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Carly arrives at General Hospital and faces off immediately with Cyrus, who gloats about having his mother back and preparing for the meeting of the five families. He tells her it is too bad that Jason can’t attend, all because Carly refused his offer.

Britt is upset over the loss of a 17 year old to an overdose, and the reports indicate it may be from Cyrus’ new drug. Jason is wheeled in, and Britt is stunned to learn he was stabbed.

Jason is given a room and handcuffed to a bed. Britt tells him overall he should be okay. Jason can see she’s stressed and notices her hands trembling. He touches them and tells her it will be all right. Carly walks in on the moment and immediately gets snippy with Britt. Britt has things to discuss with Jason and orders Carly to wait in the hall. Jason tells Britt that she can speak in front of Carly. Britt tells him about the latest OD which may have been from Cyrus’ drug. Jason thinks if they can connect it to Cyrus’ drug that they can use this.

Jason in hospital on GH

Britt leaves, and Jason chides Carly for getting him stabbed. Carly explains she was desperate and needs him to be at the meeting of the five families. She thinks they can hide him at a safe house where he can run the businesses while they work to clear his name.

Carly apologizes to Jason GH

Britt begins researching Cyrus’ drug on her computer when he sneaks up on her and asks what she’s doing. She says she’s just doing her rounds, and departs, leaving Cyrus curious.

Cryus threatens Britt GH

Britt returns to Jason’s room and reveals Cyrus’ drug is on the streets and matches what her patient overdosed on. She departs, and Cyrus enters surprised to see Carly and Jason together again. He promises Jason that he will be well taken care of in his hospital.

Britt returns to her laptop and finds she’s been denied access to the records on Cyrus’ drug.

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Molly gives TJ the news that she has a job with DA Scorpio as soon as she graduates, and she’s decided being a DA is what she wants to do. TJ scoffs that the judicial system is broken, and Cyrus being free is proof. He also reminds her that her mom and Shawn were convicted for the same crime, but Shawn could be in jail for life. She is aware of the broken system, and that’s why she wants to try and work to fix it from within.

Molly reveals good news to TJ GH

Michael brings Brook Lynn home to the Quartermaine mansion, and she again asks what happened between him and Willow. Michael dodges the question and turns the topic to her baby. She reveals she’s asked Valentin to come over to iron out details. Michael is surprised that she’s still planning on using the baby as a negotiation point, and she’s acting like the baby isn’t real.

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Jordan arrives at Pentonville to look into Jason’s stabbing and is surprised to learn Shawn was the one who did the deed. Shawn claims it was in self-defense, which puzzles Jordan because he and Jason used to be friends. She asks what is really going on. Shawn thinks she’d rather figure it out on her own, which is her MO, seeing she never told him about TJ being kidnapped and tortured. They discuss TJ and their own history. She has a lot of regrets, but in the end, TJ ended up with two fathers who loved him. Shawn wishes he could be there to see TJ graduate from medical school. He asks if he’s going to be arrested, but she says there will be no charges filed because it was self-defense. She warns him to steer clear of Renault’s people.

Shawn meets someone in prison GH

At the Metro Court, Laura connects with Martin and asks how his mother is doing. Martin reveals that Cyrus is keeping him away from her, and he has to play nice with his brother in hopes he one day gets to see her again. He believes Laura might be a positive influence on their brother, but she reminds him that Cyrus put her daughter in a coma. He isn’t telling her to love the guy, just not to shut him out.

Martin and Laura discuss brother GH

Valentin catches Curtis in the elevator and asks if he’s heard from Nina. Curtis has no idea where she is and doesn’t think she’ll return until she’s ready. They exit, and Valentin interrupts Laura and Martin and reminds him that they have a meeting.

Curtis catches up with Laura at the bar, and he reveals he and Jordan are splitting. She gives him her condolences. Curtis is upset that his marriage is ending, but is getting a lot of pleasure working on his new club, which he’s named The Savoy. Talk turns to Cyrus, and Laura feels she should reach out to him to try and help Martin see his mother. He warns her that Cyrus will want something in return.

Curtis advises Laura GH

In Nixon Falls, Jax wants a chance to repair some of the damage he’s done. Nina suggests they go somewhere else to have this talk.

Phyllis takes over the raffle table and tells “Mike” to go find Nina. Suddenly a man with a handkerchief for a mask pulls a gun on them and demands the cashbox.

Mike disarms gunman GH

A second gunman stops Jax and Nina from leaving. Jax jumps him, they struggle over the gun, and a shot goes off. Back at the cash box, the gunshot distracts the other gunman, allowing “Mike” to take him down.

Jax is able to take the second gunman down and knock him out. Nina then realizes Jax was shot in the shoulder. He passes out and Nina screams for help as the paramedics arrive. As they tend to him, “Mike” approaches and asks Nina if she’s okay.

The cops take the gunman away, and “Mike” asks if Nina knows the guy who was shot. She explains he’s someone from her past. She decides to accompany him to the clinic. Jax wakes up with blurred vision, points at Sonny and exclaims, “What the hell?” He then passes back out. Nina decides to go with him to the hospital and promises to call “Mike” with updates.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Valentin arrives with Martin. Brook Lynn reveals she’s going to give birth in Bensonhurst to be with her mother. Valentin says he will be there too then. Brook Lynn blurts out, “No way!” Michael takes Brook Lynn aside and says if she wants to get ELQ back then she’ll have to give this to Valentin. She returns to Valentin and agrees to let him be at the hospital, but he must return all the ELQ shares. He refuses but does agree to return Brook Lynn‘s shares, giving the Quartermaines control of ELQ. However, he won’t sign them over until the baby is born. They shake on it and then Valentin and Martin leave. Michael departs to give Ned the good news. Brook Lynn worries about where she’s going to find a baby.

Valentin wants to protect Brook Lynn GH

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On the next General Hospital: Jax calls out Sonny’s name in the hospital, Anna speaks with Maxie about meeting with Peter, and Mike warns Elijah.

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