who is in her future. “Mike” smiles and they depart.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia gives Brook Lynn a speech about how Maxie is going to great ends to protect her child from Peter and is making the same choice she had to do with Dante. Brook Lynn thanks Olivia for telling her about Maxie’s situation and pulls her into a hug. She realizes she needs to put her baby first too and rushes out. Olivia thinks that went too well and appears suspicious.

Olivia questions Brook Lynn's scheme GH

At the Metro Court, Sam arrives to meet Dante He explains that his mom wants him to look after Maxie, but he’s concerned he may not be up to it in his condition. He needs Sam’s help. Sam recalls her own struggles when she was suffering from hallucinations due to toxic blood poisoning, and that it took a lot of support from people to help her get through it. She takes his hand and tells him that she is willing to help him as well as Maxie. He thanks her. In return, he offers to use his contacts in Pentonville to help Alexis if she needs it. Sam thanks him, but her mom doesn’t want to see her or her sisters.

Sam advises Dante on GH

At Maxie’s, Anna tells Peter that he’s won if that is what he wants to hear, so give her the antidote. He hands it over and suggests she hurry. Maxie returns as Anna is rushing out and asks where she went. Peter says she had to visit someone at the hospital. Maxie blabbers about how busy she’s been lately with James and taking care of herself and the baby. Peter offers to hire her a full-time nurse until their baby arrives. She tells him that he doesn’t have to do that, so he offers to move back in instead.

Peter takes shots at Anna GH

Suddenly there is a knock at the door. Maxie answers it to Brook Lynn, who barges in and says they need to talk. She spots Peter, who tells her not to mind him. Brook Lynn begins bickering with him for imposing on Maxie. Maxie agrees to allow Peter to hire a nurse in order to scoot him on his way. Brook Lynn can’t believe she is being nice to that creep. Maxie assures her that it’s not what it appears, and she asks Brook Lynn why she’s really there. Brook Lynn believes they can help each other out.

Maxie asks what Peter's motives are GH

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At the hospital, Liz questions Finn at the nurses’ station about what he’s not telling Chase about his condition. Suddenly Willow calls out for help as Chase seizes, and they rush in. Finn holds him down as Liz injects some drugs into his IV and they wait for them to kick in. Liz asks Willow to step out, while Finn promises Chase he won’t lose him. Anna arrives just as Chase’s body begins to shut down. She slips Finn the vaccine and Liz watches with a concerned look as he injects it into Chase’s IV. In response, Chase’s vitals immediately begin to improve. Liz watches as Finn urges his son to keep fighting and kisses him on the head.

Finn struggles to save Chase

In the hall, Anna and Willow keep one another company. Eventually, Liz approaches and tells Willow that Chase is improving, so she goes in to see him. Finn comes out to give Anna the news that Chase’s vitals are improving. When he goes to thank her, she stops him because this was her fault. Finn worries that he could need another dose because he used the whole vial. Anna promises she’ll make sure Chase gets what he needs.

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In Pentonville, Valentin visits Alexis and tells her that Brook Lynn is pregnant with his child due to a one-night stand. He’s actually happy about it, but Charlotte isn’t. He asks if she has any advice. Alexis suggests that he ask her what she would do, and then do the opposite. He says she is too hard on herself and is a great mother. He also tells her she’s making a mistake keeping her daughters away. Valentin’s time is running out, so he asks what he can do for her.

Valentin visits Alexis GH

Back at the Metro Court, Olivia arrives to see Dante and Sam together. Sam gets a text from Valentin that her mom wants to see her and rushes out. Olivia asks Dante what is going on between him and Sam. He says that Sam is volunteering to help him with Maxie because she’s her friend. Olivia knows he could use a friend too.

Olivia questions Dante about Sam GH

Peter runs into Valentin and tells him that he just ran into his baby mama. Valentin warns him if he’s forced to choose between saving Chase and Brook Lynn and his child… Peter tells him to relax and then gloats that he ran into her at Maxie’s. He reveals that Anna arranged for Maxie to see him. Peter gets a text about Chase’s recovery and relays the information to Valentin.

Sam arrives to visit Alexis in Pentonville.

On the next General Hospital: Liz questions Finn about the vial he gave Chase. Brook Lynn shocks Maxie. And Carly asks Jason to trust her and do things her way.

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