Shawn in prison GH
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In Nixon Falls, “Mike” tries to convince Nina that Elijah is no good. He reveals that he looked into Elijah’s past, and he was arrested for embezzlement. Elijah interrupts and says the charges against him were dropped, and he settled to avoid an expensive trial. Elijah becomes agitated and says he hit rock bottom and he came back to Nixon Falls to start over. He wonders if “Mike” hasn’t ever had to start over, but jabs that he doesn’t know what he’s done. Nina admits she has made her share of mistakes and is grateful for the second chances. “Mike” doesn’t know why Nina trusts Elijah. Nina can’t believe he’s being so judgmental after everything he’s done. Elijah wonders what “Mike” has done. Flustered, Nina says none of them knows what he’s done, so he’s not in the position to judge others. Nina walks off to clear her head and tells the men not to fight.

Sonny at the barn dance GH

Jax arrives at the dance and Phyllis is shocked to see him. He asks if Nina is still in town. Phyllis tells him that he is not respecting Nina’s request for space, and she will not help him. Nina approaches and is stunned to see Jax. Jax tells Nina that he had to talk to her in person, but she says he shouldn’t have come. Nina asks Phyllis and Lenny to go find “Mike” because he and Elijah are going at it. Phyllis and Lenny depart, and Nina asks Jax what he has to say. He tells her that it’s good to see her, but she can’t say the same about him because he’s going to ruin everything. Jax is confused but tells Nina that he loves her and misses her. He asks her to go someplace private to talk, but she refuses. She tells him to just leave and stay gone.

Jax at the barn dance GH

Phyllis connects with “Mike” after Lenny goes home. Elijah is gone, and “Mike” reveals what he learned about Elijah. Phyllis appreciates him wanting to protect her and Lenny, but it wasn’t his place to tell them about Elijah’s past. She can tell something else is bothering him. He relays what Nina said about him having no place to judge when he doesn’t know what he’s done, and it scares him. Phyllis feels “Mike” is honorable and a good friend, and that’s all she needs to know about him, but he must decide what he wants to know about himself. She suggests he go find Nina and give her that second dance. In the background, one of the people at the dance has a gun in his waistband under his jacket.

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Jordan stops by Carly’s house because Carly called her. Jordan already knows Cyrus has his mother back and she wants Carly to stay out of her way and let her do her job. Carly is unsure she can do that unless Jordan can give her more assurance that Cyrus is being taken care of. Jordan promises to stop Cyrus by using the law this time. Carly wishes her luck.

Carly and Jordan discuss Cyrus GH

In Pentonville, Shawn and Jason are reunited as cellmates. They both wonder who set this up. Jason thanks Shawn for stepping up for Sonny while he was gone. They discuss Sonny’s passing, and Shawn says Sonny looked out for him over the years. Shawn reveals he’s managed to stay safe in prison by shifting his alliances now that Cyrus is in charge. Jason says Sonny may be gone, but he remains loyal to him. Jason offers Shawn help, but Shawn says he can handle Renault and produces a shank. He stabs Jason and claims he had to do it to protect him. Later, Shawn calls Carly and lets her know that Jason is on the way to the hospital.

Shawn Calls Carly GH

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At General Hospital, Brook Lynn visits with Chase, and they discuss what is wrong with him. He is sure the doctors will figure it out soon. Dante interrupts and hopes Brook Lynn isn’t giving Chase a hard time. She leaves them to visit, and Chase tells him that the doctors don’t know what is wrong with him and he’s sick of waiting for answers.

Brook Lynn visits Chase GH

In the hall, Willow and Michael discuss Chase and their situation. Willow can’t start her life with Michael by hurting Chase while he’s down. Michael understands and Chase must be their priority now.

Michael and Willow discuss Chase GH

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Brook Lynn wanders by and calls her bodyguard to tell him to stop badgering her and reveals she’s on the seventh floor. She speaks with Willow and Michael and tells Willow that she is the only thing keeping Chase going right now. Willow decides to get back to Chase, and Brook Lynn wonders if Michael has something to tell her. Later, Dante runs into Michael after Brook Lynn takes off. They discuss Chase’s condition.

Willow returns to Chase’s room and finds Dante visiting with him. Dante departs, and Willow wonders if she can get Chase something. She touches his hand, and he winces in pain. She offers to get the doctor, but he says the pain has passed. He says just seeing her smiling face makes him feel better.

Anna takes Finn aside and tells him that Peter has poisoned Chase. Finn rants that he’s going to kill Peter, but Anna tells him to hear her out. Anna explains that Peter killed Franco, and to stop her from bringing him to justice, Peter tried to poison Finn but instead accidentally poisoned Chase. Anna says there is an antipode, and Peter crushed the vial in front of her to taunt her. She scooped it up and hands it to him in a bag and asks him to analyze it and recreate it. Finn wants to go to the cops, but she tells him that he can’t. She agreed not to tell anyone about the poison as a condition of their deal, but she won’t let Chase die. Frustrated, Finn lashes out and blames Anna for this, not just Peter, and he hopes he can formulate an antidote to the toxin that her nephew used to poison his son.

Anna tells Finn about the poison GH

Maxie, in sunglasses and with a scarf over her head, visits Nathan’s grave. She tells him that she’s in trouble and has never felt so trapped. She laments about Peter fooling her all along. Maxie reveals that his sister Britt is helping her keep her baby safe, and she is going to have to give her up and pretend she is dead to protect her from Peter. Olivia spies from the background in tears.

Maxie visits Nathan's grave GH

On the next General Hospital: “Mike” tries to diffuse a gunman.

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